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Friday, January 4, 2013

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Truthiracy answers for chainedgarden (Yotube)

Aloha Todd (chainedgarden, YouTube) -

Thanks for writing back and giving me your input and opinions. At first, many people assume I am wrong, but I have done my research to a depth that most never will understand. After seeing you speak about esoteric wisdom, I feel you will have no problem at all understanding. I think we will both benefit from each others wisdom and knowledge. I began my esoteric journey over 10 years ago, leaving the exoteric 'sheople' world behind long ago. I specialize in etymology, symbology, theology and philosophy to name a few. By the way, My father and grand father are both 32º Freemasons, Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret. I was asked to join the brotherhood, but I declined. I believe that we are all one human race, thus there should not be secret clubs and organizations, because we are all brothers (and sisters). I belong to no religion or secret societies of any kind. I am just me!

You would be surprised to find that many many and I mean many have come to me assuming I am wrong, and after 1,000's of debates, I have won every time in the end, not because I am BULL-headed, but because I have already done my research, and like one viewer put it, I am 500 levels above the rest. I liked your comment about how people think you have an ego etc., I have the same problem, people try to prove me wrong, and then when I prove them wrong they then begin to try and attack my character (character assassination). lol But that fails also because I am a pure good human who fights evilness, period.

Ask yourself, when do Hebrew's worship their God? 100% on MOON DATES, this is just one of thousands of bits of proof that YAHweh is the Moon God. Now Yahweh has taken on many more attributes over time, just as Jesus has. So, when does a Hebrew Day begin? At sunset, when the MOON comes out! 6pm to 6am, thus the 6X6 sun square. This is why they say the are a Monotheist religion, meaning One, but it actually means the MOON. This is why we have a Monarchy, or the Moon Arch, and although the Moon has been represented by both male and female over time, the Moon is the opposer (darkness) of day or the Sun (light), so the Moon is considered Female and the Sun Male, and this is why we have a Monarchy with NO KING, but a QUEEN! The ancient Hebrews were from Ur, where they worshipped the Moon male God Nanna, which came from the ancient Goddess worship of Nanna the Moon Goddess. This is why we have female names today like Diana, Anna, etc. as you know Nanna was the same as SIN from Babylon or Akkadian. the ancient Ziggurats were made to try and reach the Moon God, and thus they were 7 levels (EL) representing the 7 gods or planets. The top level was for the Moon.

Jesus, Zeus, are Deities or Divine Gods. This is because a 'deity' means TWO, both day and night, and both summer and winter, both male and female. A day is both night and daylight and a day obviously begins at midnight (moon), as midday is 12 noon (sun). We have 12 Twelve (EL) because of the Moon cycles a year (YAH). Divine is 'di' meaning TWO, thus King David means King Divide, thus his people were divided, he divided the head, he was small and Goliath was BIG, the division just as they are divided today. The Star of David is the Star of Divide, male female triangles or the moon and sun. Zeus and Jesus share the same etymology, thus people say HEY-ZEUS for Jesus. The J is the Y, so it's Yashua or Yahshua. Zeus and Jesus mean TWO, the 2nd, coming from Dione, dia, as in diagonal, dos, deuce, meaning two. You can read my blog about 'di' and 'bi' words on my blog at: - Diana is also related, thus the Moon Goddess Diana, goddess of the crossroads, thus the state of Indiana is the state of the Crossroads! Earth is always in a state of both darkness and lightness, the dios, the dia, the deity, and this is why you will find religious pictures that show the red and the blue, representing the blue night of coldness, aka winter, and the red is the sun of the day or the summer time of the sun. Jacob the BLUE (evil one) and Esau the RED one. Check out my on going video series called "Jacob the Evil Black jack and Esau." You will find Jesus is the dios or the TWO thus he will be pictures as White (winter) and RED (summer), or as BLUE (winter) and RED (summer). Go look and check it out now or go watch my videos for more. The passover is the Spring Equinox (Ox) that is Equal (EL). Jesus is born is a manger (ANG = BULL), or a Stable (Bull), which is a house of the Zodiac, thus the ZOO that holds animals. (NOTE: You should read my etymology of 'Animal' on my blog). This is why Jesus ages are known to be 12 (houses) and 30 which is the degrees in the Houses of the Zodiac. Jesus dies (sacrificed) on the passover (Full Moon) spring equinox which is Aries, the LAMB or RAM, thus Jesus is the Lamb of God. MARCH is the Month of Aries, named after MARS, the RED planet. This is the virgin month, or the beginning month of the new year. This is why MARY is the mother of Jesus, she is the RED BLODDY MARS who has a baby lamb, the Sun in the house of Aries. Mary had a little lamb!

You should also watch my series called 'Bull God of the Bible' where I debate with a Paleo-Hebrew Scholar who later agrees with (most) of my findings. The Bible is the TWO-BULL (moon & sun) the 'bi' means two and the ble is BULL. The suffix of 'ble or 'able' give the parent root word strength and more power. Thus 'able' is A BULL, as in are you A BULL (able) to do it? Or are you a coward (COW)? This is why we have BULLies, and BOSSes because a BOSS is a BOS or an Ox, the Bull. Everything is based upon 'symbolism,' thus again, the 'same-Bull' (Bol = Bull) and that's no BULLshit, and not a Fable (Bull) either. You see, this is why we have a paradox (Ox), which is Double (Bull). It's a Parallel, or a PAir of EL's. EL is the Bull God of the Bible the Alef in Hebrew is the Ox (Bull), and the Lamed is the Ox-Goad or the Bull Penis (Staff). So, This is why the Bible has 'Parables,' or a 'Pair of Bulls,' which is hidden meanings that lay behind the fake mask of lies. You see, this is why we have a creation story known as Genesis, which is the Gene of Isis, she is the COW Mother of creation. The very word CREATE or CREATOR is from Crete, where they worshipped the BULL, thus the 'Cretan Bull,' and this is why CREATOR is the Crete Taurus Bull, the TOR = Bull (EL -Toru) Taurus. Byblos where the Bible takes it's name was called Gebal, thus BAAL the Bull God El's son. Gabriel is the Moon Angel. Gebal was founded by the God Cronus which is Saturn EL, Father Time, the Reaper, the Slayer. This is why the letter 'L' (EL) is the 12th letter. 12 = Christmas time, which comes from Saturnalia, thus Santa the old wise bearded man, is Saturn EL, or God. God appears as FIRE, and Santa come out of the FIRE place. December (10) is the month of capricorn, the Goat, thus Santa rides the Old Goat. he started out as a LAMB (ARIES), then became a BULL (TAURUS), and then the LION (LEO) etc. You should read my blog about this much more in detail on my blog, "Bull God EL of the Bible - Elohim & Yahweh" (

The Torah is the red fire torch of the Red Bull, thus the 'TOR' is the Taurus Bull, and RA is the Sun God. YAH is the MOON God (SIN). (Exodus Chapter 24:8) Moses took the (Ox) blood, and sprinkled it on the people, and said: 'Behold the blood of the covenant, which the
LORD hath made with you in agreement'.” (Jeroboam) “Here are your gods (Two Golden Calves), Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt." (Bible = Bi = 2 + Bulls). Sin just means the Bull Horns of the Moon, thus (חֵטְא הַעֵגֶּל) "The Sin of the Calf." Aaron made the Golden Calf because it represented the God(s) of Israel, Yahweh, and thus Yahweh is the Moon Bull God, and the Gold represents the golden Sun. Aaron said “These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt.” Notice the plural of GODS. At this time of chronology according to the Bible, the israelites were not told to NOT make a graven image yet.

The Tanakh is also related to the Ox, Bull or Cow. The Ankh is the symbol of life, it is the cross section of the thoracic vertebrae of a BULL (Ox). The "T" + the ANKH is the Tanakh. The ANkh is the etymology of ANG, as in ANGUS Bull. English is actually ANGlish, from the Anglo-Saxons.

This is why they have the shroud of Turin for Jesus, look at a picture of it, you will notice the 'horns' on the head of the bearded man (Jesus), which is the ancient Horned One (Cernunnos), and this is why the etymology of Turin tells us the secret of 'TUR' which is the TAURUS Horned Bull, and this is exactly why the city of Turin has the logo or the seal with the BULL, and of course the horns of the Moon Crescent which is the symbolism (Bull).

The ancient Hebrew's were from the Sumerian city of Ur, where they worshipped Nanna, the Moon God, also known as Sin. Nanna was male (patriarchal) that came from much earlier matriarchal worship of the goddess from the ancient world like Inanna even. This is why today even female names of Nanny, Diana, Anna exist and of course Diana is the Moon Goddess. Go watch Rihanna - 'What's My Name' video, where she says OH NANNA, and she is dressed as a COW, and notice the MILK flowing!!! She has the RED HAIR, aka the Red Heifer!

Orthodox (Ox) "Bull"
orthos "straight, true, correct, regular"
doxa ("opinion" or "belief"
Ox = Bull

Zeus is the son of God (Saturn, Cronus) just as Jesus is the son of God (EL, Yahweh). This is why Saturday is the 6th day, Saturn's Day, and Sunday is Sun's Day (Sunday) the 7th day. Monday is MOON's day and thus is the first day (mono = 1), then TWO's day which is Tuesday named after Tiwesdæg, or Mars day, etc. So, you see this is why Monday is always a Holy Day or a Holiday.

You say Yahweh is NOT YAH the Moon God, but I have 1,000 ways to prove it is, everything in the Bible (BULL) is about the BULL! The Moon represents the horns (crescent) BULL, COW or CALF. Christ comes from Crescent (Moon), the cristos or the LIGHT that is reflected, as the moon does. OK, I better stop here, I am writing a BOOK already!!!! lol

Take care my brother! Please send me your thoughts.

Peace, Love & Wisdom, Truthiracy (Christopher Lord)

___________ (To Truthiracy)_______(From: chainedgarden)_______
Re: Aloha!

This e-mail is in response to your channel comment. I have posted a brief argument on the video where you left the comment as well.

Yeshuaya (YShAaYH) means "Yahweh saves" from yeshua (YShAa) meaning salvation and Yah (YH), the shorthand power Name of Yahweh used mostly by Isaiah. Yeshuaya in Greek is Iseous where the word Jesus comes from. Jesus means "Yahweh saves." Yahweh (YHWH) means "I Am What I Am, I Am What I Was, I Am What I Will Be; or a better shorthand would be "I Am What I Am In Time" which "Tetragrammaton" implies: grammatology = "the essence of a name" and tetra, the 4 letters of YHWH meaning "I Am 'In Time.'"

Yah of Yahweh is not Yah/Yarikh, the Moon god of Egypt/Canaan. Yah of Egypt is actually Yaach (YAaCh) when translated back to Hebrew. I cite E.A. Wallis Budge. Yaach is closer to Yarikh than to Yah. As you spelled Yarikh, notice the cheth is either a 'kh' or 'ch' and this is what the 'rope' hieroglyph translates to: cheth (Ch) not heh (H). Yah of Yahweh is spelled with a heh and not a cheth. Yah is not Yaach. In some instances, the Aa (flag resting on the ground) can be pronounce ta. Yaach then could be pronounced Yatach.

Yah of Yahweh is not Yerikh (meaning moon (god)) nor is He Yatach.

Iah, the Moon God of Egypt ('s) official translation to Hebrew is Yod/Ayin/Cheth (Yaach). YAH of Yahweh is Yod/Heh. These two names are not identical. Yahweh is not the Moon god. Yahweh is "I Am 'In Time.'"

Yaach/Yarich, the moon would equate to Sin/Nanna of Akkad/Sumer. Sin, according to legend, is the son of Enlil. Sin is in the Bible too, he is a son of Canaan. [Gen.10.17/ICh.1.15] Sin is said to be the father of Utu/Shamash and Inanna/Ishtar. Sometimes Sin can be Canaan or Ham. Problems arise when seeing that Utu is Ham and Shamash is Cush (Enoch 3). Inanna/Ishtar could be either Naamah (sister of Tubal-Cain, wife of Ham) or Semiramis or both. Semiramis is the daughter of Canaan. One needs to realize that after the Global Flood, the family of Ham deified itself with the help of Enki, the serpent/cherub of Eden ~ Satan. These stories confuse the average reader because they are the root of the Pagan Mysteries. Only the initiated where given the Key to unlock these Legends. The Bible is not a "mystery;" it is a continuous flow of knowledge/history/legend. By simply comprehending that [Genesis 3] Yahweh opposes the Nachash (Serpent/Enki), the Bible cannot be put into the general abyss of myth/legend that all other myth/legend(s) can be placed. The Bible has a separate and specific message.

Yes Jericho and Mt. Sinai respectively mean "moon city/mountain" but it is not YAH (I AM), but Yaach/Yerich/Sin. Jericho was standing/built/named by the Canaanites. The Israelites never changed the name of the city, they inherited it. Mt. Sinai (not named by Moses or Yahweh) was also named after Sin: Sinai, son of Canaan. The Tel el-Amarna Tablets show that Canaan was a providence of Egypt. David Rohl identifies the word Mizraim (Egypt) as a plural word of the root M-Asar. Asar is Ausar/Osiris (Biblical Nimrod) which makes the meaning of Mizriam "followers/descendants of Osiris," which the Egyptians call themselves today. Nimrod, son/wife of Semiramis makes him and his descendants Canaanites. The real Moon god is Thoth/Enki/Cush who impregnates Isis with Horus "the younger" (resurrection/reincarnation of Osiris/Nimrod). The gods of pagan myth/mystery/legend have a two-fold purpose: to deify Biblical men (characters) and to glorify Satan/Enki and his son Nimrod/Ninurta/Marduk/Enmerkar/ et cetera...

As I previously stated: Yahweh opposes Enki.

Yahweh is identified as El, shorthand of Elohim. Enlil's shorthand is El as well. Abir (mighty one) does mean Bull and Enlil is the Bull-god. This is Taurus, where the Pleiades reside and the Pleiades are the Throne. Yahweh/Enlil protects the Throne form Nimrod/Orion. Yahweh/Enlil appeared to Abraham and Moses, not Sin/Thoth/Enki. The oldest Sumerian texts (which you can read for free on-line) glorify Enlil as Creator/Father of Enki. This comes from the mouth of Enki. (Most/all UFO/Sumerian researchers fail to point this FACT out when arguing there case.)

The Tower of Babel incident shows how the Nations became confused, and with the help of Ham's lineage, the myths/legends became even more confusing when in 8 distinct cities of Nimrod (for example) gave Nimrod numerous names: Ninurta/Marduk/Ninus/Enmerkar/Ausar/Ashur/Nergal/ et cetera. These legends must be studied before stating the above names are different characters, when they are but one man: Nimrod. The glory goes to Nimrod and Enki in these myths/legends.

Ninurta (Nimrod) became Saturn, the man with the sickle who is Enki/Satan. This relates the giving of the ME Tablets (Divine Right to Rule) to Enmerkar by Enki. The original Ishtar was both male/female (hermaphrodite) associated with war/love. Ishtar, the Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, et cetera... The Moon indicates harvest and Saturn is the god of harvest like Dagon: harvest/fish: Nimrod/Enki, the god(s) of civilization/government. "Glorification of Nimrod/Satan" Satan, the Serpent, is a hermaphrodite.

Yahweh specifically states not to make an image/idol of Himself. Just because the Israelites did this does not mean that the God Yahweh is this object. Ptah (serpent of Eden) and Osiris combined was known as Apis, the Bull-god. This was the 'golden-calf' that the Israelites made with the knowledge of Egyptian gods.

Enlil of Sumeria could be a combo of Yahweh and Noah or Shem. The castration relates to Enki receiving the ME Tablets (Divine right to Rule) from Enlil, when Yahweh gave Enki the earth or the statement in Genesis where Ham uncovers Noah's nakedness.

The Angel of Yahweh is identified as the Word of Yahweh and the Name of Yahweh, who is identified as Yahweh. Jesus (Enlil, not the Bastardization form) is the Word incarnate. The Word Dabar is related to the Pleiades. Job 38.31 indicates that the Pleiades influence, I.E. speak. This brings me to the untranslatable word Mazzaroth. Mazzaroth is an unknown constellation or the comet of the Deep referred to in Job 38.29-30 / Ezekiel 1.22.

Yes, Jesus is the Sun, but this is because there are two Law(s) to follow:

1) Heaven (Sun going through Zodiac)
2) Earth (10 commandments, which if broken, one becomes a sinner, which Jesus was not)

Sumerian Texts: Enki/Satan ('s) perspective

Egyptian Texts: Osiris/Nimrod ('s) perspective (His (Osiris) resurrection)

Hebrew Texts: Yahweh/Enlil ('s) perspective

Yes similar stories but different 'takes' on the Truth. Like a court room with 2 sides.
1) Enki and Nimrod (versus)
2) Yahweh/Enlil.

I have chosen a side: Yahweh...
...who is not Yaach (Enki/Thoth/Cush/Canaan/Moon).

Like Jesus, we (humanity) are born under a specific astrological sign.

I will watch some of your videos this week. I will be in touch.


Monday, January 23, 2012

The Origin of the words Liar, Lyre and Apologize (Etymology)

Liar (Lyre) is Bullshit so Apologize!

The Origin of the words Liar, Lyre and Apologize.
By Christopher Lord (Truthiracy)

The words 'liar' and 'lyre' may have more in common than just the similar sounding phonetics of the words. When a person is lying we say they are 'bullshitting' us, or in other words they are deceiving us. A lie is an untruth, or a falsehood, told as an intent to trick and to deceive. This is the very essence of the story behind the Lyre, a liar and the word apologize.

The Lyre (Lyra) has it's origins in mythology and ancient fables. Now, in the very word 'fable' we see the substance of the 'Bull' from the suffix 'ble.' The suffix 'ble' and 'able' give the root word strength and power. The word 'able' means one has the power and strength to achieve and thus they are 'A BULL' to do the task at hand. If they are weak and cannot do the task, we call them a 'coward' (COW). Another related word is 'parable,' when something is said or shown, but actually represents something else. We find many 'parables' in the story (mythology) of the Bible (Bull). So, we could say that a parable is a form of "BULLshitting" which means they are lying. Another word for parable is a 'double' (Bull) meaning. A 'paradox' (OX) is also known as two worlds that are 'parallel' or a 'pair of EL's, which is why 'eleven' is 'EL-even.' A paradise is also reflected by the pair or the two, thus we have a 'pair of dice.' The Bible actually means 'Two-Bulls."

Interestingly, actors are people who play the role of another, they are the tricksters, the two faced liars, and thus their symbol (Bull) is the two face masks of good and evil or happy and sad. The very word 'actor' has 'tor' in it, which comes from the Taurus Bull, 'Toru.' An actor is a Jester, the Fool, the Clown or the Buffoon, the Trickster character also known as the Joker. These figures like the Lord of Misrule come from the ancient character of mythology known as a Satyr that is related to the God Saturn (EL). Satyr's played the flute (pipe) music to trick , seduce and used to deceive, thus we have the story of the Pied Piper. Pan was a famous Satyr, and he used his Pan Pipes (flute) to trick, deceive and coax his victims. Now Pan was half goat and half human, thus coming from Saturn or the Old Goat, the Old Man with a beard, the wise old man (goat). The goat represents the 10th house of Capricorn, which is the 12 month of December or Christmas time that comes from Saturnalia when they worshipped Saturn, the harvest fertility golden corn god. The time of the season of chaos and the end of time, thus Saturn is the character known as Father Time. Capricorn is the month of the goat, the time of tricks when things are turned upside down. When we trick someone or fool them we say "I got your goat." So this is why Saturday which is named after the God Saturn, is the day of chaos, when we party and go crazy because it's the week end, or the end of the week. Now the wise old man with a beard is the character we know as Santa Clause, thus Santa is Saturn. You can find old pictures of Santa riding a goat. You will notice that the number 12 is the letter 'L' and this is why we say, during Christmas time, 'NOEL.' EL (אל) is the God of the Bible, and interestingly, Saturn was known as Cronus and Cronus is the God that founded the city of Gebal from Canaan Phoenicia, the city is also called Byblos, where the Bible takes it's name. EL (אל) was the Canaanite Bull God (Tôru ‘Ēl ). When the Bible uses the word God, it's translated from EL or Elohim (אֱלהִים). So, the 'Bull' and the 'Goat' are horned beasts that we find in our Zodiac which means the 'Animal Houses' and the Zodiac is Gods abode (Mazzaroth). Now, you will understand why Santa comes from the 'fire place,' because Saturn EL (God) of the Bible appears as 'fire.' Perhaps now you will also understand why Satan (Santa, Saturn) is the Bull (Baal) in Hell where the fire is. The Bull Baal is the son of the Bull God EL.

The Lyre (Lyra) is also a musical instrument from ancient origins and it's roots are deeply embedded in mythology. Take a good look at a picture of the Lyre (Lyra) and you might notice the shape is symbolic to the horns of a 'bull.' Now, the very word symbol itself has, yet again the hidden 'bull' because the word 'symbol' means the 'same bull.' (sym-bol). The Lyre (Lyra) shows the horns of the bull or the symbol of the bull because it's history or creation is from the 'bull' and is very symbolic. If you can find ancient pictures of the Lyre (Lyra) you will find they made them with the head of the Bull on the front. In fact the earliest picture of a lyre comes from the sarcophagus of Hagia Triada which was a Minoan settlement in Crete. The Minoan civilization worshipped the bull, coming from the story of King Minos and the mythology of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur Bull. Now Crete is known for the Greek mythology of the Cretan Bull, that carried away Europa, the Phoenician Goddess that gave Europe it's name. Zeus transformed into the Bull that Europa rode, thus we have the Elope. The whore Europa that rides the beast (Bull). The Cretan Bull gives us our word Creator, Crete Bull + Taurus (TOR). The bull is symbolism for the Moon, the crescent Moon forms the Bull Horns. The New Moon or the first sliver of the Moon is the new creation, and thus we have our word 'Christ' that comes from the crescent of the Moon. Jesus is actually the same as Zeus and they both share the same etymology of Dione, dios and dia. Jesus is really Yeshua (ישוע) and the root Yeshua is the word 'Yah' meaning the Moon. Iah is Egyptian for Moon God, and Yarikh (ירח) is the Canaan Phoenicia Moon God. In fact Jericho also means the Moon as does Mount Sinai, Sin is the Moon God. So we find that Yahweh the Moon God talks to Moses on Moon Mountain (Mount Sinai) and this is why Moses comes down with Horns and finds the Israelites worshipping the Golden Calf, Cow or Bull. We find the Bull in the creation story of the Bible, in Genesis, which is the Gene of Isis, the Egyptian Goddess which wears the headdress of the Cow or the Bull Horns. In fact the Book of Psalms, is derived from the Greek (Ψαλμοί) "Psalmoi" (psallein) which means "music of the lyre." The Book of Psalms are a collection of Hymns, poems and songs that are said to come from David, who of course played the Lyre (Lyra). The Book of Psalms is encoded with synonymous parallelism, or parables which can mean the opposite, or we could even go as far as to say the could actually be considered a lie as told by a liar or in this case the Lyre. Perhaps we now have a deeper understanding of the true nature and essence of the term 'bullshit.'

Today we have lyrics to a song. Lyrics come from the Lyre. Lyrics are a short poem, hymn, or a song expressing personal emotion (lyrique, lyricus, lyrikos). Lyrics means "singing to the lyre (Lyra)." Although some songs do reflect real life situations, most lyrics are invented and created, thus made up, which is a type of fantasy or make believe. many lyrics to songs also have double (Bull) meanings, or parables (Bull).

The ancient Lyre (Lyra) is not only related to the Bull, Ox, Calf or Cow, but the very origins and the make up of the Lyre's creation is from the Bull. We find the creation myth associated with the Lyre in the Greek Olympian God Hermes. Hermes was known as a trickster, a fraud, witty and an ambiguous figure. Known as the Messenger of the Gods, he is cunning and a patron to travelers and to thieves, thus he was the God of Commerce and his agreements and contracts were well known. He is known as a robber and as a thief himself, and as a master of language and speech he knows how to use metaphors to trick the unwise and uneducated. Hermes was known for guiding the dead (souls) to the underworld. Hermes was also known for his phallic prowess and his fertility and his exploits with the Goddess of Love Aphrodite (Venus) give us our Hermaphrodite (Hermaphroditos). He was a patron to flocks, shepherds, and cattle. He was also known for his poetry and music which brings us to the creation of the Lyre. Hermes actually invented and created the Lyre from a slaughtered cow (Bull) from Apollo's sacred herd of immortal cattle that he had stolen. The intestines were used for the strings. Apollo accused Hermes of the theft of his sacred cattle, but Hermes lied to Apollo and tried to fool him and trick him, so basically Hermes was a 'lair' (Lyre). Zeus then entered the argument of Apollo and Hermes and said that Hermes was lying. While Hermes was arguing with Apollo, he began to play his magical Lyre that he had made from the slaughtered sacrificed Cow (Bull), and the music of the Lyre enchanted Apollo, and Hermes asked for forgiveness, so he apologized and Apollo agreed to let Hermes (the liar) keep the cattle in exchange for the Lyre. So, you see, we find the very origins of the words that we use today, when we call a person a 'liar' that stems from and is rooted from the Lyre. And the word apologize or apology (apologia) comes from the forgivness of Apollo, and means "to speak in one's defense." A liar should always apologize! Liar and Lyre are synonymous with each other and the word 'apologize' comes from Apollo.

Etymology, Philosophy, Theology by:
Christopher C. Lord (1-23-2012)
Truthiracy House of Wisdom

Lyre Apollo Hermes.jpg

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bull God EL of the Bible - Elohim & Yahweh

First of ALL the confusion is the way they translate ancient Canaan Phoenician and Hebrew to Greek and English. The Bible uses "GOD" (singular) for ELOHIM (אֱלֹהִים) which is actually a plural form of EL. The Bible makes sure to NOT use the plural form of GODS as in Genesis 1 (ALEF) 'א' (A). As I have stated before is the fact that in Genesis 1, it says the ELOHIM (GODS) created the heavens and earth, NOT ONE GOD! Genesis 1:26 clearly states the ELOHIM or the GODS created ADAM or MAN, and IF ELOHIM (GODS) WAS SINGULAR THEN EXPLAIN WHY IS SAYS: 'Let us make man (ADAM) in our image, after our likeness; 'US' MEANS PLURAL AS DOES 'OUR.' ELOHIM IS THE GODS, And the KING CHIEF BULL of the ELOHIM is EL, the MOST HIGH! EL (AL) is the OX-BULL from Ugarit Canaan, the FATHER of ALL the GODS! The proto-Sinaitic mine inscription from Mount Sinai reads 'ʼĒl Eternal' so אל (AL=EL) not the ELOHIM or the GODS! EL (אל) is the bilateral parent ROOT of ELohim.

Creation - The BULL GOD 'EL' from Canaan Phoenicia or EL ELYON the ELOHIM (ELOHYM) "אֱלֹהִים" is the CREATOR GOD of the BIBLE which is the 'CRETE TAURUS BULL.' Byblos or Gebal is from Canaan Phoenicia and was created by the BULL GOD CRONUS or Saturn EL!

So, like I said EL (אל) is the Hebrew God of the Bible that comes from Canaan Phoenician which the Bible is named after (Byblos, Gebal). EL (אל) is the bilateral parent root of ELOHIM (אֱלֹהִים). EL (אל) is made from two letters from Hebrew, the Alef and the Lamed or the A&L. The very letters themselves tell us the exact same story and the very essence of their meaning! The Paleo-Canaan or Paleo-Hebrew pictographs (hieroglyphics) clearly tell the story at hand here. The ALEF or the 'A' which is the FIRST letter and CREATOR letter of the alphabet we use to this very day is the pictograph of the OX or the BULL, signifying the LEADER, the BOSS (BOS) the KING, the FATHER GOD! The other pictograph of the letter 'L' is the STAFF or the walking cane that is called the OX-GOAD, which is the dried up BULL penis and is the symbol of authority and power! it's the same as the Egyptian 'WAS' which is the STAFF of authority, the BULL PENIS STAFF! EL is the BULL GOD and his very name show us the very essence of the BULL! (Numbers 23:22) God (EL) has "horns of the wild ox."

The GOD of the BIBLE that CREATED (CREATOR) is NOT YAHWEH AT ALL! READ Genesis 1:26 AGAIN! ELOHIM "אֱלֹהִים" (EL) said 'Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; (US & OUR). So, 'us' and 'our' are plural meaning Polytheism NOT Monotheism! EL (ALEF & LEMED) Alef "A" (OX) and the Lamed "L" (OX-GOAD) is talking to the other Elohim or the other GODS and saying let's make MAN (ADM) ADAM from 'OUR' image, NOT 'MY' (singular) image.

Genesis (Gene of Isis the COW, BULL) 1 (A) The VERY FIRST words of the Bible or the TORAH (Septuagint the 5 Books). The origin of life or the CREATION was made by EL or ELOHIM "אֱלֹהִים" NOT YAHWEH (YHWH) "יְהוָה". GOD in the Bible is ELOHIM (ELOHYM) and LORD is the master or ruler thus the Bible uses LORD for YAHWEH (YHWH) "יְהוָה".

YAHWEH did not CREATE the Heavens and EARTH as per the CREATION STORY of Genesis! Genesis doe not USE YAHWEH to describe the CREATION, it uses GOD (ELOHIM) which is actually the GODS! EL fathered the GODS so actually EL Created them ALL (Mythology not in real life). LORD is used for YAHWEH (YHWH) and LORD means MASTER! YAH is the MOON and the crescent of the MOON is the BULL HORNS, thus YAH is YAHWEH, aka SIN! Jesus is YAHshua, thus his name is CHRIST because the very word CHRIST comes from CRESCENT of the MOON!!!! THUS JESUS and his HORNS and THORNS, just as MOSES had HORNS when he came down from the Mountain of the MOON MOUNT SINAI where he spoke to YAHWEH the MOON GOD!

ALMOST ALL ancient civilizations use the SYMBOL (BULL) of the BULL in creation stories! GO learn about ancient KEMET (EGYPT), and if you have as you have claimed then I do not need to tell you all about NUT, OSIRIS, ISIS, PTAH, APIS BULL, HATHOR, ETC! The GREEKS, ROMAN, CELTS, MINOAN, SUMERIANS ETC with their 'creator' BULL GODS!!!

- NUT (COW, BULL) Creation Goddess
- Neith (COW, BULL) Creation Goddess
- Hathor (COW, BULL) Creation Goddess
- Isis (COW, BULL) Creation Goddess
- Ptah & Apis (BULL) Creation God
- Osiris (BULL) Creation God
- Atum-RA or Mnevis (BULL) Creation God
- Monthu - took the form of a white BULL
- Buchis - Bakha (Ka is cattle) Turned into a wild BULL

English which is actually 'Anglish' is made from a mixture of many languages throughout the world. Our English (Anglish) alphabet comes from the ancient Canaan Phoenician Hebrew Alefbiet or the ALEF and the BIET, the A and the B. Almost all modern day languages stem from the Semitic Hebrew languages from Canaan Phoenicia, which is why for example that we have 'phonetic' (Phoenician) sounds. The very word 'language' also tells us the very same story, the EL-ANGU-age. EL is the OX BULL father God, and ANG is also the BULL as in Angus Bull. The alphabet means the HOUSE OF EL or the HOUSE of the BULL GOD EL, the leader and chief King Bull God. Beit (Beyt) is the letter 'B' and means HOUSE, thus the alphabet is the HOUSE of EL the BULL!

Yahweh was a Storm Lord, Baal was a Storm Lord, Jesus is the Storm Lord. Thor the Storm Lord, Enlil was the Lord of the AIR or of the STORM. Thunder and lightning Gods. ANU was a COW or BULL, father and creator of the Gods of ancient Sumarian mythology. Enlil is made from AN thus the EN of Enlil. Yahweh Yod (Y) "he" and HWY "becoming" or Arabic "He who causes to fall" or "He storms."

Yahweh (Bull) slays the Leviathen (serpent dragon) of the deep sea
Baal (Bull) slays the Yamm (serpent dragon) of the deep sea
Marduk (Bull) slays Tiamat (serpent dragon) of the deep sea
Gilgamesh (Bull) slays Humbaba (Beast) of the Cedar Forest (Humbaba’s roar is a flood). Gligamesh slays the Bull of Heaven.

Marduk was the (Solar Bull or Calf). Baal was always a Bull. EL (GOD) in Numbers 24:8 God (אל) had “the horns of the wild Ox (Bull).”

ASHTILE (youtube) you said "name Yahweh came from, possibly from the Egyptian Iah, who was a MINOR god, then again from the Ugarit Yam/Yaw."

First, the 'Minor' is the MIN or the MOON as in the Minotaur BULL. A 'minor' is a son of the father, or smaller than, younger than or the new young calf of the Bull. or the New Bull (to be) that came from her cave. A Miner ascends to the underworld like the labyrinth of the cave (of the goddess) where you find the Minotaur. lol

Iah Moon God of ancient Egypt (YAH, JAH, AAH, YRH) Yarikh (ירח) Canaan Phoenicia Moon God Lord of the sickle (Moon Crescent) Jericho (Moon) YAH (Yareah) Yahweh "YHWH" (יהוה) is the Moon God and thus the 'horns' and the relationship to Mount Sinai or the 'Mountain of SIN' the Moon God. The calf, cow, bull worshipped at Mount Sinai tells the story again. The relationship to the 'Bull or the Calf' and 'KA' is Egyptian for 'cattle' which is why it begins with the 'CA.' So as I have said YAH of Yahweh is the BULL and related to the MOON God.

Igigi are the Anunnaki. Anunnaki were the children of ANU (AN) the Bull or Cow Goddess and God, the SKY AIR God(s), and KI the Earth God (Sumerian). Ki and An were brother and sister, the children of Anshar (Sky) and Kishar (Earth). The Fallen Ones, the Anunnaki, those who from heaven fell to earth. Thus Enlil is an Anunnaki, thus the EN (AN) of Enlil and he is the Lord of the Air or Sky or Storms. The 'lil' is like 'little' thus the LITTLE AN (EN). Ninlil is the consort (sister?) to Enlil, and her names means the Lady of the Air, thus we also have Lilith of the Bible, the Hebrew death goddess angel of the air demon of the night.

'Ancient' is another word we use from the chief father mother Gods of AN(u). 'Ancestor' is another. Notice the TOR or the Bull, once again we find the BULL or COW of AN(u). The Winged Bull. Creator is another, from Crete where they worshipped the Bull, and the suffix of TOR (Bull). So were the Anunnaki really demi-gods or minor gods that came from the heavens (sky)? The watchers? or are these just ancient stories created by man to explain the unexplainable?

By Christopher Lord

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ICON ETYMOLOGY by Truthiracy (Christopher Lord)

ICON ETYMOLOGY by Truthiracy (Christopher Lord)

This is in response to an assumption by a youtube user by the name of "JacquesRothschild" who was acting like he was one of the Rothschild family members. He left countless messages and many were attacks of my character (character assassination). He did say I was smart etc., but I played him and set him up for my ego trick of trying to prove even one thing wrong that I teach. So, he fell for it and said my etymology of "ICON" was not correct and you can read his comment below. I wrote back to him letting him know his grave mistake and that I was going to school him on his assumption. He then began going a little crazy and started telling everyone that I was deleting comments and that I was censoring comments, which was 100% false and a lie. So, I did block him once he "lost it" and was an obvious TROLL. But, just for the sake of it, I will now 'school' him on his assumption and prove he is not who he said he was and prove he has no knowledge nor the wisdom to use it. He is a classic example of a fool who might be book smart but has no common sense of understanding.

To: Truthiracy3 From: JacquesRothschild
"So first of all "icon" is not "EYE CON". LOL Its etymology is the Greek "eikon" meaning image. Nothing to do with eye OR con. The Greek word for eye is μάτι, translated it sounds like "mah-te". You knowledge of sociolinguistics, dialectology, psycholinguistics, historical-comparative linguistics, and applied linguistics is laughable." (JacquesRothschild)

ICON does not mean to "FOOL the EYE?" WRONG!

Icon does come from the Greek (εἰκών) eikōn which means "image." An 'Icon' is an image, sign, logo, picture, edifice, depiction or a representation that represents something else of greater significance and meaning. An Icon is usually associated with religious, cultural, and political themes. An Icon is related to a logo for example, a representation of something else. An Icon is signifying a "sign" or "symbol" and is related to semiotics. Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols and their meanings both obvious and hidden, the exoteric and the esoteric.

The word Icon comes from Greek (εἰκών) eikōn, and the words eikonikos or eikenai means to "look like," or pertaining to (an image)." The very word "image" means an "artificial representation" that looks like the original. When you take a picture for example, you are talking and making a 'thing' that represents the original, it's not and exact duplication or copy of the original, it is a 'depiction,' thus the 'de' (DE), the prefix of 'de' as in 'describing,' it is a lessor than the original, so when you describe something you are trying to give the image of the original but even 1,000 words can not make an exact representation of the original work or item. So, the 'de' words give us words that mean the fall or the DEgrade, DEception, DEceiver, DEcline, DEath, DEvil, Decay and DEcember for example. So, an image DEpicts the original, it is trying to form a picture for the eye to see and visualize in order to recreate the original subject. So, like I said an "image" is an "artificial representation" and gives us our word 'Imitation' (imitari) meaning to copy (ornate description). It is a 'likeness' which means 'like,' or similar, from 'semi' or 'dios' (dia) meaning two (dos, deuce). A 'portrait' is also related because it 'portrays' the original. We also have our word 'imagine' from image, meaning to 'visualize' and 'conceptualize' the original. So, these words of Icon, image and visualize require the human 'eye' to see them in order to take the image into our brains for understanding. The letter 'i' itself is the image of a eye, and the very reason we pronounce 'eye' as the letter 'i.' The very word 'image' begins with the letter 'i' as does 'icon' which is a further indication of the meaning. In the computer world we have what is known as an 'icon' which is a smaller (imitation) picture of the original larger version it represents. Thus the 'eye' and the letter 'i' are closely related. The prefix of 'con' means "to fool" (the eye) as in 'concept' or 'conceptualize.' Also words like 'conceive' or even 'conspire' as in a 'con' artist, which is a person or persons who 'fool.' A 'conceit' is to form in the mind and thus paint a picture or visualize in the minds 'eye.' Conceit is an analogy of 'deceit.' Con means 'against' or 'opposed to,' just as 'anti' or 'ante' mean the same basically. So the Bible has the DEceiver, the DEvil who is the ANTI-Christ, the opposer. Confidence for example is the 'self-belief' or the fooling to make one believe in 'oneself' and to form and make up 'trust.' One must 'conceptualize' the ego and self image to be greater than it actually is. We say a person has become an "icon,' meaning that in the eyes of the people and the community they are perceived as 'greater than,' and have become an 'iconic' figure. A figure is a character that plays the role of the original person place or thing. An 'icon' is related to an 'Idol' as well, the "EYE-DOL" as seen through the 'minds-eye' or the perception of the character (actor).
So yes, the very word 'ICON' does mean EYE-CON, or to 'fool ones eye.' Anyone that does not grasp and understand the very essence of language, linguistics and letters themselves do not fully understand the very meanings and concepts, they are not able (A BULL) to stand under a Bull, thus it it not understandable to them.

Christopher C. Lord

Etymology of 'Deity' (God)

ashtile (youtube)"Deity has no link with the word 'two' it comes from the Latin 'divus'. Your etymology is rubbish as usual as you give no proof."

ashtile (Elizabeth) My etymology is so advanced that brainwashed book smart fools like yourself do NOT know how to THINK!

"Deity has NO link with TWO?" ROFL -

Now we know you're a FOOL! Deity represents GOD or nature which is dualistic in nature thus comprised of both day and night. One DAY (DEA) is made and divided into TWO. DEITY is 'deitas' or 'divus' which 'di' means once again DIOS, the TWO, like 'diagonal.' DIVUS means 'divine nature' again we have DIVINE which meaning and relating to GOD, and 'divine' is like DIVIDE like when you slice a pie and get two halves. The Latin DIVUS means DEUS which also means GOD, it gives words like DEUCE or DOS meaning TWO! DIVUS or DEUS has the same etymology as ZEUS and Jesus for that matter and comes from ancient Greece from the ancient Goddess known as DIONE, which gives us our modern words of DIA like Dianna which is why Indiana is the State of the CROSSROADS! This is why they called her princess "DI" (DIE). And yes, Indian means INDIOS! This is also why we have TWO DICE (DI) the DUOS (DEUCE).

Di is a numerical prefix meaning "twice," "two" or "double." Dai is Welsh for David, which means "divide" which is why King Davids people were divided! The whole story of King david is about division. He was young and small and then faced a giant Goliath, and he then decapitates his head off. Decapitates is again from 'Di' and is in the form of 'De.' Words with the prefix of 'DE' represent the DEath, DEcline, DEception, DEceiver, DEvil, DEcember, DEcay, DEmon etc., and represent the second half of the year when things begin to fall and die. DEmon is when the night MOON is out thus DEmon is the DEity of the MOON. Our Day comes from 'DEA' or DEity and this is why our DAY begins at midnight when the MOON is the fullest, and our day consists of both night (darkness) and day (lightness). The word "dia" means "apart," "through," "across" and also means the "bright sky." Dia gives us words like "diagonal" and "diameter," again the meaning of TWO or deuce (DOS). We also have a dialect in language meaning two (dios). Dio is the italian word for God.

The word "para" also means to separate and means "two," as in paranormal, paradox, paragraph, parallel, parents, parables, parade etc.. A parade celebrates the end of one season into another, the old year into the new year. So, para means TWO which gives us our word 'PAIR," or a couple (coup).

The word "bi" also means "two," which gives us words like bipolar, bisexual, biannual, bias, bicentennial, bicycle, biangular, biweekly, bimonthly, bilateral, and the best known word from "bi" is Bible, or the TWO BULLS. Bi also gives us "bye" to separate and leave from one to another. The prefix of "bi" means "half," "twice" and "semi." So, "semi" can be use just like "bi" as in semiannual (biannual).

Di - (Two) = 2
Divorce = 2 (Split apart)
Divide = 2 (split apart)
Disciple = 2 (follower #2)
Dialectic = 2 (separate)
Diameter = 2 (across)
Disobey = 2 (not obey #1)
Disorder = 2 ((order #1)
Diffuse = 2 (to split)
Disperse = 2 (to scatter apart)
Distrust = 2 (Trust #1)
Divert = 2 (to change from 1 to 2)

Bi - (Two) = 2
-Binoculars - pair of identical mirror-symmetrical telescopes
-Binocular vision - (TWO) both eyes are used together
-Bicentenary is the TWO-hundredth anniversary
-Biannual - TWO times in one year
-Bicycle - TWO Wheels
-Bilateral - TWO sides
-Bilateralism, Political & cultural relations of TWO states
-Bisexual - TWO sexual choices
-Bipolar - TWO poles! North-South Poles - Disorder (di)"diagnosis"
-Bisection - Human brain has TWO sections or halves
-Bipedal - Animal with TWO feet
-Bible - Two Bulls

Bi - (Two) = 2
Biology means 'bio' life and ology means the study of. The 'bi' of bio means TWO!!! Almost all life on earth requires TWO things in order to create it, and that is a MALE & FEMALE the biological SPERM from the MALE (1) and the Egg from the FEMALE (2). The sperm and egg fuse together (TWO) form a Zygote which means (zygoun) "to join" from TWO! Fertilization is between TWO haploid cells, the ovum (female gamete) and a sperm cell (male gamete). Then the zygote DIVIDES in TWO to form more cells that will DIVIDE in TWO.

Bias - Again means TWO - To favor ONE (#1) over the Other (#2). Like a racial bias.
A bias is also a diagonal (across forming TWO) line of direction (TWO) like cutting on the bias. Bias is also a slight bulge or a greater weight on one side (#1) verses the other side (#2) of the ball or bowl.

Biography - Is a detailed description, account or depiction of someone else's life, meaning they are #2, and you are #1. Bio (life) + graphia (record, account) a graphic script.

Bi means TWO and I would say that almost every if not every word that starts with 'bi' has a relationship with TWO, cutting in two, slice, dice, across the two, etc.

Ashtile - Like I said ALMOST ALL if 'NOT ALL' words that begin with 'bi' means TWO. You assumed that some words did not mean TWO, when in fact they did. I could make a LIST 10 times longer than a list you could make of 'bi' words that don't mean TWO. Actually, you make yourself sound dumb as you TRY to explain away how these things do not mean TWO. You said Diagonal does not mean TWO, when in fact when you cut something diagonally, you have TWO sections or halves, period! Biology = Bi+ology actually. I am correct 100% and we could take a POLL and vote to see who is more logical, my logic vs your excuse of the meaning. Biology is about LIFE and life needs TWO (male + female) PERIOD not to mention that the CELLS split in TWO! YOu are DEAD WRONG AGAIN! Bible means the TWO BULLS, period!

Bible means the TWO BULLS, period! Does 'papyrus' or 'papuros' sound like Bible to you? The Bible was named after the Canaan Phoenician city of Byblos, which is Gebal (BALL), and Gabriel is the MOON angel, thus the Moon Horns. This is why the other word for papyrus, is βύβλος 'bublos.' Did they worship papyrus or the BULL? lol (Jeroboam) "Here are your gods (Two Golden Calves), Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt." (Bible = Bi = 2 + Bulls). Moses took the (Ox) blood, and sprinkled it on the people, and said: 'Behold the blood of the covenant, which the LORD (Yahweh) hath made with you in agreement'."

- Torah AGAIN we have the red fire torch of the TAURUS BULL, the Ox, the 'TOR' (Toru).
- Tanakh - Ankh is the symbol of life, it is the cross section of the thoracic vertebrae of a BULL (Ox). "T" + the ANKH.
-Bible - Two Bulls

This is why they have the shroud of Turin for Jesus, look at a picture of it, you will notice the 'horns' on the head of the bearded man (Jesus), which is the ancient Horned One (Cernunnos), and this is why the etymology of Turin tells us the secret of 'TUR' which is the TAURUS Horned Bull, and this is exactly why the city of Turin has the logo or the seal with the BULL, and of course the horns of the Moon Crescent which is the symbolism (Bull).

Zeus was also the BULL who carried the Phoenician Goddess Europa away! The whore that rides the beast!

(חֵטְא הַעֵגֶּל) "The Sin of the Calf." Aaron made the Golden Calf because it represented the God(s) of Israel, Yahweh, and thus Yahweh is the Moon Bull God, and the Gold represents the golden Sun. Aaron said "These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt." Notice the plural of GODS. At this time of chronology according to the Bible, the israelites were not told to NOT make a graven image yet.

And just to school your ignorance more! I will not BAN YOU, I will not let you off and get away so you can not face TRUTH!
- Bill means BULL! With TWO EL's (ll). lol
- Bison means BULL the Bos Bison - 'boubalos' "buffalo" or "wild Ox" - Taurus is the 2nd House (TWO) Aurochs, Bovinae (Bos) split hoof (divided in TWO).
- Bibulous - To consume alcohol "absorbent, like a sponge, saying is "two drunken gentlemen holding each other up!" NOTICE: Bi-BUL (BULL) - It's made from TWO words also. - 'imbibe' "to soak into" Dionysus was the God of intoxication (OX), he was the BULL or the Ox! 'Di' = "apart" (TWO) because he was the Slain God. he is son of Zeus, the BULL! the 'Dios' is genitive of the name of Zeus. Dionysus is related to satyrs, centaurs. Jesus and his WINE!!! lol
- Bite You "bite the Bullet" on this one!!! To Bite, means to clamp with TWO objects, the upper and lower jaw.
BOW (Bios) - Ox-bow or ox-yoke, the crescent BOW of the MOON. Moon Goddess & her BOW and light arrows.

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Ancient Kemet (Egypt) Pyramids Pharaohs SUN FIRE - Truthiracy

ASHTILE (ASHERAH & EL) thus ELizabeth, the HOUSE of EL (GOD). Beth = house of the Goddess, the letter 'B' the female house. lol ALEF-BEIT (alphabet, male and female or A & B). lol

You claim:
1) Pyramid and Pharaoh do not mean FIRE!
2) Ancient Egyptians had no astrology!

QUOTE: "How ridiculous! Pharaoh has nothing to do with fire....he (Truthiracy) makes a fool of himself." (ashtile)

@ashtile lol If you studied ancient Kemet then why did you refer to it as ancient Egypt? lol So, you studied Egyptology? YOU BETTER GET YOUR MONEY BACK! Pyramid and Pharaoh do not mean fire? lol BTY How does god appear in the Bible? As FIRE! lol No astrology in ancient Egypt (you mean Kemet, KMT)? Really? WRONG! lol I hope you washed your foot because you will be eating it soon enough! lol

So, you say that the ancient word for Pyramid was Pr Ah and it had nothing to do with fire or astrology, this is your stance on the issue at hand correct? lol

Pr Ah and 'pa mer' is Per Nater or PR.NTR, and Per-Neter is the word for pyramid, not 'mer' which just means 'beloved,' (notice the BEL = sun which I will get to later). So the MR or 'mer' means 'meriamen' which means beloved not the word for PYRAMID at all! You clearly wrote and I quote "The Egyptian word for pyramid was 'mer'," but you are wrong. lol Now, Per Neter means Pyramid and translates as the sacred House of God (nature) or the House of Nature, the Great Temple of the Great Building (BULL = Build). Now, MR or mer means Beloved the Meritaten 'Beloved of Aten,' Aten the SUN who's symbol (BULL) was the SUN and it's LIGHT RAYS that beamed down, thus the reason that the PYRAMIDS were shaped and formed in the shape of the TRIANGLE (tri-ANG-EL), the Pyramid Triangle represented the descending rays of the SUN, which is why the pyramids were faced with polished reflective (RE) white limestone in order to give them a brilliant shine like the SUN, the everlasting FLAME that was on FIRE in the sky! This is why many Pyramids of Kemet were named with references to solar (SOL = SUN) luminescence. All Kemetian (Egyptian) Pyramids were built on the west bank of the Nile where the SUN SETS and goes to the underworld. Fire was the essence of the SUN and the symbol was the Uraeus the snake serpent of the cobra that spit FIRE! The Wadjet with the SUN disk is called the Uraeus, the symbol that sits atop the head of RA the SUN God. This is why the Pharaohs wore the headdress of the COBRA serpent and the Pharaohs were seen as a manifestation of the sun-god RA! The serpent cobra represented the Goddess Wadjet, thus the Pharaohs believed that the Uraeus Cobra SUN protected them by spitting fire on their enemies from the fiery eye of the goddess. Per-Wadjet, House of Wadjet, and Pî-beset ("House of Bastet") the Goddess Bast, her eye was the sun thus she was known as the Lady of Flame her eye or sun later became the Eye of RA or Horus, her child of the sun deity who is interpreted to represent the Pharaoh, which is why the Pharaohs wore the sacred symbol of the Wadjet and Uraeus which gave them the symbol of Royalty and divine authority over Kemet (Egypt). So why did the great Pharaohs like Khufu and Khafra build the great Pyramids? They built them in honor of the great GOD's of the SUN, the fire in the SKY the supreme god RA/RE! This is why Khafra means "Appearing like RA" the SUN thats on FIRE! RA/RE was the 'creative power' and 'creator' of life. Pharaohs were considered the human manifestation of Horus and RA! so the greats Gods of ATEN, AMUN-RA were the SOLAR deities. The Red Pyramid or the North Pyramid is the largest of the three major pyramids at Dahshur, named RED after the reddish stones and for the fact that the SUN is red. Luxor, the LUX or the LIGHT of RA!

Anyway, Egypt is derived from the Greek word Aegyptos, Hi-Gi-Ptos, Het-Ka-Ptah, Ptah is one of the "Creator Gods" or Neters! Het-Ka-Ptah means "Place of the Projection of the Principle of Ptah," city of Memphis the BULL. Ptah was depicted as a BULL. So, Egypt known as KMT or Kemet was depicted as the BLACK BULL. The Kemets or the Egyptians call themselves the "Cattle of Ra" from the Celestial Cow, thus our Milky Way! NUT was the Celestial Sky COW Goddess. The Goddess of Isis, mother Hathor were the COW BULL Goddess, thus they wore the headdress of the horns of the BULL which represented the crescent MOON and the Solar disc, thus the MOON & SUN. This is why ISIS held the symbol (BULL) of the BULL, the ANKH (ANG), the symbol of 'life' which is the thoracic vertebrae of the sacred BULL (cross section). The sacred symbol of the 'WAS' is the sacred STAFF of the BULL PENIS, the symbol of authority. The scared Djed is the symbol of the sacrum of the BULL spine! So, Isis, Hathor, Osiris and Ptah for example were the BULL GODS! so, this is why we have our word SYMBOL, which represents the sacred BULL (BOL), the BOS, which is the BOSS, the OX which is the A or the APEX of the TRI-ANG-EL. The Alef is the OX or the BULL, the first letter and leader of the Hebrew Canaan Phoenicia alphabet language (ANG). The ancient Hebrew's were from the Mesopotamian city of UR where they worshipped the BULL GOD EL of the BIBLE! They built PYRAMID shaped Ziggurats that were dedicated to the STARS or the ASTOR, thus they were 7 levels (EL), that represented the stars in Heaven. The ancient Chaldeans were star gazers, they worshipped the MOON and stars, thus the Chaldean means MOON worshippers. They worshipped NANNA also known as SIN, thus we have Mount SINAI of the BIBLE, and the Tower of Babel, which was made to reach the MOON GOD SIN! Now, the OBELISK is the SUNDIAL (SUN-DIA-EL), thus the BEL which means LIGHT or the SUN GOD BAAL, the God of THUNDER and LIGHTNING! The Obelisk is the BULL PENIS of the BULL GOD, which is why it's shaped like a BULL Penis, the fertility of the BULL, the symbol of the BULL. The APEX or the TIP is the TRIANGLE, the PYRAMID, the symbol of the RED HOT male fertility of FIRE that spits out! The A = Pyramid, A = OX (BULL) the ALEF. The God is EL (AL) the ALEF and the Lamed or the 'L' which is the staff or cane of the BULL PENIS! Thus a 'l' is like the 1 (one), and the apex of the A.

Now, the Pyramids of Giza are a perfect reproduction of the 3 stars of Orion’s belt. Orion the great HUNTER who slays the BULL of TAURUS! So, the ancient Kemetians worshipped the SUN and the MOON and stars, they based their lives around these celestial bodies that moved in the sky and heavens and this is why the built the Pyramids to honor the GODS in heaven, namely the SUN GOD. The Great Pyramid also shows the 'PI' and the Golden Ratio. Dia, means across, like diameter, dia is the meaning of DEITY, which means TWO thus the BIBLE (BI = TWO). This is also the etymology of Zeus and Jesus for example, and of course both are related to the BULL. So, in closing the Pyramids and the Pharaohs hold the same meaning as FIRE, thus the PYRE, the Phosphorus, the PHIRE, LUX, FLAME (Phlame), the PYRO, thus the PH = F, the 6th letter, thus the 666 and the Triangle of FIRE! A triangle is 60º X 3 (666) thus the 6X6 is the magic SUN square (36, 666). PHALLUS (PENIS)= PETER = PATER = FATHER = GOD = NATER. The Phoenicians were known also known as RED thus the Purple! the Canaan Phoenician Bull God, and the Moloch Cow Bull of FIRE! Asherah is the consort of EL, thus ASH and RA, and YAH, the FIRE SUN and MOON. YAHweh is the BULL MOON GOD YAH of Moon Mountain (MT. SINAI), thus the reason Moses or Musa came down with HORNS on his head! lol Mount Sinai is the RED mountain of FIRE and it is where the Israelites worshipped the COW CALF BULL, which is also carved into the RED earth of the Mountain. TAIN means FIRE the 'AI' means mountain (MOUNT-AIN). So the ELOHIM made man, which is ADAM (ADM) from the earth, the dust, the clay soil which is RED, and this is why EDOM or ADAM means RED, the EDOMITE from Esau.

The Kemetians (Egyptians) built pyramids as a symbol of the primordial mound that pierced the waters of chaos, thus the symbolic representation of the red hot male fire phallus that pierces the female blue (black) waters, thus creating life. The pyramids were triangular in shape like the rays of the sun from Aten and thus were a focal point of energy that focused energy upwards to the heavens where the Sun god RA/RE lived and died and was reborn again from death after descending to the underworld. The first born of the dead, thus the Story of Jesus being the first born of the dead. The pyramids were believed to be burial monuments or chambers and this is why you will find obelisks, pyramids and tombstones ascending towards the sky because like the pyramids they are symbols that were believed to project the essence of the soul into the heavens. Pharaohs may or may not have been buried in the pyramids, but they were used to ascend the soul in the afterlife. The triangle shape itself is the most basic shape that forms a shape because it takes three lines to enclose an object, two or one will not make a shape. The pyramids are devise that were believed to resurrect the soul in the afterlife. The very word 'resurrect' again means the Sun God 'RE' and 'ERECT' just like a human rock hard stone 'ERECTION' that dies or goes soft (to the underworld) and then get hard and erect again and is resurrected. So the pyramids resurrected the soul which again means the SOL of the SUN. We find this theology is the scared Phoenix bird known as the FIREBIRD that was consumed (fumed) in the flames and was reborn (RE) and resurrected from the ashes. This is why the Phoenix is red or purple because of the association with the Phoenicians. The Egyptian bird called the Benu was the soul of the Sun-God RA/RE. The Book of the Dead says, “I am the Bennu bird, the Heart-Soul of Ra, the Guide of the Gods to the Tuat.” Taut is Duat and is the underworld (death or hell). The sun god RA or Horus would go to the underworld in the west and the sun would set, the 'sunset' thus thew conflict of Horus and Set (Seth). Horus gives us our word 'hour.' The Egyptian symbol or hieroglyph of the Akhet symbolizes the setting and rising sun where the Sun God RA/RE/HORUS emerged and disappeared. The horizon is Horus-Ra-Eyes or Horus-rise-son (sun). The Egyptian hieroglyph symbol for FIRE (PHIRE PYRE) is Khet which is a pictographic representation of a lamp or flame called a 'Brazier' like a fire blaze.

Brazier Khet flame fire.jpg

The Brazier (khet) is symbolic of fire, heat, flame and the sun. Fire was embodied in the sun which is why the symbol of the 'Uraeus' which spits fire from the serpent (cobra). Serpents are symbols of death and rebirth since the serpents shed their old skins and then are reborn again just like the Sun God Ra. The 'S' of Sun contests to this fact. Heliopolis, whose name literally means "city of the sun" (Helio) was sometimes represented by a brazier and the baboons seated at each corner with the Khet hieroglyph of a flame or fire. Many Egyptian tombs have the baboons and was used in funerary rites. The baboon (Baba) was associated with both the moon and the solar sun. Baboons guarded the gates to the underowlrd. The symbol of the Brazier is known as the 'Lake of (RED) Fire' as found in the Book of the Dead. Fire was closely related to the Underworld and death. Flames killed and cooked meat and flesh of the living and turned them into dust or ashes. The Egyptians said that the Sun God RA was born from the "Island of Fire." The Egyptians envisioned the underworld or after life of Duat (Hell) to be a "Lake of Fire" or a "River of Fire." The righteous could drink from the "Pool of Fire" (wavy lines) and become refreshed. They believed they could transform into shooting flames and destroy their enemies. The quest for fire was the source of life to mankind since it's discovery and the ability of man to control it. The Khet has associations with the Bull (KA) that was carried over the fire flames for fertility rites. The Gehenna the (lake of fire), (sea of fire) or (valley of fire)"Valley of Hinnom" Ge Hinnom in Hebrew. In the Book of the Dead we find the Sha-en-ammu meaning the 'Lake of Fire.' the Ammu is the consuming fire that burns, the fire gods of flames, the 'Tongue of Fire' (Khet). The Ammu and MOO of the cow are related here as well. The Moon is the night time, the death of the Sun God, the night flame light of the night. The Bull or Cow of that MOO's thus the MOON, just like baboon, Luna and Lunacy or the Looney mental disorder of the mind, which comes from the moon. Thoughts are also named after the Egyptian moon God Thot (Thoth). The moon 'horns' of the crescent moon makes one go crazy and HORNY for sex which is a SIN (Moon God). Followers of Canaanite Gods like Baal and Moloch depicted as BULLS or COWS that they sacrificed their children to and were thrown into pits of fire. The Hebrew word for the sun is shemesh (שמש šemeš), the Samas was the sun in Akkadia, Assyria and Babylonia the Sun God was called Shamash and in Sumeria known as Utu. Shamash gives us sun words like SAM or Samson (son/sun) for example with is long golden hair. the word is also related to Shamanism, thus shamans are intermediaries or messengers between the human world and the spirit world of the gods of the heavens, the sun, moon and stars. The Sun and fire represent life and death, thus the reason that the Bull God EL of the Bible appears as FIRE, and the reason that the Pharaohs built the Pyramids which is the symbol of RA/RE the Sun FIRE God. The Bible like the Egyptians (Kemetians) also viewed HELL as a place of 'FIRE' or a 'Lake of Fire.' So we clearly see why the FIRE (PHIRE) is the PYRE, the PHOENIX, the PHARAOH and the PYRAMID and why the symbol of FIRE is the RED (RE) TRIANGLE. ANG is the ANKH or the BULL (ANGUS), thus we have the RED BULL, the TWO RED BULLS (Bi = TWO, Bible) with the image of the golden SUN (Go look at the logo of RED BULL).


So, the PYRAMIDS represent the GREAT HOUSE of the GODS, which are the PLANETS and STARS, the SUN & MOON 100%! They based their live according to the rising sun, the RA EYES, and the setting SUN, when the HORNS of the CRESCENT MOON came out and took over and revealed GOD's heaven, the STARS of the MILKY WAY!

Now put your FOOT into your MOUTH and never ASSume again! Next time do not claim to be an Egyptologist and make false claims of how I do not know what I am talking about, when actually I was just levels and levels above your basic grasp of understanding, and I hope you were A BULL to grasp it all so that it's under-SDTAND-A-BULL to you.

Aloha, Christopher Lord (Truthiracy) 1-11-2012

TO Truthiracy from @ashtile aka Elziabeth

@Truthiracy3 How ridiculous! Pharaoh has nothing to do with fire. It comes from Pr Ah meaning the Great House or Palace. Just as Pyramid has no connection to fire. The Egyptian word for pyramid was 'mer' and 'pa mer' means 'the pyramid' which is what the Greeks would have heard or similar, because we don't know how Egyptian pronunciation sounded. The Greeks changed 'par mer' to 'pyramid. Simple really if you know ancient Egyptian which the maker of this video doesn't which is why he makes a fool of himself.

@Truthiracy3 I am not ignorant and I have studied Egyptology which is more than you have done. I never said that Egypt was known by the name Egypt in ancient times. STRAW MAN! It is irrelevant that the symbol for fire is a triangle in magic. I have told you what the the word Pyramid was in ancient Egyptian and it was nothing to do with fire. Look it up in Budge's Dictionary. In fact there are numerous word for fire in Egyptian.Per Neter does not mean Pyramid.Consult an Egyptologist.

@Truthiracy3 Oh and by the way, there was no astrology in ancient Egypt until the Greeks came. The ancient Egyptians didn't have a Zodiac and didn't know of the Zodiacal constellations until later times. To imagine that the Egyptians knew of the Age of Aries or Taurus is stupidity of the highest order, partly because the 'Ages' are a relatively modern invention. Consult some scholars instead of New Agers and Astrologers for the truth.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Police Abuse in Pahoa August 2011

Police Abuse in Pahoa August 2011 -

A Police Officer is a public servant, who is hired by the people for the people to protect and serve, the question is, who are they protecting and who are they serving? Are they protecting the Elite or the public? Why is this "motto" not finished with the word "public?" the motto should read "To Protect and Serve the Public." We grant the Police with certain powers to protect and serve us (the Public), to keep us safe from harm and to provide a secure country from those who disobey. However, the power we have granted our Police Officers does not include breaking the law and disregarding our U.S. Constitutional rights as Americans.

The Police in Pahoa regarding the Damon Tucker abuse case were clearly stepping outside the scope of the law, and entered the scope of criminal misconduct and illegal activity. I agree that the Police Force of Pahoa need to be educated on the First Amendment Rights of the U. S. Constitution. In any public or private area with permission, may video tape, take pictures, record audio and may even draw pictures to record as proof the actions of any event. This is all legal as long as doing so does not interfere with the duty of our Police Officers investigation.
Need we be reminded of such tyrannical actions that reflect the Hitler police state "Gestapo" of Nazi Germany? As a resident of Pahoa Hawaii, this case brings shame to our Police Force and great Island we call home.

I find it disturbing that the Police Officers had the audacity to take offense of being filmed, yet we the public are filmed 24hrs a day with hundreds if not thousands of Police cameras, not to mention the camera's on every corner that also film us without our permission. It is clear that our Police Officers need to understand something we learn as kids which is The Golden Rule, "do unto others as you would have done unto you," or perhaps "what's good for the goose is good for the gander!"

Damon Tucker clearly deserves to be compensated for his abuse by our incompetent Police Officers. This even has clearly shaped and altered his perception of what Police stand for. Is this the message we want to communicate with our public in society? They are sending a clear message that no one better video tape their actions or else you will get beat down, and I for one think this type of mentality is shameful and a poor example to send our youth who will be shaping our future to come.

I think the Police Department and the county of Pahoa owes this man a huge warm apology, and personally I would like to see him compensated financially without wasting more tax payers money on court, which is more red tape! As a citizen of Pahoa I would like to personally apologize for the actions and misconduct of our Police Officers to you, Mr. Damon Tucker.

Aloha! Peace, Love & Wisdom
Christopher Lord

Video Here:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Etymology "Animal" by Truthiracy 7-16-11

We will first examine the basic knowledge of etymology that is known for the world "animal," then I will take it many levels further with a deeper understanding of the root of this word.

Animal Etymology -

The etymology of the word "Animal" comes from the Latin "animale," which is a living being or creature, which breathes air and this includes human beings. The word anima means to "breath, soul; a current of air." Animus also means the same, ane- "to blow, to breathe" (cf. Greek. anemos means the "wind," Skt. aniti "breathes,"
(see animus, and cf. deer).

(Notice that the deer, the Elk or the Stag is used in reference to the word animal). This is in reference to the ancient Horned One.

As we see above, the word has a root meaning of any living creature that breaths the air, but there is also a deeper root meaning and foundation. In the ancient Assyro-Babylonian mythology (Sumerian mythology), An was the creator goddess, the celestial cow (bull) sky goddess. Thus we have the milky way galaxy. An was known as Antu in the Akkadian pantheon. An is the consort of Anu, who was also a creator god. Anu is a sky-god, the god of heaven, lord of constellations, etc., and the very word AN means SKY, the heavens, and the element of AIR. Anu was the King of the Gods before Enlil, who is God of the Wind or Air also. We find AN and EN to be very similar. An or Anu gives us our words like Ancient, Ancestor and antique, to name a few.

The Goddess An or Antu is the consort of Anu, and together they give birth to all life and animals. They breathed the AIR into them and gave them life. They also gave birth to the Anunnaki, Those who from Heaven came to Earth, from the SKY or the AIR! We also have the ancient Semitic Goddess Anat of Ugarit. Thus Anat is a common female name in Hebrew, found common is Israel.

So In ancient Egypt we also find the Anat and the sacred ANKH, which as you know is the cross section of the thoracic vertebra of a bull spine. Again we have the bull or the cow as the source. From Isis or Hathor, to Osiris or Patah, we find the bull or the cow as the source, the AN or the animal. Etymologically speaking, all of these words have a foundational root to the ancient horned one, the BULL, the OX, the Stag or the Elk. The male fertility, and the female mother of all life.

Now let's kick it up a notch. So, we know that EL is the Bull God of the Bible, the horned Ox. The Ox or the Bull (Cow) gave life to all animals and breathed air into them to give them life. We know that AN is the creator (TOR) God along with Anu, witch means the Heavens or the Air, as well as the wind (breath). So, this is why we need air to live and breath and survive, which is the reason that the air that we need to survive is called Oxygen which comes from the OX (Bull). Thus the word animal can mean the Breath (air) of EL (Bull Ox God). Oxygen has the element with an atomic number of 8 (eight). The symbol (Bull) is the letter "O" or number "0," again from the sacred goddess circle of life. Look on your keyboard and the number 8 (eight), you'll notice that the symbol is the Asterisk, which is the same symbol of the Sumerian cuneiform for An or Anu, which means deity. This comes from Ishtar or Astarte Goddess (Venus), thus the 5 points on the star, and her star was also the eight pointed star. Ishtar and Astarte come form the ancient An or Anu.

This is just an ancient man made theology of course, and we should all know not to take this literally, Obviously. Christopher Lord, Truthiracy

Sunday, June 5, 2011

ANG Etymology by Truthiracy Christopher Lord

ANG Etymology

ANG = Bull (cow) ANGUS

Almost all ancient cultures of the old world worshipped the ancient Bull God, from Osiris & isis, to Canaanite EL & Asherah. An was the ancient Sumerian COW (Bull) god. Egyptians also had the Apis Bull, or Ptah and even Maat. Notice the word 'ANcient,' the OLD WORLD of AN or ANU, the BUll God of the Heavens. The Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh speaks of the Bull of Heaven. We have the Minoan Crete Bull the Minotaur (Taurus). The Bible speaks of the israelites who worshipped the Golden Calf, thus the reason "L" is silent in CALF. The Levantine bull god, the God of Israel, "This is your god, O Israel." King Solomon had 12 twelve brazen bulls. Then we also have the Bull of the ancient Druidic order, where they would sacrifice two bulls or the bi = 2 Bulls, the Bible. We get our word symbol from the sacred BULL. Taurus is the Second House of the Zodiac (animal wheel) BI-BULL.

Are you A BULL (able) to understand my wisdom? The red fire fertility of the BULL, thus the TORCH, the symbol (BULL) of FIRE is the TRI-ANG-EL (triangle), or the pyramid (FIRE) TORO! RED EYE of TAURUS the BULL.

I am teaching what is known as ESOTERIC wisdom. Esoteric means the Inner circle (EL), the inside of the hole of the TAURUS BULL known as Torus, a "Doughnut" the shape of the TOROID or the TORUS thus the horn torus. Then we have the TORO, the BULL or the Torah of the Tanakh (Ank) or the Bible (BULL). Why do you think the Pope or the Father BULL issues a Papal BULL, the staff of the Bull Penis. We get our language from the ancient Canaan Phoenicians, our phonetic sounds of the Alphabet, or the Alpha Beta (male & female), representing the Bull ELders, the ELite, the two bulls. Language is the EL-ANG-UAGE, or the Linguistics which comes from the LINGAM, the phallus and the YONI. Sanskrit term लिङ्गं liṅgaṃ is derived from male and female gender (sex).

Etymology (History of AN/g/k)

AN (ANU) Sumerian celestial sky Bull God or Cow Goddess
Anshar (Heaven)
Ancient - AN (BULL) ancient Horned one.
English = ANGlish (EL-ang-u-age) Anglo-Saxon England (Anglia)
Ængla land (England comes from ANG not ENG)
How was Europe discovered? BY The BULL ZEUS who abducted Europa (Europe)
ANGus = BULL (black cow) Aonghas in Scottish Gaelic
ANGer = "Measn Mad Bull" = trouble (Taurus BULL) "anguish" (ANG)
GANG or a heard, they use a shANK.
Angel (Ang EL) Angle (Ang EL) come from root "ANKh" the BULL spine, bent like the shape of "L" Greek Angulus is "angle" or HOOK like the Staff symbol of POWER (J) ankylοs meaning "crooked or curved, bent. The staff or bent crook of Nimrod (rod) or Nimrud the winged Bull, like Anshar
Anshur (AN) Akkadian winged-Bull Assyria, Assur "sky axle" (AXE-EL)
ANKH = thoracic vertebra of a bull (CROSS section)
Venus symbol (♀) is the same as that of Isis or Osiris.
Djed, symbol of stability, base on sacrum of a bull's spine
Was the symbol Of Power is the Bull Penis (Venus).
ANointing - Chrism (milk or cream) AN cow (release sacred fluid)
Are you A-BULL to stand under my wisdom so that it is understandable (BULL)?
Tanakh (ANK) Hebrew Bible or the TOROAH (Taurus Bull)
Manger "ANG," A animal house. Thus the reason Jesus was born in a 'manger'(ang bull) or a stable (bull). The animal house of Aries, the house of March, or MARY, the red blood of MARS, the first virgin month the Hebrew Nissan and passover. (see article of Jesus Birth)

Angus Cattle (EL) Bull Cow (Ox)
Old Irish name Óengus, Middle Irish Áengus, Aonghus, meaning "one choice," as in the first ONE, AN or ANU.

Anger - Narrow - Latin angere "to throttle, to torment" Torture is from the Taurus Bull (Torus) Toro. O.E. enge "narrow"

God EL is the BULL god of the Bible, and his message comes by an angle or an Angel, the ANG of EL, the limb of god, the offspring the fruits there of. The ANG or BULL of EL, GOD.

Christopher Lord (Truthiracy House of Wisdom)
June 5, 2011