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Monday, February 28, 2011

(Ben Fakehope)

Why do you think the world LIGHTS UP LIGHTS during the 12, or the DEATH at the end of the year called Saturnallia (Saturn) what we call Christmas. We CUT the Sacred TREE and PUT LIGHT on it because the SUN needs HELP right now, it has died and gone to the underworld, and like the torch of the night, the Moon or the SHE RAH lights up the night time or the underworld time. So the SOL-T (TREE)-ICE (solstice) is when the sun dies, so we LIGHT lights to show the SUN of god the way back to be created ANU (new), or as the soon to be NEW BULL. Thus the story of Jesus the SUN of GOD and why we celebrate the baby jesus or the baby SUN at this time. lol

You have not watched my video you BLIND FOOL I ALREADY KNOW THAT, BEN you are YEARS and many LEVELS Behind me, that one guy was correct, you are not even on the same level as me, AT ALL! Do you want to to school you on that also? BECAUSE I CAN 100% without QUESTION!!! YOU have no idea! FOLKS HE KEEPS DEleting MY Comments FACT!!

I am going to expose your DEVILISH ways, I was joking calling you a two faced liar, a trickster, and the evil Magician, but I did not know YOU REALLY ARE ONE, I saw your videos, YOU ARE THE FAKE EVIL DEVIL! lol WOW!

UPDATE: (Score as usual) lol
Truthiracy 100%
Fakehope 0%

THERE was many more responces I made that were very good, BUT HE TOOK THEM RIGHT DOWN! EXPOSED YOU BEN!!!

Truthiracy Love vs Evliness in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

I am a Professor of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (Gracie Barra) for over 16 years now. I joined because when my real father left when I was three, I got teased as a child and i hated Bully's so much! So when I saw Royce Gracie the little guy beat down these HUGE men and not even hurt them, I said to myself, this is the martial art I need to learn. I was living in Hawaii at the time, so Relson Gracie was there and so began my training with the Gracie family in 1994. So to make a long story short, how do you THINK I beat and TAP OUT 300 pound BIG MEAN men? Because i am meaner or stronger? NO, because I possess the wisdom to use their strength against themselves, and the important part is, that I beat them every time, year after year, never losing once and WHY? Because I had the wisdom of the techniques, so I do not have to hurt my opponent, which is compassion. I could hurt them badly every time, yet I use and give what they give off, I only use just enough to win, and I NEVER hurt THEM! If they got me down in a bad position, they would wrench and twist and pull me apart if they could, because they are in a rage of ANGer like a BULL. While I am the protector of the sheep, and I can FIGHT and WIN that BIG DUMB EVIL BULL because I possess the power and wisdom of LOVE! Evilness is weakness! I am very honored that the REAL GOD of humans has so called 'blessed' me with the gifts I have or why my name is Christ Lord lol Aloha Professor Christoher C. Lord

EL Truthiracy for Ben Stanhope

Ben, honestly your grasp of reality is more than deficient or inadequate, your understanding makes you look like a feeble emaciated cow! It's amazing you fail to see that Jacob or Jack, is the Black Jack of EL, like the Jacob story and the desert jackals aka 'Canis.' Why do you think Jacob had two wives and 12 tribes? Because EL had two wives and ruler of the 12 houses of the zodiac and of course EL is related to the desert! AND YES, this is WHY the letter "L" is our 12th letter. It is like the "A" or alef, just like the "L" or lamed, both come from the OX or the BULL! Adam also had two wives, Lilith & Eve. First of all, EL, Eli, or ll is the Canaanite Phoenician God specifically. You say that EL is a semitic word and this is true, however it is a semitic word that comes specifically from Canaan Phoenicia. A Semite, or one who comes from or is related to Shem or Sēm which covers a broader spectrum of Semite cultures such as the Akkadians (Babylonians), Canaanites (Phoenicians), Hebrews (Israelites), Arabs etc.. So, EL is specifically a Phoenician Canaanite God of the most high! Shem or Sēm is the genealogy of the seminal fluid or the semen, the seed, thus Hebrews are descended from their forefather Shem. We are talking about the Bible that was written from the city of Byblos which is FROM Canaan Phoenicia! Were was Jacob buried? Canaan. What does Israel mean? Jacob. “Assemble and listen, sons of Jacob (12 Tribes or the Children of Israel); listen to your father (god) Israel". Who did the israelites worship? The Golden Calf (Bull). You said "The use of the word elohim in Hebrew is not an indication that the name Israel has anything to do with Ugaritic." and "Your mention of the Phoenician makes absolutely no sense." Ben this is absolutely wrong! EL (Elohim, Elyon) of the Bible, and EL from the Ugaritic is the father of all man kind. So, Jacob is Israel and israel is god father of all. EL ruled the sun and the moon, the two pillars, EL & Asherah (Fire Women), aka Jacob & Sarah. Sarah was the daughter of Asher (son of Jacob) as in the Ashur Bull. Saturn's son was Zeus the BULL. EL was the BULL GOD and then the Israelites have the story called the Bible or the two bulls. In the Tanakh, remember that ANKH is the CROSS section of the thoracic vertebra of a BULL, thus we have a symbol (BULL). The Ankh is sacred to Isis, thus the symbol of Venus or the goddess Asherah (SHE RAH). Torah is the fire torch of the BULL Taurus like 'Toro!' and red. The sacred 'Djed' is the sacrum of a BULL's spine! So, the BULL GOD EL ruled the 'sun and the moon', thus we have Israel or Isis (moon) Ra (sun) and EL (Saturn). The Mediterranean Levant stretches north to south from the Taurus (BULL) Mountains to the Sinai (MOON Mountain) desert! The Bull & the Moon or the Minotaur. This is why the Washington Monument is the Obelisk (Baal), the penis pole of the BULL! This is why it is called the MON (moon) MIN (Egyptian fertility moon god). This is why we have an Illuminati, the enlighten ones, or the 'EL MIN.' Thus the Hebrews say they are monotheistic (moon), and they are the ELite, the Monarchy (moon), and they worship YAHweh (Egyptian word for moon is also YAH). So our first day of the week is Moon's Day or Monday. When do all the Hebrews worship their god YAHweh? On Moon dates 100%. Who was Yahweh's Consort? Asherah! When does the DAY begin for Hebrews? At SUNSET when the MOON COMES OUT! And the FIRST DAY of the Hebrew week is Saturn's Day (Saturday), so the FIRST DAYS are either Saturday or Monday, the Moon & Saturn again, EL YAH! The Hebrew live their lives by the Calendar, which is both a Solar (sun) and Lunar (moon) calendar of one solar year and 12/13 Lunar phases, thus our word Month (moon). A calendar is a record of TIME, and the father god of TIME is Cronus, the founder and creator of the city of the Twin BULLS, Byblos, the Grand Father of Time, Saturn EL (Cronus). Yes, Time Flies, and if you drink the RED BULL or the Twin Bulls or the Twin Pillars Red Bull will give you wings so you can fly! Notice the two bulls and the sun in the center or the MID EL! What is the SYMBULL of the illuminati? The Symbol of AIR, and the symbol of 'air' are the 'wings.' The 'air' symbol is the 'truncated pyramid,' like the letter 'A'. Notice that the capstone is 'aloft' in the AIR like the Hebrew Yod or Yoda! lol Notice that Saturn EL is always shown with the WINGS of the AIR, just as the ANG of EL (angel) has. Note that EL was also known as the BULL God Enlil, the GOD of the AIR! Thus we have the Monolith, the BLACK STONE that fell from heaven to earth and brought man kind enlightenment. Thus we have the Black fallen stone of the Kabba, I could go on all day and night, all week, all month and yes, i could go on and on all YEAR, but I better stop now! lol So, this is REAL TRUTH, NOT fake RA EL LIES, NO BULLSHIT! Are you A BULL to CAP A BULL? Or should I say, are you capable of standing under my wisdom so that you my understand it? lol Truthiracy

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Truthiracy, Truthiracy, my son, I’ma make you an offer you can’t refuse. That stuff about ANGS of El, now that’s Boom Boom. But that stuff about Michael Jordan causing 9/11 through a secret red bull fertility cult, now you’re taking Boom Boom to a whole new level. Am I right or am I right? Now that article that mug Mike Heiser wrote, that’s not Boom Boom my friend. We can’t have this type of information fallin all accidental like into the wrong hands or people might get the wrong impression about you if you know what I mean. The only good PhD professor is a dead PhD professor, I always say. Here’s the slick: you send me the proper donation and WHAM! Heiser has a “car accident” with a few of my ethnically ambiguous friends and the articles cease to enjoy existence. Is this a deal or what?
You can’t buy that type of insurance...Only in this case you can.
Do it in the name of truth.
Do it in the name of freedom.
And if you won’t do it for truth and you won't do it for freedom what are yah good for? Am I right or am I right?

Your #1 fan,


Seriously you call me crazy? lol Excuse me "I'ma," but can you explain yourself better my brother, please explain this DEAL! lol

Is this a THREAT of DEATH?
"We can’t have this type of information fallin all accidental like into the wrong hands or people might get the wrong impression about you if you know what I mean. The only good PhD professor is a dead PhD professor, I always say. Here’s the slick: you send me the proper donation and WHAM! Heiser has a “car accident” with a few of my ethnically ambiguous friends and the articles cease to enjoy existence." DEATH THREATS? BRIBES? WTF BEN? Honestly, you call me CRAZY? lol

Also Ben, what are you talking about here: "Michael Jordan causing 9/11 through a secret red bull fertility cult" (by ben Stanhope)

I NEVER SAID THIS AT ALL! I will explain in my book the truth like no one ever saw!!! Truthiracy House of Wisdom

Saturday, February 26, 2011

ISRAEL Truthiracy Response to Ben Stanhope IS RA EL

ISRAEL Truthiracy Response to Ben Stanhope IS RA EL (Part 1)

by Christopher C. Lord (2/26/11)

Don't RUN away from wisdom... GRASP it! Yet you keep the SHEEP Blinded!
Everyone is focused on one grain of sand, one pixel of a much larger bigger picture, so step way back, so that you will be A BULL (able) to view and understand the entire picture or story.. First of all, we are talking about a CREATION STORY, and how are things CREATED on EARTH? By (bi) SEX! This is why we first learn of the word ISRAEL, which is in the story called the Holy Bible, or the HOLE (women) Bi (two) and BEL (Baal) son of EL, a story about the Mother & Father's SEX that produces a child from the union of the two Bulls from ancient Canaan Phoencia, where they worshipped the two pillars of EL and his consort Asherah. Where do we get the word BIBLE from? From the city of Byblos, the 'TWO BULLS." The word 'bos' is an ox or a bull, like your mean BOSS or BULL at work. By (bi) means 'two.' Who created the city of Byblos? Saturn EL or Cronus, the ancient fertility golden corn god of chaos and death, the 'Father God.' The city is also called Gabal (Baal). Thus the reason that Saturn is the god of the 12 houses of the Zodiac, and that our letter "L" is our 12th letter. Just as Jacob is the Father of 12 Tribes of Israel. 12 is the last number and then it turns to 13, or 1. Thus we have the hanged man on card 12 of the Tarot. Why do you think the "L" is silent in the word CALF as in the GOLDEN GOD SATURN EL (L), thus the Golden Calf of Fornication. So we have the TWO seasons of winter and sumer, and then the end of the year in December (12), which flips upside down again and starts all over again (reborn) at 1. Saturn gives us satire from the saytr, he is the father of all Jesters, clowns, Jokers, Tricksters, the TWO FACED LIARS, the JACK as in the clown from Jack In The Box. One fake good happy mask and then the real mask of truth, the evil, sad, mad mask. The word JACOB is actually the word JACK, like when you get CAR-JACKED, or HIGH-JACKED, which means to be RIPPED OFF! The story of JACOB is the story of the HIGH JACKING of the CROWN, the TRICKSTER who TRICKED his FATHER ISAAC from blessing the son he wanted to be blessed, his better GOOD son Esau. Jacob or Jack was the evil one, thus the reason Isaac did not want to bless him, BUT HE TRICKED and JACKED the crown which is evil deception! Thus we have the story of Israel JACKING the Crown land in 1948. Where do we find the story of Jacob? In the HOLE of the BI BULL story called Genesis, or the GENE OF ISIS, the sacred seed of the goddess, or the GOD OF ICE (water = women) which is a CREATION STORY! Which brings us back to the name ISRAEL. Where do we see that Jacob's name gets CHANGED to 'ISRAEL?' In the same story of CREATION, the same story of the sacred seed of the goddess, which is CREATED through the act of sex, which is the MICROCOSM, and the heavens are the MACROCOSM, so WHEN SEASONS CHANGED from winter to summer, the ancients said the universe must also be having sex on a grand climatic scale in the cosmos or the Mazzaroth. The winter solstice (sun T ice) or the 12 is the time of the year when the sun dies and is reborn again, which the ancient associated with sex of course, how else do you get REborn or give birth? From having SEX! So we have the CREATION story of 'Genesis' or the GENE of ISIS, the sacred seed of the goddess (which comes from having SEX) and then we have the story of Jacob in the same CREATION story of 'Genesis' (Gene Isis). So we have the Bull God of the Bible, Saturn EL, who sends down an Angel or an 'ANG (bull) of EL (god)' to wrestle or to 'REST EL' which means to subdue in a struggle or the 'STRUG EL' which comes from 'strugr' and means 'ill will.' So Jacob in this CREATION story wrestles and gets to KNOW HIM ALL NIGHT LONG, under the moonlight of SIN, or the romance of the evening, under the darkness, the time when 99% of all humans have sex! And the CREATION story tells us that THEY DID IT all night until the sun RA EYES (sunrise), and any REAL MAN out there knows exactly what that means, that is any REAL ROMEO out there does, because GOOD SEX will keep you UP ALL NIGHT until the SUN 'pierces' the darkness of the black chaos of the abyss (women) thus another reference to COSMIC SEX MAGIC. And in the 'story' or the FABULL (fable) when they are LEFT ALL ALONE!! What do humans do when left alone? When does the MAN ANGEL ask Jacob his name? AFTER they wrestled, just like when you meet someone who god puts into your life and you fall in instant love and have SEX ALL NIGHT LONG and then you wake up the next day and ask in respect the next morning, WHAT is YOUR NAME AGAIN? Because we are talking about a ONE NIGHT STAND, the MAN (angel) and Jacob met that day and then had sex all night until the sun came up and then Jacob asked for him to BLESS HIM, which is an ancient sacred act that comes from the Germanic "blothisojan" meaning to "mark with blood," as one is CONsecrated by the sacred fluid. So to be blessed means to be fooled and secreted with blood or other sacred fluid, like the most sacred fluid of them all, sex fluids. A CONsecration, con means to FOOL, and 'secration' is 'secretion' which is oozing and releasing sacred fluid. Just like when you get a NEW home from your OLD home, a change of season so to speak, what do you do with your mate (May 8) at your new home? You 'CONSECRATE' or have sacred SEX to "associate with the sacredness" of 'Godliness' thus the reason we scream out 'OH MY GOD' when we have an orgasm even today! So after Jacob and this new man have sex all night long until the morning time, he then has the FINAL (EL) orgasm or the consecration of the squirting of fluids or the 'BLESSING' and the climax of the orgasm is always the end of the story. So what does Jacob the evil trickster do then? Jacob the Jack names this sacred place the Peniel, or the PEN EYE EL, the sacred fertility POLE or PENIS of the MALE or the MAY-EL fetility of EL, thus we have the Freemasons or the 'SUNS of MAY' or the Children of the MAY POLE (Penis) who serve the MAY QUEEN, the fertility of SEX! So Jacob is limping back because HE HAD SEX all night and was sore, and men that have sex (sorry, I can only ASSume here) would do it doggy STYLE (EL), thus grasping the HIPS, and BEL EVE me, you can ask any wife out there, your hips can hurt after all the positioning or wresting you go through having sex all night. So Jacob or Jack is a story about bisexual sex. Why do you think we call it JACKING-OFF? Releasing the sacred fluid and squirting or blessing it out! Thus we come to the name of ISRAEL, which is the name given to the trickster, the two faced liar, the JACK-OFF Jester of the EVIL BLACK DARK JACOB. The seed of the EYE SACRIFICE (Isaac). The FATHER of ALL TW-EL-VE tribes or the children which are the 12 seeds of Gods Abode. So God EL's ANGel changed Jacob's name to ISRAEL, because he was no longer a homosexual virgin, and that's why Esau ran to meet Jacob (afterwards) and embraced him, and Esau threw his arms around his neck and kissed him. And they wept. So we first see the name ISRAEL in the Egyptian 'stele' of the Pharaoh Merneptah from 1209 BCE and now you will understand why it reads "Israel is wasted, its seed is no longer." we are talking about the SEED or the SPERM of mankind, the vital link of ever lasting life, for without GOD which is SEX we would all die. In the Egyptian hieroglyphs of Israel, we see the trinity marks under the Male and the Female. We know that EL is god, so we have ISRA to deal with, which is ISIS (mother) and RA the SUN (son). What does the ISRAEL Stela read? "Year 5, 3rd month of summer, day 3, under the Majesty of Horus (RA): (the) Mighty Bull, Rejoicing in Maat." Thus Maat, is the mother goddess, the cow BULL goddess which is Isis or Hathor the MOTHER, the ancient celestial sky goddess, thus the word ANcient, the ancient goddess AN from the Akkadians, Assyrians and Babylonians aka the Sumerian culture, the CREATOR GOD 'AN' or 'ANU.' This is where we get our word ANoint from, which is the anointment or the sacred fluid of the BULL consecration of the mighty sexual fertility of the honed HONRY BULL. So, this is why the SYMBOL or the 'SAME BULL' of ISRAEL is the SEXAGRAM the TWO (bi) ANG's of EL the ANGELS CUM together as ONE, thus forming the union of the female water triangle and the male fire triangle. The Symbol of Solomon or the SUN and the MOON, the symbol of the BULL GOD himself Saturn EL, the 6th planet, Saturn even has a hexagram on the actual planet,. The 6th day of our week which is Saturday, is named after Saturn, the day of chaos, the day we all drink, go crazy, take drugs and go out looking for a mate to have sex with, and of course more people die on Saturn's day than any other day, from the slayer god of time and death Cronus or Saturn EL. Thus the reason that the fake god of the Bible has killed more humans and life on earth than Satan, Hitler, Bush and all killers put together. So the Children of Israel, is the seed of mankind, which comes from the Goddess, the God and the result of union or sex, a child. Thus the reason that Israel is the story of the people who are divided, thus the people of Divide or David. just as they are still Divided today! The Star of David is the Star of Divide and union, so the union creates life from the spark of the orgasm, the climax, thus the reason that they place Jesus (sun) in the center (SIN TAURUS) of the MID EL (middle) of the star or the goddess black hole of Ishtar, the light from darkness in the center is the sacred number 7. Thus SUNday is our 7th day named after the SUN. the center of the star is the number 7, thus the reason that the Bible (LIEBULL) tells you about the story of the SUN of GOD Jesus and the secret number "7" all throughout the Bible. The Star of David is a 6 pointed star, and yes the center is 7, but the center is also 13. The 6 points or positive points hide the REverse of the NEGATIVE points, so the Seal of Solomon, the Star of David, the sexagram, or the 6 pointed star is really showing you all 12 points and 13 as the center. Now you know why The LAST supper or the last PARTY (part) of the year, there is the SUN of GOD at the center or MID EL of the 12 houses of the zodiac and Jesus the SUN is 13!!! That's all I will give for now, the rest you can read in my book or in my videos. You know nothing of the EL-ANG-U-AGE (language) BEL EVE me you are the EVE of EL or the evil trickster spreading the ancient bullshit of the old world. And FYI I am not a NEW AGER, you must always use FEAR to heard the sheep, and you do it well, from your ignorant place of hell. You said you will delete my comments, I BET YOU WOULD, because I THREATEN EVERY FIBER OF YOUR LIES!!!
Peace, Love & Wisdom Truthiracy aka Christopher C. Lord
Truthiracy1 on Youtube and soon to come website