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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Truthiracy answers for chainedgarden (Yotube)

Aloha Todd (chainedgarden, YouTube) -

Thanks for writing back and giving me your input and opinions. At first, many people assume I am wrong, but I have done my research to a depth that most never will understand. After seeing you speak about esoteric wisdom, I feel you will have no problem at all understanding. I think we will both benefit from each others wisdom and knowledge. I began my esoteric journey over 10 years ago, leaving the exoteric 'sheople' world behind long ago. I specialize in etymology, symbology, theology and philosophy to name a few. By the way, My father and grand father are both 32º Freemasons, Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret. I was asked to join the brotherhood, but I declined. I believe that we are all one human race, thus there should not be secret clubs and organizations, because we are all brothers (and sisters). I belong to no religion or secret societies of any kind. I am just me!

You would be surprised to find that many many and I mean many have come to me assuming I am wrong, and after 1,000's of debates, I have won every time in the end, not because I am BULL-headed, but because I have already done my research, and like one viewer put it, I am 500 levels above the rest. I liked your comment about how people think you have an ego etc., I have the same problem, people try to prove me wrong, and then when I prove them wrong they then begin to try and attack my character (character assassination). lol But that fails also because I am a pure good human who fights evilness, period.

Ask yourself, when do Hebrew's worship their God? 100% on MOON DATES, this is just one of thousands of bits of proof that YAHweh is the Moon God. Now Yahweh has taken on many more attributes over time, just as Jesus has. So, when does a Hebrew Day begin? At sunset, when the MOON comes out! 6pm to 6am, thus the 6X6 sun square. This is why they say the are a Monotheist religion, meaning One, but it actually means the MOON. This is why we have a Monarchy, or the Moon Arch, and although the Moon has been represented by both male and female over time, the Moon is the opposer (darkness) of day or the Sun (light), so the Moon is considered Female and the Sun Male, and this is why we have a Monarchy with NO KING, but a QUEEN! The ancient Hebrews were from Ur, where they worshipped the Moon male God Nanna, which came from the ancient Goddess worship of Nanna the Moon Goddess. This is why we have female names today like Diana, Anna, etc. as you know Nanna was the same as SIN from Babylon or Akkadian. the ancient Ziggurats were made to try and reach the Moon God, and thus they were 7 levels (EL) representing the 7 gods or planets. The top level was for the Moon.

Jesus, Zeus, are Deities or Divine Gods. This is because a 'deity' means TWO, both day and night, and both summer and winter, both male and female. A day is both night and daylight and a day obviously begins at midnight (moon), as midday is 12 noon (sun). We have 12 Twelve (EL) because of the Moon cycles a year (YAH). Divine is 'di' meaning TWO, thus King David means King Divide, thus his people were divided, he divided the head, he was small and Goliath was BIG, the division just as they are divided today. The Star of David is the Star of Divide, male female triangles or the moon and sun. Zeus and Jesus share the same etymology, thus people say HEY-ZEUS for Jesus. The J is the Y, so it's Yashua or Yahshua. Zeus and Jesus mean TWO, the 2nd, coming from Dione, dia, as in diagonal, dos, deuce, meaning two. You can read my blog about 'di' and 'bi' words on my blog at: - Diana is also related, thus the Moon Goddess Diana, goddess of the crossroads, thus the state of Indiana is the state of the Crossroads! Earth is always in a state of both darkness and lightness, the dios, the dia, the deity, and this is why you will find religious pictures that show the red and the blue, representing the blue night of coldness, aka winter, and the red is the sun of the day or the summer time of the sun. Jacob the BLUE (evil one) and Esau the RED one. Check out my on going video series called "Jacob the Evil Black jack and Esau." You will find Jesus is the dios or the TWO thus he will be pictures as White (winter) and RED (summer), or as BLUE (winter) and RED (summer). Go look and check it out now or go watch my videos for more. The passover is the Spring Equinox (Ox) that is Equal (EL). Jesus is born is a manger (ANG = BULL), or a Stable (Bull), which is a house of the Zodiac, thus the ZOO that holds animals. (NOTE: You should read my etymology of 'Animal' on my blog). This is why Jesus ages are known to be 12 (houses) and 30 which is the degrees in the Houses of the Zodiac. Jesus dies (sacrificed) on the passover (Full Moon) spring equinox which is Aries, the LAMB or RAM, thus Jesus is the Lamb of God. MARCH is the Month of Aries, named after MARS, the RED planet. This is the virgin month, or the beginning month of the new year. This is why MARY is the mother of Jesus, she is the RED BLODDY MARS who has a baby lamb, the Sun in the house of Aries. Mary had a little lamb!

You should also watch my series called 'Bull God of the Bible' where I debate with a Paleo-Hebrew Scholar who later agrees with (most) of my findings. The Bible is the TWO-BULL (moon & sun) the 'bi' means two and the ble is BULL. The suffix of 'ble or 'able' give the parent root word strength and more power. Thus 'able' is A BULL, as in are you A BULL (able) to do it? Or are you a coward (COW)? This is why we have BULLies, and BOSSes because a BOSS is a BOS or an Ox, the Bull. Everything is based upon 'symbolism,' thus again, the 'same-Bull' (Bol = Bull) and that's no BULLshit, and not a Fable (Bull) either. You see, this is why we have a paradox (Ox), which is Double (Bull). It's a Parallel, or a PAir of EL's. EL is the Bull God of the Bible the Alef in Hebrew is the Ox (Bull), and the Lamed is the Ox-Goad or the Bull Penis (Staff). So, This is why the Bible has 'Parables,' or a 'Pair of Bulls,' which is hidden meanings that lay behind the fake mask of lies. You see, this is why we have a creation story known as Genesis, which is the Gene of Isis, she is the COW Mother of creation. The very word CREATE or CREATOR is from Crete, where they worshipped the BULL, thus the 'Cretan Bull,' and this is why CREATOR is the Crete Taurus Bull, the TOR = Bull (EL -Toru) Taurus. Byblos where the Bible takes it's name was called Gebal, thus BAAL the Bull God El's son. Gabriel is the Moon Angel. Gebal was founded by the God Cronus which is Saturn EL, Father Time, the Reaper, the Slayer. This is why the letter 'L' (EL) is the 12th letter. 12 = Christmas time, which comes from Saturnalia, thus Santa the old wise bearded man, is Saturn EL, or God. God appears as FIRE, and Santa come out of the FIRE place. December (10) is the month of capricorn, the Goat, thus Santa rides the Old Goat. he started out as a LAMB (ARIES), then became a BULL (TAURUS), and then the LION (LEO) etc. You should read my blog about this much more in detail on my blog, "Bull God EL of the Bible - Elohim & Yahweh" (

The Torah is the red fire torch of the Red Bull, thus the 'TOR' is the Taurus Bull, and RA is the Sun God. YAH is the MOON God (SIN). (Exodus Chapter 24:8) Moses took the (Ox) blood, and sprinkled it on the people, and said: 'Behold the blood of the covenant, which the
LORD hath made with you in agreement'.” (Jeroboam) “Here are your gods (Two Golden Calves), Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt." (Bible = Bi = 2 + Bulls). Sin just means the Bull Horns of the Moon, thus (חֵטְא הַעֵגֶּל) "The Sin of the Calf." Aaron made the Golden Calf because it represented the God(s) of Israel, Yahweh, and thus Yahweh is the Moon Bull God, and the Gold represents the golden Sun. Aaron said “These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt.” Notice the plural of GODS. At this time of chronology according to the Bible, the israelites were not told to NOT make a graven image yet.

The Tanakh is also related to the Ox, Bull or Cow. The Ankh is the symbol of life, it is the cross section of the thoracic vertebrae of a BULL (Ox). The "T" + the ANKH is the Tanakh. The ANkh is the etymology of ANG, as in ANGUS Bull. English is actually ANGlish, from the Anglo-Saxons.

This is why they have the shroud of Turin for Jesus, look at a picture of it, you will notice the 'horns' on the head of the bearded man (Jesus), which is the ancient Horned One (Cernunnos), and this is why the etymology of Turin tells us the secret of 'TUR' which is the TAURUS Horned Bull, and this is exactly why the city of Turin has the logo or the seal with the BULL, and of course the horns of the Moon Crescent which is the symbolism (Bull).

The ancient Hebrew's were from the Sumerian city of Ur, where they worshipped Nanna, the Moon God, also known as Sin. Nanna was male (patriarchal) that came from much earlier matriarchal worship of the goddess from the ancient world like Inanna even. This is why today even female names of Nanny, Diana, Anna exist and of course Diana is the Moon Goddess. Go watch Rihanna - 'What's My Name' video, where she says OH NANNA, and she is dressed as a COW, and notice the MILK flowing!!! She has the RED HAIR, aka the Red Heifer!

Orthodox (Ox) "Bull"
orthos "straight, true, correct, regular"
doxa ("opinion" or "belief"
Ox = Bull

Zeus is the son of God (Saturn, Cronus) just as Jesus is the son of God (EL, Yahweh). This is why Saturday is the 6th day, Saturn's Day, and Sunday is Sun's Day (Sunday) the 7th day. Monday is MOON's day and thus is the first day (mono = 1), then TWO's day which is Tuesday named after Tiwesdæg, or Mars day, etc. So, you see this is why Monday is always a Holy Day or a Holiday.

You say Yahweh is NOT YAH the Moon God, but I have 1,000 ways to prove it is, everything in the Bible (BULL) is about the BULL! The Moon represents the horns (crescent) BULL, COW or CALF. Christ comes from Crescent (Moon), the cristos or the LIGHT that is reflected, as the moon does. OK, I better stop here, I am writing a BOOK already!!!! lol

Take care my brother! Please send me your thoughts.

Peace, Love & Wisdom, Truthiracy (Christopher Lord)

___________ (To Truthiracy)_______(From: chainedgarden)_______
Re: Aloha!

This e-mail is in response to your channel comment. I have posted a brief argument on the video where you left the comment as well.

Yeshuaya (YShAaYH) means "Yahweh saves" from yeshua (YShAa) meaning salvation and Yah (YH), the shorthand power Name of Yahweh used mostly by Isaiah. Yeshuaya in Greek is Iseous where the word Jesus comes from. Jesus means "Yahweh saves." Yahweh (YHWH) means "I Am What I Am, I Am What I Was, I Am What I Will Be; or a better shorthand would be "I Am What I Am In Time" which "Tetragrammaton" implies: grammatology = "the essence of a name" and tetra, the 4 letters of YHWH meaning "I Am 'In Time.'"

Yah of Yahweh is not Yah/Yarikh, the Moon god of Egypt/Canaan. Yah of Egypt is actually Yaach (YAaCh) when translated back to Hebrew. I cite E.A. Wallis Budge. Yaach is closer to Yarikh than to Yah. As you spelled Yarikh, notice the cheth is either a 'kh' or 'ch' and this is what the 'rope' hieroglyph translates to: cheth (Ch) not heh (H). Yah of Yahweh is spelled with a heh and not a cheth. Yah is not Yaach. In some instances, the Aa (flag resting on the ground) can be pronounce ta. Yaach then could be pronounced Yatach.

Yah of Yahweh is not Yerikh (meaning moon (god)) nor is He Yatach.

Iah, the Moon God of Egypt ('s) official translation to Hebrew is Yod/Ayin/Cheth (Yaach). YAH of Yahweh is Yod/Heh. These two names are not identical. Yahweh is not the Moon god. Yahweh is "I Am 'In Time.'"

Yaach/Yarich, the moon would equate to Sin/Nanna of Akkad/Sumer. Sin, according to legend, is the son of Enlil. Sin is in the Bible too, he is a son of Canaan. [Gen.10.17/ICh.1.15] Sin is said to be the father of Utu/Shamash and Inanna/Ishtar. Sometimes Sin can be Canaan or Ham. Problems arise when seeing that Utu is Ham and Shamash is Cush (Enoch 3). Inanna/Ishtar could be either Naamah (sister of Tubal-Cain, wife of Ham) or Semiramis or both. Semiramis is the daughter of Canaan. One needs to realize that after the Global Flood, the family of Ham deified itself with the help of Enki, the serpent/cherub of Eden ~ Satan. These stories confuse the average reader because they are the root of the Pagan Mysteries. Only the initiated where given the Key to unlock these Legends. The Bible is not a "mystery;" it is a continuous flow of knowledge/history/legend. By simply comprehending that [Genesis 3] Yahweh opposes the Nachash (Serpent/Enki), the Bible cannot be put into the general abyss of myth/legend that all other myth/legend(s) can be placed. The Bible has a separate and specific message.

Yes Jericho and Mt. Sinai respectively mean "moon city/mountain" but it is not YAH (I AM), but Yaach/Yerich/Sin. Jericho was standing/built/named by the Canaanites. The Israelites never changed the name of the city, they inherited it. Mt. Sinai (not named by Moses or Yahweh) was also named after Sin: Sinai, son of Canaan. The Tel el-Amarna Tablets show that Canaan was a providence of Egypt. David Rohl identifies the word Mizraim (Egypt) as a plural word of the root M-Asar. Asar is Ausar/Osiris (Biblical Nimrod) which makes the meaning of Mizriam "followers/descendants of Osiris," which the Egyptians call themselves today. Nimrod, son/wife of Semiramis makes him and his descendants Canaanites. The real Moon god is Thoth/Enki/Cush who impregnates Isis with Horus "the younger" (resurrection/reincarnation of Osiris/Nimrod). The gods of pagan myth/mystery/legend have a two-fold purpose: to deify Biblical men (characters) and to glorify Satan/Enki and his son Nimrod/Ninurta/Marduk/Enmerkar/ et cetera...

As I previously stated: Yahweh opposes Enki.

Yahweh is identified as El, shorthand of Elohim. Enlil's shorthand is El as well. Abir (mighty one) does mean Bull and Enlil is the Bull-god. This is Taurus, where the Pleiades reside and the Pleiades are the Throne. Yahweh/Enlil protects the Throne form Nimrod/Orion. Yahweh/Enlil appeared to Abraham and Moses, not Sin/Thoth/Enki. The oldest Sumerian texts (which you can read for free on-line) glorify Enlil as Creator/Father of Enki. This comes from the mouth of Enki. (Most/all UFO/Sumerian researchers fail to point this FACT out when arguing there case.)

The Tower of Babel incident shows how the Nations became confused, and with the help of Ham's lineage, the myths/legends became even more confusing when in 8 distinct cities of Nimrod (for example) gave Nimrod numerous names: Ninurta/Marduk/Ninus/Enmerkar/Ausar/Ashur/Nergal/ et cetera. These legends must be studied before stating the above names are different characters, when they are but one man: Nimrod. The glory goes to Nimrod and Enki in these myths/legends.

Ninurta (Nimrod) became Saturn, the man with the sickle who is Enki/Satan. This relates the giving of the ME Tablets (Divine Right to Rule) to Enmerkar by Enki. The original Ishtar was both male/female (hermaphrodite) associated with war/love. Ishtar, the Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, et cetera... The Moon indicates harvest and Saturn is the god of harvest like Dagon: harvest/fish: Nimrod/Enki, the god(s) of civilization/government. "Glorification of Nimrod/Satan" Satan, the Serpent, is a hermaphrodite.

Yahweh specifically states not to make an image/idol of Himself. Just because the Israelites did this does not mean that the God Yahweh is this object. Ptah (serpent of Eden) and Osiris combined was known as Apis, the Bull-god. This was the 'golden-calf' that the Israelites made with the knowledge of Egyptian gods.

Enlil of Sumeria could be a combo of Yahweh and Noah or Shem. The castration relates to Enki receiving the ME Tablets (Divine right to Rule) from Enlil, when Yahweh gave Enki the earth or the statement in Genesis where Ham uncovers Noah's nakedness.

The Angel of Yahweh is identified as the Word of Yahweh and the Name of Yahweh, who is identified as Yahweh. Jesus (Enlil, not the Bastardization form) is the Word incarnate. The Word Dabar is related to the Pleiades. Job 38.31 indicates that the Pleiades influence, I.E. speak. This brings me to the untranslatable word Mazzaroth. Mazzaroth is an unknown constellation or the comet of the Deep referred to in Job 38.29-30 / Ezekiel 1.22.

Yes, Jesus is the Sun, but this is because there are two Law(s) to follow:

1) Heaven (Sun going through Zodiac)
2) Earth (10 commandments, which if broken, one becomes a sinner, which Jesus was not)

Sumerian Texts: Enki/Satan ('s) perspective

Egyptian Texts: Osiris/Nimrod ('s) perspective (His (Osiris) resurrection)

Hebrew Texts: Yahweh/Enlil ('s) perspective

Yes similar stories but different 'takes' on the Truth. Like a court room with 2 sides.
1) Enki and Nimrod (versus)
2) Yahweh/Enlil.

I have chosen a side: Yahweh...
...who is not Yaach (Enki/Thoth/Cush/Canaan/Moon).

Like Jesus, we (humanity) are born under a specific astrological sign.

I will watch some of your videos this week. I will be in touch.



  1. I've read up on a lot of your stuff and i cant seem to figure out what you fully believe. Do you believe there is a heaven and hell? Do you believe Jesus was a figurative person in the Bible or a real person? I have many more questions if you have an email address id like to talk more

  2. Tod and anonymous You both are idiot's and fail to see TRUTHIRACY'S wisedome! And you dont deserve a response simply because he has already answered your questions and even more! Go to wiki or any research tool to discover he is right! Don't give your opinion because your research is lame and blinded and way off from the truth! Your research has led you down the bottom of the dark pit of BA'El!!!!

  3. ok how does this help in general

  4. Prior to June 2012, I (Todd Gains) removed my videos and opinions from the internet. There are websites that have not removed my content. All theories/opinions prior to June 2012 are void which includes this email correspondence which is now this website/blog post.

    With continued research, I have changed my views. Not all my views have changed. In good conscience, I could not leave the material I now reject posted with the material I do accept. I do not endorse any one person’s theories whether I had previously agreed or disagreed with that person.

    This statement is to officially void any and all statements I had made on the internet before June 2012.

    The above correspondence is one of those statements.

    All videos related to the ‘SOON’ series posted anywhere on the internet (including You Tube) are void.

    Thank you to all,
    Todd Gains
    [chainedgarden at hotmail dot com]

  5. Christopher, have you read William Bramleys' excellent book THE GODS OF EDEN? See it here for free.

  6. hahahah holy shit you people are fruitcakes

  7. I would like to know your thoughts on the name carmen and the signicance of the lion or leo. I love your work and look forward to your input.

  8. Keep writing. The dots you connect with references plus thepicture you paint make more sense to me as i do the same in a similar mannor.
    A query i might like to ask.
    Is if not Cain himself, yet maybe his spirit, could break the 7th seal? If God marked him to not be slayn by anyone man... would that apply to Satan as well? Could a seed of Cain, through Cains bloodline be the 1? The unnamed Angel.