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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Etymology "Animal" by Truthiracy 7-16-11

We will first examine the basic knowledge of etymology that is known for the world "animal," then I will take it many levels further with a deeper understanding of the root of this word.

Animal Etymology -

The etymology of the word "Animal" comes from the Latin "animale," which is a living being or creature, which breathes air and this includes human beings. The word anima means to "breath, soul; a current of air." Animus also means the same, ane- "to blow, to breathe" (cf. Greek. anemos means the "wind," Skt. aniti "breathes,"
(see animus, and cf. deer).

(Notice that the deer, the Elk or the Stag is used in reference to the word animal). This is in reference to the ancient Horned One.

As we see above, the word has a root meaning of any living creature that breaths the air, but there is also a deeper root meaning and foundation. In the ancient Assyro-Babylonian mythology (Sumerian mythology), An was the creator goddess, the celestial cow (bull) sky goddess. Thus we have the milky way galaxy. An was known as Antu in the Akkadian pantheon. An is the consort of Anu, who was also a creator god. Anu is a sky-god, the god of heaven, lord of constellations, etc., and the very word AN means SKY, the heavens, and the element of AIR. Anu was the King of the Gods before Enlil, who is God of the Wind or Air also. We find AN and EN to be very similar. An or Anu gives us our words like Ancient, Ancestor and antique, to name a few.

The Goddess An or Antu is the consort of Anu, and together they give birth to all life and animals. They breathed the AIR into them and gave them life. They also gave birth to the Anunnaki, Those who from Heaven came to Earth, from the SKY or the AIR! We also have the ancient Semitic Goddess Anat of Ugarit. Thus Anat is a common female name in Hebrew, found common is Israel.

So In ancient Egypt we also find the Anat and the sacred ANKH, which as you know is the cross section of the thoracic vertebra of a bull spine. Again we have the bull or the cow as the source. From Isis or Hathor, to Osiris or Patah, we find the bull or the cow as the source, the AN or the animal. Etymologically speaking, all of these words have a foundational root to the ancient horned one, the BULL, the OX, the Stag or the Elk. The male fertility, and the female mother of all life.

Now let's kick it up a notch. So, we know that EL is the Bull God of the Bible, the horned Ox. The Ox or the Bull (Cow) gave life to all animals and breathed air into them to give them life. We know that AN is the creator (TOR) God along with Anu, witch means the Heavens or the Air, as well as the wind (breath). So, this is why we need air to live and breath and survive, which is the reason that the air that we need to survive is called Oxygen which comes from the OX (Bull). Thus the word animal can mean the Breath (air) of EL (Bull Ox God). Oxygen has the element with an atomic number of 8 (eight). The symbol (Bull) is the letter "O" or number "0," again from the sacred goddess circle of life. Look on your keyboard and the number 8 (eight), you'll notice that the symbol is the Asterisk, which is the same symbol of the Sumerian cuneiform for An or Anu, which means deity. This comes from Ishtar or Astarte Goddess (Venus), thus the 5 points on the star, and her star was also the eight pointed star. Ishtar and Astarte come form the ancient An or Anu.

This is just an ancient man made theology of course, and we should all know not to take this literally, Obviously. Christopher Lord, Truthiracy


  1. You should add, that is why we have ENEMAS!

  2. Dr. Jack Pruett was the medical partner of Rep. Ron Paul for 20 years and still has a clinic in Texas. He also recently wrote his first book titled The Grandest Deception and it is very interesting since the subject is the Anunnaki. You can google his interview on Coast to Coast.

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