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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Etymology of 'Deity' (God)

ashtile (youtube)"Deity has no link with the word 'two' it comes from the Latin 'divus'. Your etymology is rubbish as usual as you give no proof."

ashtile (Elizabeth) My etymology is so advanced that brainwashed book smart fools like yourself do NOT know how to THINK!

"Deity has NO link with TWO?" ROFL -

Now we know you're a FOOL! Deity represents GOD or nature which is dualistic in nature thus comprised of both day and night. One DAY (DEA) is made and divided into TWO. DEITY is 'deitas' or 'divus' which 'di' means once again DIOS, the TWO, like 'diagonal.' DIVUS means 'divine nature' again we have DIVINE which meaning and relating to GOD, and 'divine' is like DIVIDE like when you slice a pie and get two halves. The Latin DIVUS means DEUS which also means GOD, it gives words like DEUCE or DOS meaning TWO! DIVUS or DEUS has the same etymology as ZEUS and Jesus for that matter and comes from ancient Greece from the ancient Goddess known as DIONE, which gives us our modern words of DIA like Dianna which is why Indiana is the State of the CROSSROADS! This is why they called her princess "DI" (DIE). And yes, Indian means INDIOS! This is also why we have TWO DICE (DI) the DUOS (DEUCE).

Di is a numerical prefix meaning "twice," "two" or "double." Dai is Welsh for David, which means "divide" which is why King Davids people were divided! The whole story of King david is about division. He was young and small and then faced a giant Goliath, and he then decapitates his head off. Decapitates is again from 'Di' and is in the form of 'De.' Words with the prefix of 'DE' represent the DEath, DEcline, DEception, DEceiver, DEvil, DEcember, DEcay, DEmon etc., and represent the second half of the year when things begin to fall and die. DEmon is when the night MOON is out thus DEmon is the DEity of the MOON. Our Day comes from 'DEA' or DEity and this is why our DAY begins at midnight when the MOON is the fullest, and our day consists of both night (darkness) and day (lightness). The word "dia" means "apart," "through," "across" and also means the "bright sky." Dia gives us words like "diagonal" and "diameter," again the meaning of TWO or deuce (DOS). We also have a dialect in language meaning two (dios). Dio is the italian word for God.

The word "para" also means to separate and means "two," as in paranormal, paradox, paragraph, parallel, parents, parables, parade etc.. A parade celebrates the end of one season into another, the old year into the new year. So, para means TWO which gives us our word 'PAIR," or a couple (coup).

The word "bi" also means "two," which gives us words like bipolar, bisexual, biannual, bias, bicentennial, bicycle, biangular, biweekly, bimonthly, bilateral, and the best known word from "bi" is Bible, or the TWO BULLS. Bi also gives us "bye" to separate and leave from one to another. The prefix of "bi" means "half," "twice" and "semi." So, "semi" can be use just like "bi" as in semiannual (biannual).

Di - (Two) = 2
Divorce = 2 (Split apart)
Divide = 2 (split apart)
Disciple = 2 (follower #2)
Dialectic = 2 (separate)
Diameter = 2 (across)
Disobey = 2 (not obey #1)
Disorder = 2 ((order #1)
Diffuse = 2 (to split)
Disperse = 2 (to scatter apart)
Distrust = 2 (Trust #1)
Divert = 2 (to change from 1 to 2)

Bi - (Two) = 2
-Binoculars - pair of identical mirror-symmetrical telescopes
-Binocular vision - (TWO) both eyes are used together
-Bicentenary is the TWO-hundredth anniversary
-Biannual - TWO times in one year
-Bicycle - TWO Wheels
-Bilateral - TWO sides
-Bilateralism, Political & cultural relations of TWO states
-Bisexual - TWO sexual choices
-Bipolar - TWO poles! North-South Poles - Disorder (di)"diagnosis"
-Bisection - Human brain has TWO sections or halves
-Bipedal - Animal with TWO feet
-Bible - Two Bulls

Bi - (Two) = 2
Biology means 'bio' life and ology means the study of. The 'bi' of bio means TWO!!! Almost all life on earth requires TWO things in order to create it, and that is a MALE & FEMALE the biological SPERM from the MALE (1) and the Egg from the FEMALE (2). The sperm and egg fuse together (TWO) form a Zygote which means (zygoun) "to join" from TWO! Fertilization is between TWO haploid cells, the ovum (female gamete) and a sperm cell (male gamete). Then the zygote DIVIDES in TWO to form more cells that will DIVIDE in TWO.

Bias - Again means TWO - To favor ONE (#1) over the Other (#2). Like a racial bias.
A bias is also a diagonal (across forming TWO) line of direction (TWO) like cutting on the bias. Bias is also a slight bulge or a greater weight on one side (#1) verses the other side (#2) of the ball or bowl.

Biography - Is a detailed description, account or depiction of someone else's life, meaning they are #2, and you are #1. Bio (life) + graphia (record, account) a graphic script.

Bi means TWO and I would say that almost every if not every word that starts with 'bi' has a relationship with TWO, cutting in two, slice, dice, across the two, etc.

Ashtile - Like I said ALMOST ALL if 'NOT ALL' words that begin with 'bi' means TWO. You assumed that some words did not mean TWO, when in fact they did. I could make a LIST 10 times longer than a list you could make of 'bi' words that don't mean TWO. Actually, you make yourself sound dumb as you TRY to explain away how these things do not mean TWO. You said Diagonal does not mean TWO, when in fact when you cut something diagonally, you have TWO sections or halves, period! Biology = Bi+ology actually. I am correct 100% and we could take a POLL and vote to see who is more logical, my logic vs your excuse of the meaning. Biology is about LIFE and life needs TWO (male + female) PERIOD not to mention that the CELLS split in TWO! YOu are DEAD WRONG AGAIN! Bible means the TWO BULLS, period!

Bible means the TWO BULLS, period! Does 'papyrus' or 'papuros' sound like Bible to you? The Bible was named after the Canaan Phoenician city of Byblos, which is Gebal (BALL), and Gabriel is the MOON angel, thus the Moon Horns. This is why the other word for papyrus, is βύβλος 'bublos.' Did they worship papyrus or the BULL? lol (Jeroboam) "Here are your gods (Two Golden Calves), Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt." (Bible = Bi = 2 + Bulls). Moses took the (Ox) blood, and sprinkled it on the people, and said: 'Behold the blood of the covenant, which the LORD (Yahweh) hath made with you in agreement'."

- Torah AGAIN we have the red fire torch of the TAURUS BULL, the Ox, the 'TOR' (Toru).
- Tanakh - Ankh is the symbol of life, it is the cross section of the thoracic vertebrae of a BULL (Ox). "T" + the ANKH.
-Bible - Two Bulls

This is why they have the shroud of Turin for Jesus, look at a picture of it, you will notice the 'horns' on the head of the bearded man (Jesus), which is the ancient Horned One (Cernunnos), and this is why the etymology of Turin tells us the secret of 'TUR' which is the TAURUS Horned Bull, and this is exactly why the city of Turin has the logo or the seal with the BULL, and of course the horns of the Moon Crescent which is the symbolism (Bull).

Zeus was also the BULL who carried the Phoenician Goddess Europa away! The whore that rides the beast!

(חֵטְא הַעֵגֶּל) "The Sin of the Calf." Aaron made the Golden Calf because it represented the God(s) of Israel, Yahweh, and thus Yahweh is the Moon Bull God, and the Gold represents the golden Sun. Aaron said "These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt." Notice the plural of GODS. At this time of chronology according to the Bible, the israelites were not told to NOT make a graven image yet.

And just to school your ignorance more! I will not BAN YOU, I will not let you off and get away so you can not face TRUTH!
- Bill means BULL! With TWO EL's (ll). lol
- Bison means BULL the Bos Bison - 'boubalos' "buffalo" or "wild Ox" - Taurus is the 2nd House (TWO) Aurochs, Bovinae (Bos) split hoof (divided in TWO).
- Bibulous - To consume alcohol "absorbent, like a sponge, saying is "two drunken gentlemen holding each other up!" NOTICE: Bi-BUL (BULL) - It's made from TWO words also. - 'imbibe' "to soak into" Dionysus was the God of intoxication (OX), he was the BULL or the Ox! 'Di' = "apart" (TWO) because he was the Slain God. he is son of Zeus, the BULL! the 'Dios' is genitive of the name of Zeus. Dionysus is related to satyrs, centaurs. Jesus and his WINE!!! lol
- Bite You "bite the Bullet" on this one!!! To Bite, means to clamp with TWO objects, the upper and lower jaw.
BOW (Bios) - Ox-bow or ox-yoke, the crescent BOW of the MOON. Moon Goddess & her BOW and light arrows.

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