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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bull God EL of the Bible - Elohim & Yahweh

First of ALL the confusion is the way they translate ancient Canaan Phoenician and Hebrew to Greek and English. The Bible uses "GOD" (singular) for ELOHIM (אֱלֹהִים) which is actually a plural form of EL. The Bible makes sure to NOT use the plural form of GODS as in Genesis 1 (ALEF) 'א' (A). As I have stated before is the fact that in Genesis 1, it says the ELOHIM (GODS) created the heavens and earth, NOT ONE GOD! Genesis 1:26 clearly states the ELOHIM or the GODS created ADAM or MAN, and IF ELOHIM (GODS) WAS SINGULAR THEN EXPLAIN WHY IS SAYS: 'Let us make man (ADAM) in our image, after our likeness; 'US' MEANS PLURAL AS DOES 'OUR.' ELOHIM IS THE GODS, And the KING CHIEF BULL of the ELOHIM is EL, the MOST HIGH! EL (AL) is the OX-BULL from Ugarit Canaan, the FATHER of ALL the GODS! The proto-Sinaitic mine inscription from Mount Sinai reads 'ʼĒl Eternal' so אל (AL=EL) not the ELOHIM or the GODS! EL (אל) is the bilateral parent ROOT of ELohim.

Creation - The BULL GOD 'EL' from Canaan Phoenicia or EL ELYON the ELOHIM (ELOHYM) "אֱלֹהִים" is the CREATOR GOD of the BIBLE which is the 'CRETE TAURUS BULL.' Byblos or Gebal is from Canaan Phoenicia and was created by the BULL GOD CRONUS or Saturn EL!

So, like I said EL (אל) is the Hebrew God of the Bible that comes from Canaan Phoenician which the Bible is named after (Byblos, Gebal). EL (אל) is the bilateral parent root of ELOHIM (אֱלֹהִים). EL (אל) is made from two letters from Hebrew, the Alef and the Lamed or the A&L. The very letters themselves tell us the exact same story and the very essence of their meaning! The Paleo-Canaan or Paleo-Hebrew pictographs (hieroglyphics) clearly tell the story at hand here. The ALEF or the 'A' which is the FIRST letter and CREATOR letter of the alphabet we use to this very day is the pictograph of the OX or the BULL, signifying the LEADER, the BOSS (BOS) the KING, the FATHER GOD! The other pictograph of the letter 'L' is the STAFF or the walking cane that is called the OX-GOAD, which is the dried up BULL penis and is the symbol of authority and power! it's the same as the Egyptian 'WAS' which is the STAFF of authority, the BULL PENIS STAFF! EL is the BULL GOD and his very name show us the very essence of the BULL! (Numbers 23:22) God (EL) has "horns of the wild ox."

The GOD of the BIBLE that CREATED (CREATOR) is NOT YAHWEH AT ALL! READ Genesis 1:26 AGAIN! ELOHIM "אֱלֹהִים" (EL) said 'Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; (US & OUR). So, 'us' and 'our' are plural meaning Polytheism NOT Monotheism! EL (ALEF & LEMED) Alef "A" (OX) and the Lamed "L" (OX-GOAD) is talking to the other Elohim or the other GODS and saying let's make MAN (ADM) ADAM from 'OUR' image, NOT 'MY' (singular) image.

Genesis (Gene of Isis the COW, BULL) 1 (A) The VERY FIRST words of the Bible or the TORAH (Septuagint the 5 Books). The origin of life or the CREATION was made by EL or ELOHIM "אֱלֹהִים" NOT YAHWEH (YHWH) "יְהוָה". GOD in the Bible is ELOHIM (ELOHYM) and LORD is the master or ruler thus the Bible uses LORD for YAHWEH (YHWH) "יְהוָה".

YAHWEH did not CREATE the Heavens and EARTH as per the CREATION STORY of Genesis! Genesis doe not USE YAHWEH to describe the CREATION, it uses GOD (ELOHIM) which is actually the GODS! EL fathered the GODS so actually EL Created them ALL (Mythology not in real life). LORD is used for YAHWEH (YHWH) and LORD means MASTER! YAH is the MOON and the crescent of the MOON is the BULL HORNS, thus YAH is YAHWEH, aka SIN! Jesus is YAHshua, thus his name is CHRIST because the very word CHRIST comes from CRESCENT of the MOON!!!! THUS JESUS and his HORNS and THORNS, just as MOSES had HORNS when he came down from the Mountain of the MOON MOUNT SINAI where he spoke to YAHWEH the MOON GOD!

ALMOST ALL ancient civilizations use the SYMBOL (BULL) of the BULL in creation stories! GO learn about ancient KEMET (EGYPT), and if you have as you have claimed then I do not need to tell you all about NUT, OSIRIS, ISIS, PTAH, APIS BULL, HATHOR, ETC! The GREEKS, ROMAN, CELTS, MINOAN, SUMERIANS ETC with their 'creator' BULL GODS!!!

- NUT (COW, BULL) Creation Goddess
- Neith (COW, BULL) Creation Goddess
- Hathor (COW, BULL) Creation Goddess
- Isis (COW, BULL) Creation Goddess
- Ptah & Apis (BULL) Creation God
- Osiris (BULL) Creation God
- Atum-RA or Mnevis (BULL) Creation God
- Monthu - took the form of a white BULL
- Buchis - Bakha (Ka is cattle) Turned into a wild BULL

English which is actually 'Anglish' is made from a mixture of many languages throughout the world. Our English (Anglish) alphabet comes from the ancient Canaan Phoenician Hebrew Alefbiet or the ALEF and the BIET, the A and the B. Almost all modern day languages stem from the Semitic Hebrew languages from Canaan Phoenicia, which is why for example that we have 'phonetic' (Phoenician) sounds. The very word 'language' also tells us the very same story, the EL-ANGU-age. EL is the OX BULL father God, and ANG is also the BULL as in Angus Bull. The alphabet means the HOUSE OF EL or the HOUSE of the BULL GOD EL, the leader and chief King Bull God. Beit (Beyt) is the letter 'B' and means HOUSE, thus the alphabet is the HOUSE of EL the BULL!

Yahweh was a Storm Lord, Baal was a Storm Lord, Jesus is the Storm Lord. Thor the Storm Lord, Enlil was the Lord of the AIR or of the STORM. Thunder and lightning Gods. ANU was a COW or BULL, father and creator of the Gods of ancient Sumarian mythology. Enlil is made from AN thus the EN of Enlil. Yahweh Yod (Y) "he" and HWY "becoming" or Arabic "He who causes to fall" or "He storms."

Yahweh (Bull) slays the Leviathen (serpent dragon) of the deep sea
Baal (Bull) slays the Yamm (serpent dragon) of the deep sea
Marduk (Bull) slays Tiamat (serpent dragon) of the deep sea
Gilgamesh (Bull) slays Humbaba (Beast) of the Cedar Forest (Humbaba’s roar is a flood). Gligamesh slays the Bull of Heaven.

Marduk was the (Solar Bull or Calf). Baal was always a Bull. EL (GOD) in Numbers 24:8 God (אל) had “the horns of the wild Ox (Bull).”

ASHTILE (youtube) you said "name Yahweh came from, possibly from the Egyptian Iah, who was a MINOR god, then again from the Ugarit Yam/Yaw."

First, the 'Minor' is the MIN or the MOON as in the Minotaur BULL. A 'minor' is a son of the father, or smaller than, younger than or the new young calf of the Bull. or the New Bull (to be) that came from her cave. A Miner ascends to the underworld like the labyrinth of the cave (of the goddess) where you find the Minotaur. lol

Iah Moon God of ancient Egypt (YAH, JAH, AAH, YRH) Yarikh (ירח) Canaan Phoenicia Moon God Lord of the sickle (Moon Crescent) Jericho (Moon) YAH (Yareah) Yahweh "YHWH" (יהוה) is the Moon God and thus the 'horns' and the relationship to Mount Sinai or the 'Mountain of SIN' the Moon God. The calf, cow, bull worshipped at Mount Sinai tells the story again. The relationship to the 'Bull or the Calf' and 'KA' is Egyptian for 'cattle' which is why it begins with the 'CA.' So as I have said YAH of Yahweh is the BULL and related to the MOON God.

Igigi are the Anunnaki. Anunnaki were the children of ANU (AN) the Bull or Cow Goddess and God, the SKY AIR God(s), and KI the Earth God (Sumerian). Ki and An were brother and sister, the children of Anshar (Sky) and Kishar (Earth). The Fallen Ones, the Anunnaki, those who from heaven fell to earth. Thus Enlil is an Anunnaki, thus the EN (AN) of Enlil and he is the Lord of the Air or Sky or Storms. The 'lil' is like 'little' thus the LITTLE AN (EN). Ninlil is the consort (sister?) to Enlil, and her names means the Lady of the Air, thus we also have Lilith of the Bible, the Hebrew death goddess angel of the air demon of the night.

'Ancient' is another word we use from the chief father mother Gods of AN(u). 'Ancestor' is another. Notice the TOR or the Bull, once again we find the BULL or COW of AN(u). The Winged Bull. Creator is another, from Crete where they worshipped the Bull, and the suffix of TOR (Bull). So were the Anunnaki really demi-gods or minor gods that came from the heavens (sky)? The watchers? or are these just ancient stories created by man to explain the unexplainable?

By Christopher Lord

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  1. I think you need to rethink your avenue about "christ". Its a well known fact the only people that addressed the Mesiah as such were pagans who in turn re wrote history. "christ" is a false is a pagan false description. The book of Enoch should clear up the confusion governing the the phoenician/cannan/sumerian alphabet in regards to the creator.

  2. Enoch is the long version of ONE, and its bullshit. He has most everything right in this. Christ is a vibrational consciousness, nothing pagan. And Jesus means son of Zeus. His vessel name was Yeshua. The rest of the "JC" story is pure bullshit. Religious purists plaguerized the original stories from Sumeria, to tell it how they wanted their people to believe in it, hence the God instead of Gods. And the story of Enoch- great clouds......only a tard believes that crap. He was a halfbreed taken into the ships.

    1. I know Greek and Jesus does NOT mean son of Zeus! This very misleading. The two names are not even similar in the Greek. They look nothing alike. Actually Zeus is "Deus" Greek Zeus Ζεύς zdeús; Aeolic Greek Δεύς deús. It is not even close to the name Iesous.. The word "Son of Zeus" does not spell Iesous in the greek. Son of Zeus is " Ο γιος του Δία" Jesus in the greek looks like this "Ἰησοῦς" Now you are right about El and the elohim. The book of Genesis speaks of the gods creating the earth. And El is the father of the 70 gods/elohim in the Ugaritic text from Ras Shamra. The name Jesus and Iesous both come from the Hebrew word "Yeshu" not " Yeshua".

    2. When You call "son of Zeus" in Greek it sounds "Yie Zeus" (Υιέ Ζεύς) . I find it close enough to mention, I am still thinking it though.

  3. Hi Truthiracy, would like to know where or how to get a copy of your book "Symbolism of the bull god of the bible" book. I have following you for some time now and am very interested in knowing more.
    Thank you

  4. You are correct. Elohim is plural. Now you are like one of us knowing good and bad. Let us make man in our own image. Yahweh is a Canaanite god of storms. Lucifer is a sun diety. We have done some bad things. Yahshua is a Eygptian gods. Yah and Shua which is an Eygptian moon goddess which is what people call Jesus. Amen is an Eygptian god. He said be on your guard and do not mention any gods names coming out of your mouth. Gad is GD in Hebrew. G-d is the same. Due to invasions of the past people just got confused.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I am very surprised by the lack of intelligence in this post. Yeshua does not come from the Egyptian deities IAH and Shua. The name Yeshua comes from YEHOSHUA. Let me try and explain this to you uneducated people. In the Gospel of Hebrew Matthew the angel tells Joseph " And she shall give birth to a son and you shall call his name Yeshua for he will save my people from their iniquities. The angel's statement employs a Hebrew word pun that connects the name Yeshua with the Hebrew word Yoshia which means " He will save". The name Yeshua is itself a variant of Joshua in Hebrew Yehoshua. Most Hebrew names are made up of a number of smaller words which together form a short Hebrew sentence. The name Yeshua is formed from the two Hebrew words "Yehovah/Yahwah" and " Yoshia" which together mean " Yehovah saves". It does not have anything to do with Egyptian deities. In the first century Yeshua was a common Jewish name and as a result it appears on numerous ossuaries, sometimes written as Yeshu. Yeshu does not mean " May his name and memory be blotted out" Yeshu was just a shortened form of Yeshua known in the first Century AD not a curse, but as a nickname like Mike for Michael or Jim for James. The Greek name Iesous and the English Jesus both come from the shortened form of the Hebrew name " Yeshu" and not directly from the original form of the name " Yeshua." Please pick up a book and educate yourself. Shalom

  6. The letter "J" never existed in the ancient languages of Aramaic and/or Hebrew, and neither did the sound that the letter is pronounced as. I challenge anyone here to find me a King James bible from 1611 and if you can find the word "Jesus" in it, I'll eat the page.

    Taking this and going a step further, the name "Jehovah" is also false due to that crook at the beginning. JHVH is not the correct form of the tetragrammaton.

    The Hebrew characters of the Yod ( י ) the Heh ( ה ) the Waw ( ו ) and another Heh ( ה ) form the CORRECT form of the tetragrammaton, which is יהוה

    The English alphabet characters associated with these characters would make it appear (literally) in English as YHWH.

    Now in Hebrew, there are no vowels. It can be difficult to understand the correct pronunciation of letters unless there is an understanding of the context in which they are written. Fortunately, there are many names given to people throughout the QaduWSH (set-apart, "holy") scriptures that can aid us in this.

    AliYaHuW (Elijah), YeSHaYaHuW (Isaiah), MattiYaHuW (Matthew) and so on.

    The Father's name is YaHuWaH, and the Son's name is YaHuWSHuWa (check out Numbers 13:16 for this one. It'll be an eye opener for some). May the RUWach (Spirit) guide you!
    Shaluwm (Peace)

  7. Yod Heh Waw Heh comes down to IhOh. The meaning is IhOh. Male-Female. We need to rethink hebrew as the origin of NT. NT was written in Greek by Jewish and Greek priests, under Roman supervision. The high priest Jews of the Hasmonean dynasty wrote in greek. As did Josephus after he became a friend to Vespasian. Vespasian was the head of the Roman religion and Josephus was the head of the Jewish religion. Josephus father and brother were head priests of the Jehoiarib. Meaning they controlled the Jews. Only the well educated high priests could write the books of NT with all its symbolism, and the priests were the leaders of the people. This was the job for Josephus and his Jewish/Greek/Roman priests, and the story was written in Greek.

  8. Genesis 1:26 is the only verse that has plural gods, Elohim, at least in english. Remember that everything 26 is Amen Ra, may 26, word of God, english language, Mat 24:26, antichrist in the desert, or in the secret chambers. Hosea 13:4 "I am the Lord from Egypt, there is no saviour but me." so it all goes back to Egypt, where you had Aten and Amen Ra

  9. KHRYSOS was also used as a name for 'Christ', not just the word meaning anointed with oil. He was also a sun god represented by gold.....

    Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
    Χρυσος Khrysos Chrysus Gold (khrysos)

    KHRYSOS (or Chrysus) was the spirit (daimon) of gold.
    ZEUS (Pindar Fragment 222)

    Pindar, Fragment 222 (trans. Sandys) (Greek lyric C5th B.C.) :
    "Khrysos (Gold) is a child of Zeus; neither moth nor rust devoureth it; but the mind of man is devoured by this supreme possession."