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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Police Abuse in Pahoa August 2011

Police Abuse in Pahoa August 2011 -

A Police Officer is a public servant, who is hired by the people for the people to protect and serve, the question is, who are they protecting and who are they serving? Are they protecting the Elite or the public? Why is this "motto" not finished with the word "public?" the motto should read "To Protect and Serve the Public." We grant the Police with certain powers to protect and serve us (the Public), to keep us safe from harm and to provide a secure country from those who disobey. However, the power we have granted our Police Officers does not include breaking the law and disregarding our U.S. Constitutional rights as Americans.

The Police in Pahoa regarding the Damon Tucker abuse case were clearly stepping outside the scope of the law, and entered the scope of criminal misconduct and illegal activity. I agree that the Police Force of Pahoa need to be educated on the First Amendment Rights of the U. S. Constitution. In any public or private area with permission, may video tape, take pictures, record audio and may even draw pictures to record as proof the actions of any event. This is all legal as long as doing so does not interfere with the duty of our Police Officers investigation.
Need we be reminded of such tyrannical actions that reflect the Hitler police state "Gestapo" of Nazi Germany? As a resident of Pahoa Hawaii, this case brings shame to our Police Force and great Island we call home.

I find it disturbing that the Police Officers had the audacity to take offense of being filmed, yet we the public are filmed 24hrs a day with hundreds if not thousands of Police cameras, not to mention the camera's on every corner that also film us without our permission. It is clear that our Police Officers need to understand something we learn as kids which is The Golden Rule, "do unto others as you would have done unto you," or perhaps "what's good for the goose is good for the gander!"

Damon Tucker clearly deserves to be compensated for his abuse by our incompetent Police Officers. This even has clearly shaped and altered his perception of what Police stand for. Is this the message we want to communicate with our public in society? They are sending a clear message that no one better video tape their actions or else you will get beat down, and I for one think this type of mentality is shameful and a poor example to send our youth who will be shaping our future to come.

I think the Police Department and the county of Pahoa owes this man a huge warm apology, and personally I would like to see him compensated financially without wasting more tax payers money on court, which is more red tape! As a citizen of Pahoa I would like to personally apologize for the actions and misconduct of our Police Officers to you, Mr. Damon Tucker.

Aloha! Peace, Love & Wisdom
Christopher Lord

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  1. Isn't there a difference between a Police Man (public) and a Police Officer (private)?:

  2. Figured you would be interested in that :

  3. you got banned again? blaahhh hahahahahahaaaaa. fuckin' dipshit.

  4. COP = Corporate Officers Police (department)

    No one in the Police Department is elected to Public Office, their oath means nothing. Police like IBM employees have ZERO AUTHORITY to use color of law to make you participate in Corporate codes, ordnance's and acts; none of these are Enacted Public Laws.