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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ancient Kemet (Egypt) Pyramids Pharaohs SUN FIRE - Truthiracy

ASHTILE (ASHERAH & EL) thus ELizabeth, the HOUSE of EL (GOD). Beth = house of the Goddess, the letter 'B' the female house. lol ALEF-BEIT (alphabet, male and female or A & B). lol

You claim:
1) Pyramid and Pharaoh do not mean FIRE!
2) Ancient Egyptians had no astrology!

QUOTE: "How ridiculous! Pharaoh has nothing to do with fire....he (Truthiracy) makes a fool of himself." (ashtile)

@ashtile lol If you studied ancient Kemet then why did you refer to it as ancient Egypt? lol So, you studied Egyptology? YOU BETTER GET YOUR MONEY BACK! Pyramid and Pharaoh do not mean fire? lol BTY How does god appear in the Bible? As FIRE! lol No astrology in ancient Egypt (you mean Kemet, KMT)? Really? WRONG! lol I hope you washed your foot because you will be eating it soon enough! lol

So, you say that the ancient word for Pyramid was Pr Ah and it had nothing to do with fire or astrology, this is your stance on the issue at hand correct? lol

Pr Ah and 'pa mer' is Per Nater or PR.NTR, and Per-Neter is the word for pyramid, not 'mer' which just means 'beloved,' (notice the BEL = sun which I will get to later). So the MR or 'mer' means 'meriamen' which means beloved not the word for PYRAMID at all! You clearly wrote and I quote "The Egyptian word for pyramid was 'mer'," but you are wrong. lol Now, Per Neter means Pyramid and translates as the sacred House of God (nature) or the House of Nature, the Great Temple of the Great Building (BULL = Build). Now, MR or mer means Beloved the Meritaten 'Beloved of Aten,' Aten the SUN who's symbol (BULL) was the SUN and it's LIGHT RAYS that beamed down, thus the reason that the PYRAMIDS were shaped and formed in the shape of the TRIANGLE (tri-ANG-EL), the Pyramid Triangle represented the descending rays of the SUN, which is why the pyramids were faced with polished reflective (RE) white limestone in order to give them a brilliant shine like the SUN, the everlasting FLAME that was on FIRE in the sky! This is why many Pyramids of Kemet were named with references to solar (SOL = SUN) luminescence. All Kemetian (Egyptian) Pyramids were built on the west bank of the Nile where the SUN SETS and goes to the underworld. Fire was the essence of the SUN and the symbol was the Uraeus the snake serpent of the cobra that spit FIRE! The Wadjet with the SUN disk is called the Uraeus, the symbol that sits atop the head of RA the SUN God. This is why the Pharaohs wore the headdress of the COBRA serpent and the Pharaohs were seen as a manifestation of the sun-god RA! The serpent cobra represented the Goddess Wadjet, thus the Pharaohs believed that the Uraeus Cobra SUN protected them by spitting fire on their enemies from the fiery eye of the goddess. Per-Wadjet, House of Wadjet, and Pî-beset ("House of Bastet") the Goddess Bast, her eye was the sun thus she was known as the Lady of Flame her eye or sun later became the Eye of RA or Horus, her child of the sun deity who is interpreted to represent the Pharaoh, which is why the Pharaohs wore the sacred symbol of the Wadjet and Uraeus which gave them the symbol of Royalty and divine authority over Kemet (Egypt). So why did the great Pharaohs like Khufu and Khafra build the great Pyramids? They built them in honor of the great GOD's of the SUN, the fire in the SKY the supreme god RA/RE! This is why Khafra means "Appearing like RA" the SUN thats on FIRE! RA/RE was the 'creative power' and 'creator' of life. Pharaohs were considered the human manifestation of Horus and RA! so the greats Gods of ATEN, AMUN-RA were the SOLAR deities. The Red Pyramid or the North Pyramid is the largest of the three major pyramids at Dahshur, named RED after the reddish stones and for the fact that the SUN is red. Luxor, the LUX or the LIGHT of RA!

Anyway, Egypt is derived from the Greek word Aegyptos, Hi-Gi-Ptos, Het-Ka-Ptah, Ptah is one of the "Creator Gods" or Neters! Het-Ka-Ptah means "Place of the Projection of the Principle of Ptah," city of Memphis the BULL. Ptah was depicted as a BULL. So, Egypt known as KMT or Kemet was depicted as the BLACK BULL. The Kemets or the Egyptians call themselves the "Cattle of Ra" from the Celestial Cow, thus our Milky Way! NUT was the Celestial Sky COW Goddess. The Goddess of Isis, mother Hathor were the COW BULL Goddess, thus they wore the headdress of the horns of the BULL which represented the crescent MOON and the Solar disc, thus the MOON & SUN. This is why ISIS held the symbol (BULL) of the BULL, the ANKH (ANG), the symbol of 'life' which is the thoracic vertebrae of the sacred BULL (cross section). The sacred symbol of the 'WAS' is the sacred STAFF of the BULL PENIS, the symbol of authority. The scared Djed is the symbol of the sacrum of the BULL spine! So, Isis, Hathor, Osiris and Ptah for example were the BULL GODS! so, this is why we have our word SYMBOL, which represents the sacred BULL (BOL), the BOS, which is the BOSS, the OX which is the A or the APEX of the TRI-ANG-EL. The Alef is the OX or the BULL, the first letter and leader of the Hebrew Canaan Phoenicia alphabet language (ANG). The ancient Hebrew's were from the Mesopotamian city of UR where they worshipped the BULL GOD EL of the BIBLE! They built PYRAMID shaped Ziggurats that were dedicated to the STARS or the ASTOR, thus they were 7 levels (EL), that represented the stars in Heaven. The ancient Chaldeans were star gazers, they worshipped the MOON and stars, thus the Chaldean means MOON worshippers. They worshipped NANNA also known as SIN, thus we have Mount SINAI of the BIBLE, and the Tower of Babel, which was made to reach the MOON GOD SIN! Now, the OBELISK is the SUNDIAL (SUN-DIA-EL), thus the BEL which means LIGHT or the SUN GOD BAAL, the God of THUNDER and LIGHTNING! The Obelisk is the BULL PENIS of the BULL GOD, which is why it's shaped like a BULL Penis, the fertility of the BULL, the symbol of the BULL. The APEX or the TIP is the TRIANGLE, the PYRAMID, the symbol of the RED HOT male fertility of FIRE that spits out! The A = Pyramid, A = OX (BULL) the ALEF. The God is EL (AL) the ALEF and the Lamed or the 'L' which is the staff or cane of the BULL PENIS! Thus a 'l' is like the 1 (one), and the apex of the A.

Now, the Pyramids of Giza are a perfect reproduction of the 3 stars of Orion’s belt. Orion the great HUNTER who slays the BULL of TAURUS! So, the ancient Kemetians worshipped the SUN and the MOON and stars, they based their lives around these celestial bodies that moved in the sky and heavens and this is why the built the Pyramids to honor the GODS in heaven, namely the SUN GOD. The Great Pyramid also shows the 'PI' and the Golden Ratio. Dia, means across, like diameter, dia is the meaning of DEITY, which means TWO thus the BIBLE (BI = TWO). This is also the etymology of Zeus and Jesus for example, and of course both are related to the BULL. So, in closing the Pyramids and the Pharaohs hold the same meaning as FIRE, thus the PYRE, the Phosphorus, the PHIRE, LUX, FLAME (Phlame), the PYRO, thus the PH = F, the 6th letter, thus the 666 and the Triangle of FIRE! A triangle is 60º X 3 (666) thus the 6X6 is the magic SUN square (36, 666). PHALLUS (PENIS)= PETER = PATER = FATHER = GOD = NATER. The Phoenicians were known also known as RED thus the Purple! the Canaan Phoenician Bull God, and the Moloch Cow Bull of FIRE! Asherah is the consort of EL, thus ASH and RA, and YAH, the FIRE SUN and MOON. YAHweh is the BULL MOON GOD YAH of Moon Mountain (MT. SINAI), thus the reason Moses or Musa came down with HORNS on his head! lol Mount Sinai is the RED mountain of FIRE and it is where the Israelites worshipped the COW CALF BULL, which is also carved into the RED earth of the Mountain. TAIN means FIRE the 'AI' means mountain (MOUNT-AIN). So the ELOHIM made man, which is ADAM (ADM) from the earth, the dust, the clay soil which is RED, and this is why EDOM or ADAM means RED, the EDOMITE from Esau.

The Kemetians (Egyptians) built pyramids as a symbol of the primordial mound that pierced the waters of chaos, thus the symbolic representation of the red hot male fire phallus that pierces the female blue (black) waters, thus creating life. The pyramids were triangular in shape like the rays of the sun from Aten and thus were a focal point of energy that focused energy upwards to the heavens where the Sun god RA/RE lived and died and was reborn again from death after descending to the underworld. The first born of the dead, thus the Story of Jesus being the first born of the dead. The pyramids were believed to be burial monuments or chambers and this is why you will find obelisks, pyramids and tombstones ascending towards the sky because like the pyramids they are symbols that were believed to project the essence of the soul into the heavens. Pharaohs may or may not have been buried in the pyramids, but they were used to ascend the soul in the afterlife. The triangle shape itself is the most basic shape that forms a shape because it takes three lines to enclose an object, two or one will not make a shape. The pyramids are devise that were believed to resurrect the soul in the afterlife. The very word 'resurrect' again means the Sun God 'RE' and 'ERECT' just like a human rock hard stone 'ERECTION' that dies or goes soft (to the underworld) and then get hard and erect again and is resurrected. So the pyramids resurrected the soul which again means the SOL of the SUN. We find this theology is the scared Phoenix bird known as the FIREBIRD that was consumed (fumed) in the flames and was reborn (RE) and resurrected from the ashes. This is why the Phoenix is red or purple because of the association with the Phoenicians. The Egyptian bird called the Benu was the soul of the Sun-God RA/RE. The Book of the Dead says, “I am the Bennu bird, the Heart-Soul of Ra, the Guide of the Gods to the Tuat.” Taut is Duat and is the underworld (death or hell). The sun god RA or Horus would go to the underworld in the west and the sun would set, the 'sunset' thus thew conflict of Horus and Set (Seth). Horus gives us our word 'hour.' The Egyptian symbol or hieroglyph of the Akhet symbolizes the setting and rising sun where the Sun God RA/RE/HORUS emerged and disappeared. The horizon is Horus-Ra-Eyes or Horus-rise-son (sun). The Egyptian hieroglyph symbol for FIRE (PHIRE PYRE) is Khet which is a pictographic representation of a lamp or flame called a 'Brazier' like a fire blaze.

Brazier Khet flame fire.jpg

The Brazier (khet) is symbolic of fire, heat, flame and the sun. Fire was embodied in the sun which is why the symbol of the 'Uraeus' which spits fire from the serpent (cobra). Serpents are symbols of death and rebirth since the serpents shed their old skins and then are reborn again just like the Sun God Ra. The 'S' of Sun contests to this fact. Heliopolis, whose name literally means "city of the sun" (Helio) was sometimes represented by a brazier and the baboons seated at each corner with the Khet hieroglyph of a flame or fire. Many Egyptian tombs have the baboons and was used in funerary rites. The baboon (Baba) was associated with both the moon and the solar sun. Baboons guarded the gates to the underowlrd. The symbol of the Brazier is known as the 'Lake of (RED) Fire' as found in the Book of the Dead. Fire was closely related to the Underworld and death. Flames killed and cooked meat and flesh of the living and turned them into dust or ashes. The Egyptians said that the Sun God RA was born from the "Island of Fire." The Egyptians envisioned the underworld or after life of Duat (Hell) to be a "Lake of Fire" or a "River of Fire." The righteous could drink from the "Pool of Fire" (wavy lines) and become refreshed. They believed they could transform into shooting flames and destroy their enemies. The quest for fire was the source of life to mankind since it's discovery and the ability of man to control it. The Khet has associations with the Bull (KA) that was carried over the fire flames for fertility rites. The Gehenna the (lake of fire), (sea of fire) or (valley of fire)"Valley of Hinnom" Ge Hinnom in Hebrew. In the Book of the Dead we find the Sha-en-ammu meaning the 'Lake of Fire.' the Ammu is the consuming fire that burns, the fire gods of flames, the 'Tongue of Fire' (Khet). The Ammu and MOO of the cow are related here as well. The Moon is the night time, the death of the Sun God, the night flame light of the night. The Bull or Cow of that MOO's thus the MOON, just like baboon, Luna and Lunacy or the Looney mental disorder of the mind, which comes from the moon. Thoughts are also named after the Egyptian moon God Thot (Thoth). The moon 'horns' of the crescent moon makes one go crazy and HORNY for sex which is a SIN (Moon God). Followers of Canaanite Gods like Baal and Moloch depicted as BULLS or COWS that they sacrificed their children to and were thrown into pits of fire. The Hebrew word for the sun is shemesh (שמש šemeš), the Samas was the sun in Akkadia, Assyria and Babylonia the Sun God was called Shamash and in Sumeria known as Utu. Shamash gives us sun words like SAM or Samson (son/sun) for example with is long golden hair. the word is also related to Shamanism, thus shamans are intermediaries or messengers between the human world and the spirit world of the gods of the heavens, the sun, moon and stars. The Sun and fire represent life and death, thus the reason that the Bull God EL of the Bible appears as FIRE, and the reason that the Pharaohs built the Pyramids which is the symbol of RA/RE the Sun FIRE God. The Bible like the Egyptians (Kemetians) also viewed HELL as a place of 'FIRE' or a 'Lake of Fire.' So we clearly see why the FIRE (PHIRE) is the PYRE, the PHOENIX, the PHARAOH and the PYRAMID and why the symbol of FIRE is the RED (RE) TRIANGLE. ANG is the ANKH or the BULL (ANGUS), thus we have the RED BULL, the TWO RED BULLS (Bi = TWO, Bible) with the image of the golden SUN (Go look at the logo of RED BULL).


So, the PYRAMIDS represent the GREAT HOUSE of the GODS, which are the PLANETS and STARS, the SUN & MOON 100%! They based their live according to the rising sun, the RA EYES, and the setting SUN, when the HORNS of the CRESCENT MOON came out and took over and revealed GOD's heaven, the STARS of the MILKY WAY!

Now put your FOOT into your MOUTH and never ASSume again! Next time do not claim to be an Egyptologist and make false claims of how I do not know what I am talking about, when actually I was just levels and levels above your basic grasp of understanding, and I hope you were A BULL to grasp it all so that it's under-SDTAND-A-BULL to you.

Aloha, Christopher Lord (Truthiracy) 1-11-2012

TO Truthiracy from @ashtile aka Elziabeth

@Truthiracy3 How ridiculous! Pharaoh has nothing to do with fire. It comes from Pr Ah meaning the Great House or Palace. Just as Pyramid has no connection to fire. The Egyptian word for pyramid was 'mer' and 'pa mer' means 'the pyramid' which is what the Greeks would have heard or similar, because we don't know how Egyptian pronunciation sounded. The Greeks changed 'par mer' to 'pyramid. Simple really if you know ancient Egyptian which the maker of this video doesn't which is why he makes a fool of himself.

@Truthiracy3 I am not ignorant and I have studied Egyptology which is more than you have done. I never said that Egypt was known by the name Egypt in ancient times. STRAW MAN! It is irrelevant that the symbol for fire is a triangle in magic. I have told you what the the word Pyramid was in ancient Egyptian and it was nothing to do with fire. Look it up in Budge's Dictionary. In fact there are numerous word for fire in Egyptian.Per Neter does not mean Pyramid.Consult an Egyptologist.

@Truthiracy3 Oh and by the way, there was no astrology in ancient Egypt until the Greeks came. The ancient Egyptians didn't have a Zodiac and didn't know of the Zodiacal constellations until later times. To imagine that the Egyptians knew of the Age of Aries or Taurus is stupidity of the highest order, partly because the 'Ages' are a relatively modern invention. Consult some scholars instead of New Agers and Astrologers for the truth.


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  2. I will roll with truth. You dummies on the bottom half of this don't know just like egyptologist don't know.kllli

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  5. The Ancient Kemetics had knowledge of astrology???? Thats the most retarded shit I ever heard in my life. I guess she never heard of the Temple of Denderah or the fact that Bes, a pre dynastic god is pictured in the middle of the Olmec Xi Calendar referred to as the Mayan Calendar. She obviously doesnt study linguistics either.

  6. @Truthiracy: Thank you for this :) I’d advice everyone on this blog to lookup Abd’el Hakim Awyan who began what is now known as ‘Kemetology’ (Thank Nature for him). From him I think we can all find good direction on ancient Kemet. It would also be nice if people didn’t insult each other so much and communicated with more respect. All in all I have enjoyed reading this page and have learnt a great deal.