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Sunday, June 5, 2011

ANG Etymology by Truthiracy Christopher Lord

ANG Etymology

ANG = Bull (cow) ANGUS

Almost all ancient cultures of the old world worshipped the ancient Bull God, from Osiris & isis, to Canaanite EL & Asherah. An was the ancient Sumerian COW (Bull) god. Egyptians also had the Apis Bull, or Ptah and even Maat. Notice the word 'ANcient,' the OLD WORLD of AN or ANU, the BUll God of the Heavens. The Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh speaks of the Bull of Heaven. We have the Minoan Crete Bull the Minotaur (Taurus). The Bible speaks of the israelites who worshipped the Golden Calf, thus the reason "L" is silent in CALF. The Levantine bull god, the God of Israel, "This is your god, O Israel." King Solomon had 12 twelve brazen bulls. Then we also have the Bull of the ancient Druidic order, where they would sacrifice two bulls or the bi = 2 Bulls, the Bible. We get our word symbol from the sacred BULL. Taurus is the Second House of the Zodiac (animal wheel) BI-BULL.

Are you A BULL (able) to understand my wisdom? The red fire fertility of the BULL, thus the TORCH, the symbol (BULL) of FIRE is the TRI-ANG-EL (triangle), or the pyramid (FIRE) TORO! RED EYE of TAURUS the BULL.

I am teaching what is known as ESOTERIC wisdom. Esoteric means the Inner circle (EL), the inside of the hole of the TAURUS BULL known as Torus, a "Doughnut" the shape of the TOROID or the TORUS thus the horn torus. Then we have the TORO, the BULL or the Torah of the Tanakh (Ank) or the Bible (BULL). Why do you think the Pope or the Father BULL issues a Papal BULL, the staff of the Bull Penis. We get our language from the ancient Canaan Phoenicians, our phonetic sounds of the Alphabet, or the Alpha Beta (male & female), representing the Bull ELders, the ELite, the two bulls. Language is the EL-ANG-UAGE, or the Linguistics which comes from the LINGAM, the phallus and the YONI. Sanskrit term लिङ्गं liṅgaṃ is derived from male and female gender (sex).

Etymology (History of AN/g/k)

AN (ANU) Sumerian celestial sky Bull God or Cow Goddess
Anshar (Heaven)
Ancient - AN (BULL) ancient Horned one.
English = ANGlish (EL-ang-u-age) Anglo-Saxon England (Anglia)
Ængla land (England comes from ANG not ENG)
How was Europe discovered? BY The BULL ZEUS who abducted Europa (Europe)
ANGus = BULL (black cow) Aonghas in Scottish Gaelic
ANGer = "Measn Mad Bull" = trouble (Taurus BULL) "anguish" (ANG)
GANG or a heard, they use a shANK.
Angel (Ang EL) Angle (Ang EL) come from root "ANKh" the BULL spine, bent like the shape of "L" Greek Angulus is "angle" or HOOK like the Staff symbol of POWER (J) ankylοs meaning "crooked or curved, bent. The staff or bent crook of Nimrod (rod) or Nimrud the winged Bull, like Anshar
Anshur (AN) Akkadian winged-Bull Assyria, Assur "sky axle" (AXE-EL)
ANKH = thoracic vertebra of a bull (CROSS section)
Venus symbol (♀) is the same as that of Isis or Osiris.
Djed, symbol of stability, base on sacrum of a bull's spine
Was the symbol Of Power is the Bull Penis (Venus).
ANointing - Chrism (milk or cream) AN cow (release sacred fluid)
Are you A-BULL to stand under my wisdom so that it is understandable (BULL)?
Tanakh (ANK) Hebrew Bible or the TOROAH (Taurus Bull)
Manger "ANG," A animal house. Thus the reason Jesus was born in a 'manger'(ang bull) or a stable (bull). The animal house of Aries, the house of March, or MARY, the red blood of MARS, the first virgin month the Hebrew Nissan and passover. (see article of Jesus Birth)

Angus Cattle (EL) Bull Cow (Ox)
Old Irish name Óengus, Middle Irish Áengus, Aonghus, meaning "one choice," as in the first ONE, AN or ANU.

Anger - Narrow - Latin angere "to throttle, to torment" Torture is from the Taurus Bull (Torus) Toro. O.E. enge "narrow"

God EL is the BULL god of the Bible, and his message comes by an angle or an Angel, the ANG of EL, the limb of god, the offspring the fruits there of. The ANG or BULL of EL, GOD.

Christopher Lord (Truthiracy House of Wisdom)
June 5, 2011


  1. Thank you so much, Christopher. I will reread this often. I saw that the letter 'A' origins from the head of a bull; turn it sideways to see.
    I also wondered if the top part of the 'A' was an equilateral tri-ang-le. If so, the angles would be each 60 degrees, or 666.
    Maybe that has to do with "the holy trinity."
    FIRE. Does a constructed pyramid absorb more of the sun's rays than any other basic shape? Does the word 'pyramid' begin with 'pyre' i.e. 'fire'?
    And does the '-mid' part of the word mean 'in the middle?

    Thanks, eh!

    Andrew from Canada

  2. so is all the topics you discuss are they true

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  4. Do you have any books published? If so how do I locate them please. Very interested.

  5. Christopher
    We love your films.
    Thank you for the knowledge!
    Sally & George
    p.s. What do you think of this site:

  6. Hello your videos are some of the best i've seen on youtube. I am big fan of Game of thrones after watching your videos i realize that it follows the same story theme of the zodiac. What is your thoughts?
    I also wanted to know what is the etymology of your own name. When i did my own name it blew my mind. Thank You.

  7. Thank you for sharing. It really interesting.