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Friday, January 4, 2013

Post is being updated.... will repost soon!


  1. thanks i just found out alot of my friends are illuminati and all i need to do is complete nine or thirteen in one coven and be prepared for a real fight there are other illuminati in another coven nearby why do they fight each other occasionally?

  2. The information you have been giving is on point.
    I also see that Alot of your videos are missing is youtube pulling your videos if so I'm not surprised.
    I'm very interested in this practice is there any books you can recommend? And I would like to see the videos that aren't available. Thanks

  3. hi lord, your work is inspiring, but there are more languages that are even older than semitic ones. look up avestan, old persian language. its even more diverse and could light up some of your ideas. moreover id like to say, that i find it some Kind of intolerant to use the Word truth as you did. do you think truth is so precise and one dimensional? dont get me wrong dude. as i sad, your work on Mythology and semitic roots of your language is inspiring but what about non verbal communication and heart? go study philology/hebraic/language. those fools will take you serious. science does not ;)

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