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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Country Etymology by Christopher Lord of Truthiracy


Country is a place of ones BIRTH, where they come from, and we all come (cum) from our mother's vagina, the black dark tunnel, also known as her "cunt," the sacred circle of life, the rabbit hole, thus the Playboy sexy fertility bunny, which is female. A country is a geographical area, and the EARTH goddess is GAIA who gave birth to the earth and the heavens, she is the celestrial mother cow bull goddess, thus we have the Milky Way. Gaia gives us words like GALA, GALAXY, GEOMETRY to name a few. A "COUNTRY" is a "geographical" area, from the Greek GODDESS Gaia (geo). The land of goddess earth (geo), and your place of birth (cunt), is from her CUNT-TREE.

The sacred TREE is obvious, from the family TREE, Tree of Life, the family TREE which represents our heritage of BIRTH and what CUNTS we came from. Now, I had already figured this etymology out myself, I never even looked the word up for classical etymology, until the other day this obsessed stalker who trolls me and my viewers with nonsense and wrong assumptions all the time, once again assumed I was wrong like an ASS, and said that country does not mean the Cunt-Tree and he began to try and tease me and say how lame I am! So, I then schooled him and explained why my etymology is correct and that my analysis was correct, because when I looked the world up, it clearly says "cuntrée" is from Old French!

People that assume my etymology is incorrect, do not possess the vast understanding that I have, and therefore their narrow viewpoint is like a horse with blinders on, missing the entire view.

So, I am correct, and the word country is a combination of the goddess "cunt" and the "tree" of life, the path and trail of ones heritage.


  1. This website does not agree,

  2. You are so LAME!!! You couldn't answer my post about your 32 mistakes in one 20 minute video, then you had a fit and blocked me from posting.

    Country mid-13c., "district, native land," from O.Fr. contree, from V.L. *(terra) contrata "(land) lying opposite," or "(land) spread before one," from L. contra "opposite, against"

    You are a complete fool, proving that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


  3. First law of creativity associate.

  4. contra means against or a negative force, so if you think about it, it still works, because the male is the positive force of regeneration and the female is the negative or contra force of regeneration. So I will have to contraDICKt you Anonymous as in be the opposite of the Dickt you are, and be the Cunt or Contra.

  5. Middle English contree, from Anglo-French cuntree, contré, from Medieval Latin contrata, from Latin contra against, on the opposite side
    First Known Use: 13th century

  6. "Meriam Websters" SERIOUSLY???
    To the naysayers:
    Its not Truthiracys information your questioning (not asking), your testing realities circumstances and failing miserably due to a wild imagination. Amateurs....
    I have yet to find Truthiracy peddle ignorance or disinfo. Relieve the mind of dualism and truth is inevitable