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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Freemason (illuminati) Gets Pissed Off at Truthiracy!

A few years ago (2008) in San Luis Obispo California, we were at a night club with a large group, I started talking about some of my findings or Truthiracies, and this one young good looking guy with his cute girlfriend started to listen and take interest in my conversation, he then asked if I was a mason. I (tried) to act like I was, to pick his brain and see what he knew. Then as i kept going on and on, HE changed from interest, to getting "pissed off" at me, and started whispering and asking me WHY am I telling the sheep this info, and he was looking all around as if he was very worried, and he said that I was "telling the sheep secrets and I better watch myself," and as I continued, he got so pissed off and so scared, he then said he has to leave since I am saying all of this, and what I have said has been too much already, and he abruptly started to leave, and as he left he told me, "I have to leave here, you have no idea who my family is, and you have said way too much, I have to get out of here he said, and he left quickly!" All of us had only been there an hour or so. Everyone was tripping and asking where he went. That was the first time I really realized I was correct more than I was even aware, it really sunk in then! Later they told me he was just a good Mormon, lol!!!!!! Christopher Lord Truthiracy

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