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Sunday, March 6, 2011

RE Truthiracy Schools Ben Stanhope Again! IS RA EL? Ugaritic

(CL) = Christopher Lord - (BS) Ben Stanhope

Truthiracy aka Christopher Lord (CL) answers the 'BS' of Ben Stanhope (BS) (aka Ben Fakehope)

0) (BS) claims I misquoted him and that he did "not" say these things and that my quotes are "wrong," but here they are again taken from his response to EL on his blog.

(BS Quotes) "The use of the word elohim in Hebrew is not an indication that the name Israel has anything to do with Ugaritic Saturn worship" and "Your mention of the Phoenician makes absolutely no sense."

(CL Answer) The ancient semitic Canaan Phoenician alphabet gives us our current phonetic sounds of our language or EL(god)-ANG(bull)-U(horns)-age(time). The "U" can also represent the Goddess 'cow" such as Hathor or isis, because language is the alphabet, or the alpha male, and the beta female. The Bible or the Two Bulls is El & Asherah from Canaan, so the script of the Bible is the ancient Archaic Biblical Paleo-Hebrew script or the alphabet of ancient Paleo-Canaan Phoenicia. Ancient Hebrew (Israelite) is the ancient Canaanite script alphabet. Yale (YAH-EL) University Professor of Classical Judaica (Hebrew) is Christine Hayes, a Ph.D. in Talmudic and Judaic Studies specializing in the Talmudic-midrashic and the historic literature of Judaism. Professor Hays states and I quote " "it is clear, that Hebrew is simply a Canaanite dialect... if you go back far enough (in ancient history) your really hard pressed to tell the difference between Canaanite and Hebrew (languages)." So, the name Israel has everything to do with Ugaritic and the worship of EL or Elohim, which is equated with the Roman God Saturn and the Greek Cronus. EL is specifically a semitic word from Canaan Phoenicia. EL is the creator God of Gebal or Byblos, which is the Hebrew Israelite 'God' of the Bible, thus the city is named after the father bull God EL. Ugaritic 'ilhm is Hebrew 'elōhîm' meaning 'God or Gods' of Hebrew Israelites, so the mention of Phoenicia and Ugaritic made absolutely perfect sense Mr. BS!

EL is the 'most high' and was the god of the mountain top or EL Shaddai, thus the god of the Hebrew Bible is found at the top or 'most high' mount or mountain. The 'mount' in mountain is the most high or largest of mounts or hills, and "tain" means fire, and "ai" means mountain, thus god EL appears as fire on the mountain, a symbol of a fire pole (hot 'most high' penis), where the red hot 'most high' penis pole meets with the 'water tree sun' Moses or Musa. The 'Fire' (triangle, mountain male) meets the 'Water' (triangle water female). Mount Sinai, or the fertility of the Moon Mountain (fire) of SIN (moon).

ANGEL - An angel is the ANG of EL, or the "bull of EL." An is the ancient Sumerian cow (bull) goddess, and we still use the 'bull' of the "ang" in words like "angus, which is the meat of the cow (bull), and in words like "anger" (mad like a ragging bull), and this is why your BOSS at work is the KING BULL who screams at you because he is the BOS (ox, bull). I will be posting my theologies on the real meaning of an angel soon, which can already be seen in my current videos.

(BS) "Due to the laws of grammar it is therefore impossible for Genesis to be referring to multiple Elohim."

(CL Answer) If only BS could grasp the understanding of what the laws of grammar are based upon. BS is wrong again. Genesis clearly states that God EL (speaking) "Let Us make man in Our image." The claim that Elohim is referring to one singular god a BS has stated is absurd considering the fact that Genesis clearly states the God EL talking to the other Elohim or Gods when EL said "Let Us" or "our" as in the plural (EL) meaning more than one god, thus the Elohim.. Psalm 82.1 says: 'elōhîm stands in the council of 'ēl he judges among the judges." Canaanite Phoenician EL is (abū banī 'ili) 'father of the Gods,' El or the Elohim. Nice TRY TRICKSTER!

(BS) "(CL) is contradicting himself if he thinks the one means Isis-Ra-El and the other means “deception.”

(CL Answer) The Master Wizard... the fake two faced lair... the jack-off-rip-off-artist... the DEceiver himself is not the master... rather the FOOL! You speak as a child asking a fundamental question about a fictional story like 'Mary Had A Little Lamb.' So, allow me to explain my child... Israel, Jacob, Isis, Ra, and EL is a simple relationship to grasp if you have the key of wisdom to open the door of 'understanding.' The whole fable (bull) of the story of the Hebrew Torah (Taurus Fire Bull, as in Torch) or Bible (Bi-Bulls) is the story of sex as the microcosm and the heavens or the gods as the macrocosm, plain and simple. Man & women, day & night, winter and summer or black & white or the 11 and 11. The Hebrew alphabet is based upon the sex "magic" of the male and female connection, thus the alpha (male) and beta (female), The 11th letter in Hebrew is the 'Kahf' or 'kaf,' (angus bull calf). Kaf with the dot is pronounced as "K" which is why our letter "K" is 11 (or EL-even). So the Hebrew letter "K" is 'KHAF,' the Hebrew script looks like a sideways "U" with a dot in the center. The symbol (bull) is that of the female uterus and the male penis inside to create life from the sacred act of sex. This is the same symbol you will see in Kabbalah or the Tree of Life. The 11 Sephirot or the 11 circles (Circe + EL) create the 22 pathways of the Hebrew Alphabet. The Kabbalah is the same symbol as the Hebrew letter 'Khaf' (K), the symbol of sex. The Hebrew khaf (K) is like the symbol of the Libra, the balance scales, of the 7th month of the sacred goddess. Thus, they show us the "711" and the "Circle K" (11). Book of Genesis "primeval history" (chapters 1–11) a creation story, Hebrew בְּרֵאשִׁית 'B'reishit' meaning "In the beginning, Greek γένεσις (génesis), meaning "birth or origin." This is exactly why the Temple of Solomon is the same symbol or layout, which is the "U" shape with the phallic male penis inside. Thus the wisdom of Solomon is the 'sun & the moon,' the sex of male and female or darkness vs lightness, the "intercourse." The USA Washington Capital (EL - CAP ITAL worship) is laid out exactly like Solomon's Temple and the Kabbalah, go ahead and lay them over one another. Go look at the Vatican from above, go look at the United Nations table (bull) layout, it's all the same symbol of the act of sex. The 11th sephirot is where the penis tip is and is the location of of the point of inter(sex)tion or where they unite. You miss the concept that Jesus, Zeus, Baal, Green Man, Jester, Joker, Fool, Pan, is the ancient horned spirit of nature, the one that struggles with god (nature) in the ebb and flow of our world, the struggle between the sun and the moon, night and day or the winter and summer. So, Jacob the spirit of the FOOL, the DEceiver, is the hanged man, he is the spirit of God, the seed that grows, slayed and returns again. DEceive means to DEcline and DEscend, as in DEath, the time to go to the underworld, to the DEity of darkness, the moon (night time). Thus, the JACK or JACOB is transformed from an innocent blind fool and is transformed into a man (during the night). Thus the JACK or the warrior spirit of the horned fertility of nature is now named Israel, "Isis" (Asherah) the moon and "Ra" the sun of EL. So, Israel is the goddess (ice) moon, the male (fire) sun of EL, which is the struggle of the moon and the sun as they fight, which is a sexual reference. So, Black Jacob, the trickster is just the spirit of god or Israel, the sex magic of the male the female and the child that is produced from the orgasm or the spark of life, light created from darkness of the abyss. The trinity of life, the child/re-birth, the adult/fully grown and the old man/death. The Temple Mount or the Fire "TEMP" of EL, the fire sex fertility of the Bull god EL, which in itself is ISRAEL, the two pillars that make the 3rd, thus the symbol of Israel is the Symbol of the Fertility of Saturn EL, the sexagram or the Star of Divide (DE), the Star of David, father to Solomon (sun & moon) the Isis & RA of EL (god). The story of two brothers where one out deceives the other is the classical fight of the two cycles of nature, or the two Bi-cycles. Thus the reason that a deck of cards has 52, as in the 52 weeks in a year (52Blades), the story of the annual (EL) cycle (EL) of one year, thus the reason you find the JOKER in the deck of cards, or the deck of the YEAR. So, we have clowns or jesters on our 'Birthday,' celebrating or the CELL abrasion (sex, sperm, egg), is the 'party' or the 'PART-ing' (slaying) from the old year to the new year. This is why god has the symbol of the Tetragrammaton, the Pentalpha, the pentagram or the five (5) pointed Star of the goddess, and she is the Star, Istar, Asherah, isis, the star was other symbol used for Isis, she floated on top of the dead Osiris, thus we have the symbol of the Star on top of the male phallic penis (circle, top view of penis). The Tetragrammaton is the same symbol of sex magic. This is why our 5th day of the week is Asherah's day, the Goddess isis day, the day for Frigga or Venus, Friday, and her consort is EL, Saturn's day, and their sex (sex day or sixth day) gives us our golden child from Israel, the SUN's Day, Sunday, baby Jesus. The Torah is known as the Five (5) Books of Moses, the Pentateuch.

1) Where Heiser has shown that the “t” at the ending of feminine Egyptian names is not silent as he claims.

(CL Answer) The SILENT T - Phoenician Teth, Greek Theta, the sacred Tree, the Tau, the Tav or the Taw, the "T" is the sacred balancing scales of justice. Let's go back to Ancient Egypt, and to the very word "Egypt" itself. Today we pronounce the word "Egypt" as Egyp (EE-GIP) leaving off the final "T". Others pronounce it with the final "T" as Egypt (EE-GIP-T). What was ancient Egypt known as? "Kemet" or "Kame" because the "T" was silent, pronounced Kemé (Khēmía). Ancient Egypt is called "Keme(t)" which means "black" as in the dark "black" soil or land of Egypt's Delta Nile, and of course in reference to the dark black color of the skin of the ancient Egyptians. In Hebrew, Tav is the last letter in the Hebrew word for "truth," "emet." Semitic Hebrew for Egypt is מִצְרַיִם‎ (Mitzráyim), which means "two straits." The Egyptian name is Hwt-ka-Ptah, meaning the "home of the ka (soul) of Ptah (the bull)." "Ka" is also black, as in the black stone of Kabba, at Mecca. The Egyptian hieroglyph for "black" is the 'km.t' or "km" because the "T" is SILENT! What symbol (bull) represents the very "name of ancient Egypt?" the symbol of a "black cow" as seen in Egyptian hieroglyphs representing Egypt it and another variant is the "triangle"hieroglyph with "flames." The Km.t is found on the Rosetta Stone amongst others, the ".t" is the suffix which forms the feminine aspect and is therefore silent. The fertile cresent of the Delta Nile or "V" (Y). Hebrew is an ancient Afroasiatic language of North Africa and of Southwest Asia. Africa is considered by paleoanthropologists to be the "oldest" inhabited territory on Earth, thus the reason Africa is known as the "Mother Land" and the "birthplace of humanity," and this is why in the Bible, Jesus yells out to 'Jerusalem' and calls her a "she" that was full of justice, the faithful city turned to a harlot or a whore. Goddess of Justice, the "T", Hathor, isis, the golden cow or calf goddess worshipped by the Hebrew Israelites. The "ISRA" of "Isra-EL" is Isis, Aset, Asherah, "SHE-RA(RAH)" of father god EL. ISRA or "Isis RA" again we see SHE RA, or the SHE who BARES the LIGHT of RA/RE (RAH). Asherah or Astaroth is Venus and aphrodite, the goddess of magic, love and childbirth! The name Asherah means the fire women of the sea, thus we see the words She, Her, Rah, and ash, as in the dark black ashes of death and resurrection. So in the name Israel we see that "Sarah" is used as "to fight," and "sarar" meaning to “to rule." Isaiah prophesied the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. "Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel." Notice "crown" has "cow" in the name.

Kemet... is pronounced with a silent "T" "Keme" which is black, the ancient name for EgypT, thats why many pronounce Egypt as EGYP, without the final "T" because it is silent. Just as Isis is Aset, which is Ase (ice), no final "T" was pronounced. Aloha! Truthiracy House of Wisdom

Sura Al-Isra Arabic: سورة الإسراء‎, (two parts) of "The Night Journey." the Struggle of the night, which is sex.

2) Hieser’s demonstration with the standard sources in Egyptology that the name Isis was not pronounced with an “eis” sound as Christopher claims.

(CL Answer) "Egyptologists arbitrarily choose to pronounce her name as "ee-set". Sometimes they may also say "ee-sa" because the final "t" in her name was a feminine suffix, which is known to have been dropped in speech during the last stages of the Egyptian language... continues... The name (Isis, Eusat, Aset, Usat) survived in Coptic dialects as Ēse or Ēsi,." ( YES Wikipedia! have your PhD Heiser try and change this entry IF YOU THINK you CAN PROVE it WRONG! lol In Jewish Ashkenazi pronunciation, the 'Tav' represented an "S." thus "S" Isis and the "T" in Eusat.

3) He cannot rebut where I demonstrated that he himself plagiarized and intentionally only partially quoted Wikipedia and another internet article. This is exceptionally insulting considering his video derides “foologist” who use Wikipedia and “think they are masters.”

(CL Answer) First of all, you missed the meaning altogether. I never once said that those who "use" Wikipedia or any other Encyclopedia or dictionary are "foologists," I said those who (quickly) do a search and click on (research material like) Wikipedia and get an answer in 10 minutes (without researching the entire subject at hand in the grand scheme of understanding and grasping the complete truth. I use Wikipedia just like anyone else and I would never 'down-talk' Wikipedia, i was 'down-talking' the FOOL who focuses on the one grain of sand, thus not able to grasp the beach nor the true understanding of the grain itself. if you do not know the microcosm, you will never know the macrocosm.

4) He cannot respond to the fact that the ancient Hebrews had no Trinity concept but in his video he claims that the bars in the glyph for Israel are representations of the Trinity.

5) He has yet to counter Heiser’s point that Hebrew and Egyptian are two separate language families and that the phonetics in the name Israel and Egyptian Isis cannot be reconciled.

6) He has given us no reason to believe that the etymology of the name Israel provided by the Bible is wrong. Yiśrā’ēl ('Israel')

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