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Monday, March 21, 2011

TRUTHIRACY EXPOSES YouTube, Pathe & The Queen

NEWS: 3-21-2011 (Spring Equinox)

Truthiracy speaks the TRUTH and gets BANNED from Youtube for exposing the QUEEN and the Horned God in the film The Queen.

The Queen is distributed by Pathé Pictures in 2006, a British-French-Italian film. Youtube claims that "Pathe" has blocked my video due to grounds of copyright. But I have proof that youtube blocked my video before anyone had seen it, that means that there were "0" views and I have the pictures to prove it. YOUTUBE not PATHE blocked my video, because it was not even in the public domain for anyone to be able to view and report aka flag. So the moment I uploaded my Part 29 of my series, YOUTUBE was already watching it before anyone else even saw it. I know they are monitoring me, as I and my viewers can attest to.

The absolute nail in the coffin and 100% proof is the fact that all the footage I used came from youtube, and why did Pathe or youtube NOT BLOCK their videos for copyright violations all of this time? The simple fact is we are seeing BIG BROTHER CON-TROLLING me, the TRUTH, and if we as free humans on this earth do not stand up and fight for our right to speak and expose the TRUTH, they, as you clearly see will FOOL you and deceive you and hide the TRUTH to gain power and control over us all.

I have pictures as proof, and i list many YOUTUBE websites that play THE QUEEN clips with no problem, but the moment Truthiracy exposed the TRUTH about the Queen and the Horned one, and the Sacrifice symbolism, YOUTUBE SHUTS TRUTHIRACY1 down the very next day! Part 29 goes through some details of the ritual they show, yet hide in the film.

Below are links to current youtube sites that are not banned showing the video clips Truthiracy used, yet these sites are not banned why? It is clear that is is not about copyright issues, they only PLAY THAT CARD when they want to CON-TROLL us like SHEEP! Of course they BLOCK me on the very subject I have been telling everyone about in my videos, the SPRING EQUINOX of March 21st, 2011. So they have been watching my videos, then banned me on this very day.

LINKS YOUTUBE "has not" blocked with Pathe content. WHY NOT?

I could list many many more but you get the picture!

Christopher Lord
Truthiracy House of Wisdom


  1. LOL so transparent omg. They can't handle that they're losing the infowar. Being housted by their own petard even. Is there anything more humiliating? ROFL

  2. I'm going to miss seeing your detailed videos ...keep going don't ever stop.

  3. we are mostly all blind and i dont think we will ever see because they have deeply controlled our minds for many many years