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Friday, March 4, 2011

The BS DEceiver is DEbunked by Truthiracy

The BS DEceiver is DEbunked by Truthiracy
Christopher Lord's Truthiracy Etymology of ISRAEL (IS RA EL)

Benjamin Stanhope (BS from this point forth) is a deceiver and a sham plain and simple. BS treated our debate like a one sided road show controlling the information the public received, deleting my comments which is equated with tampering with evidence in a court of law. Your 'sin' or censorship is equated to characteristics of evilness like that of a Dictator such as the Natzi himself, Hitler! You purposely deceived and took advantage of the innocence of the viewer. My question is BS, why would one delete or destroy evidence as a public debate is going on? I can't imagine nor can I grasp your reasoning, but then again I have high morals, obviously unlike someone else we all know.

BS said "The use of the word elohim in Hebrew is not an indication that the name Israel has anything to do with Ugaritic." and "Your mention of the Phoenician makes absolutely no sense." BS this is absolutely wrong! EL (Elohim, Elyon) of the Bible, and EL from the Ugaritic is the father of all man kind. EL, Eli, or ll is the Canaanite Phoenician God specifically. You say that EL is a semitic word and this is true, however it is a semitic word that comes specifically from Canaan Phoenicia. A Semite, or one who comes from or is related to Shem which covers a broader spectrum of Semite cultures such as the Akkadians (Babylonians), Canaanites (Phoenicians), Hebrews (Israelites), Arabs etc.. So, EL is specifically a Phoenician Canaanite God of the most high, thus the use of "EL" in a semitic word like 'Israel' is not a 'generic' reference, rather 'specific' reference to a 'specific' deity named EL which came from Canaan Phoenicia. So your assertion that EL did not influence the name Israel is like saying 'cowboys' do not take their name from 'cows.' lol The Hebrew god was EL (ll, Elohim), and the Ugaritic language is a northwest semitic language for Hebrew, Aramaic and Canaanite (Phoenician) people. So, Ben assumption is absurd and ignorant to say the least. The Ugaritic is ancient Hebrew, the historical linguistics of Proto-Semitic phonemes (Phoenicia) spoken by ancient Hebrew Israelites, period.

BS actually practices 'magic' therefore he is a 'magician' or a trickster' you can view his magic manipulation here. Benjamin is a Hebrew, Jewish and Israelite word, meaning the "son of YAH MIN" or the Moon god Yah, as in the Egyptian 'Yahweh,' and the Egyptian fertility of the bull moon God 'MIN' like Minotaur the bull and this is why we have the Washington Monument, which is the Bull penis of the fertility of Min. Exactly like the Illuminati (MIN). Thus, the reason that the word Benjamin is "son of the right hand,' or the "son of the south. "son of my old age." So, Benjamin is the seed of the Sun (son) and the Moon (daughter), SUN OF THE MOON FERTILITY. In Hebrew his name is Benyamin which was a re-name of Benoni meaning "son of my sorrow" (because he killed his mother for being born). Benjamin is the 12th son of Jacob, the 'trickster' or the 'deceiver' who 'jacked' the crown, or ripped it off and stole it (more On Jacob, Jack and Israel later). Benjamin is the seed of the deceiver Satan, the evil trickster, the two faced liar thus the reason BS is a BLACK JACK MAGICIAN in real life! A 'trick' means to 'fool' someone and what does the Bible say about practicing magic? (Rev 22:15) "Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood" which is trickery or magic, so BS is full of BS (full of bullshit) practicing an art that is rejected by the God of Hebrew Bible.

Dr. Michael S. Heiser who has a PhD in Semitic language, backs my etymological findings on the word Jacob (Hebrew: יַעֲקֹב‎‎,) by stating in his writings that Jacob's name means "deception." Other scholars around the world agree that his name means the "leg-puller" or the "heel" which is 'south' of course. Although Dr.Heiser has a PhD in languages, his grasp of understanding the entire picture is limited, therefore skewed and this is why he has had to recount his etymological findings such as his definition (etymology) of the word Elohim, where he first boldly stated that Elohim is singular, then later getting schooled by Erik Parker (webmaster for Zacharia Stichin) and so Dr Heiser flipped or turned the complete opposite 180 degree turn and recounted his words that Elohim can be singular or plural.

BS states "We have a pretty good idea what the Hebrew etymology of Israel means," so it seems we are fighting a fight where BS himself admits that his findings are not 100% truth, rather 'a pretty good idea." lol


  1. What about the name Stanhope? Hope for SATAN (stan)? Is Stan a variation of Satan?

    The way I see it (amateur as I may be), vowels "do not matter." So perhaps, STN, SATN and STAN can be SATAN.

    If that is true, then what about Stanley (and other spellings)? Is the name Stanley SATAN EL (the Y is treated as a vowel)?

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