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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GOOGLE "Truthiracy" 110,000,000 results (0.09 seconds) 911

OMG GO GOOGLE "Truthiracy" and this come up:
About 110,000,000 results (0.09 seconds)

OMG 911 - 110 floors the 11 OMG!!!
There should only be 6,500 results or so.! illuminati is watching ME!

They have also blocked me from Truthiracy1 now, as Truthiracy3 is not able to leave comments, they take them away, yet let other people leave comments.

How does my search of Truthiracy go from 6,500 to 238,000,000????? Did the Illuminati put an APB out over the world about me? lol Two hundred and thirty-eight Million is a lot of hits, it seems strange timing considering how youtube, Google and Pathe just blocked me and banned my video about the Queen and the horned one.

3 sets of 3 numbers (33) = 9
3x3 Saturn Square
9 Saturn (saturnine)
666 TRIANGLE (Illuminati)
110 WTC (110 volts)
Divide 110 by 3 levels or sections = 36.666


  1. Holy shit mate, The Illuminati have a death warrant out for you, watch out for curses.

  2. I just googled Truthiracy and got 12,400 in 0.8 seconds. Not quite the same number...