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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Truthiracy of the Birth of Jesus

(Re - "unknown" The TRUTH about the BIRTH of JESUS)

As you SEE, the "OFFICIAL CAVE" where Jesus was BORN! AND YES, THAT IS EXACTLY WHY YOU WILL NOTICE THE "SUN" SYMBOL (BULL) ON THE FLOOR! I know what the scriptures say. So, AS YOU SEE, I AM 100% CORRECT! That's why Jesus is born in "Bethlehem" or the House of BREAD, the female yeast of the bun in the oven that grows in the sacred cave of the Female, thus the reason all creation stories of Gods are from a cave, because we all come from the sacred CAVE OF THE GODDESS! AND WHY DO YOU THINK we are talking about a manger? A manger is an animal HOUSE, was made under the house, enclosed area for animals, because we are talking about the ZODIAC or the animal ZOO (animals in their house). This is why it is called a "STABLE" (BULL), a cowshed or a stall, which is a building where horses, cows and sheep are kept. Manger has ANG in it, the BULL (angus). The zodiac or the animal sliced, diced wheel is the wheel of God's abode or God's castle (EL), and the houses are the houses of the zodiac. THINK! Are people really ever born in a manger? NO, ANIMALS ARE, a house or stall of the zodiac animal wheel of the world (universe).

Thus, the Bible (two bulls) the double (2x BULL) has a story where Jesus was born at the equal, parallel, bi-cycle time of rebirth, the spring equinox of March 21st, the spring "GREEN" and "HORNY" lamb, sheep or Ram. This is a personification or an anthropomorphic representation of the ancient Horned One of the spring time fertility of the ancient Pagan cults. from the bloody virgin month of Mars, or Mary, who had a baby lamb, or the baby sun in the first virgin house of Aries the lamb of god. Thus the Bible says, the arrival of the lamb means the arrival of Jesus, the first born of the dead. His dead body went to a "cave!" The one who was sacrificed at the end of the year (Christmas) and then is reborn again in fertility Spring time, when ALL THINGS grow from the new born SUN, and it does REturn to save us all!

Christopher Lord

Jesus Manger Birth

Jesus Birth = March 21st Equinox (springtime)
Jesus other Birth time = Equinox of Autumn (September)
Equinox = springtime, equal (EL), parallel (EL), Divided in Two, a BI-Cycle
Jesus Lamb = Jesus birth on the spring equinox RAM (ARIES) Lamb of God
Mother Mary = Mars = March = Red Blood Virgin Month (Aries the Spring Lamb)
Mary had a Little lamb = the newborn SUN (son) in Aries
Stable, Manger, Cave = Jesus Birth = Animal House (ANG = BULL)
Zodiac = Animal Houses or stables (zoo = animal)
Bible = The Two Bulls, Bi (2), BOS = Bull, Byblos, Canaan Bull God "EL" (ll)
Who made the Biblical city of Byblos? = The BULL GOD SATURN "EL"
Jesus etymology = dios, divide, dia, diagonal, bi, two, Zeus, Dione, Diana
Zeus etymology = dios, divide, dia, diagonal, bi, two, Jesus, Dione, Diana


  1. I read what you are saying. I understand the Solar Messiahs. One thing though. Jesus... wasn't he born in the sign of Pisces? That is why the sign is of the fish? I believe the story goes a little bit further than this. But yes you are correct with the Solar cycle and the Solar birth and Cross. People just don't want to recognize this because they have been proselytized into believing that if they learn anything other than what they are told, then they will go to hell. How sad.

  2. The age of pisces is associated with Jesus (yhswh) because Christianity became the popular religion as the astrological age transitioned from Aries to Pisces. The lamb is associated with the messiah because of the date/time of his sacrifice.
    Obviously Truthiracy is bullshitting and intentionally posting the random pieces of scattered info he congures up, confusing people with the differing "birth-dates" etc.