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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ben Stanhope the Two Faced LIAR! The Trickster!

Are you having fun CON-TROLLing your 'ONE SIDED ROAD SHOW?' It's sad... just sad, a sad way to LOSE BEN! In the end, there WILL BE A WINNER either 100% or the loser 0%, so KEEP DELETING MY COMMENTS ALL YOU WANT TO YOU DEVIL! Shame on YOU! You deleted almost 90% of my comments, leaving just a couple of mine, trying to make me look stupid, TRYing to control the INFO the viewer gets, IT'S LIKE A JURY TRYING TO DECIDE A CASE WITH 100% INFO FROM ONE SIDE, AND 20% INFO FROM THE OTHER SIDE! I ASK YOU BEN STANHOPE, HOW ON EARTH DO YOU EXPECT A PERSON TO MAKE A RATIONAL DECISION WHEN THE JUDGE HOLDS BACK THE INFO ON ONE SIDE? THIS IS CALLED TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE! Plain and simple!

WOW I was kinda joking calling BEN a two faced liar or the trickster, the Evil Magician, but I did not know HE REALLY IS ONE for REAL!!! I saw his videos, HE is THE FAKE EVIL DEVIL! Go See!!! He deleted 90% of my damaging comments! TRUTHiracy WINS AGAIN!! Never FEAR TRUTHIRACY is HERE!!!! lol One of the comments a viewer left says it best, "Ben is not even on the same level as Truthiracy" and I proved it! LOVE & Peace to ALL!

BEN.... I told you I was unlike anyone you ever met, and you rejected me, just as those in the story, rejected the wisdom of Jesus! lol I told you way back in the day, when you first came to me and I schooled you, so, you had to delete and block me, now here we are today and you are still dealing with my TRUTH, because you can run from truth, but you can not hide! lol

BEN has obviously not seem my complete video explanation to the 'when, why, and how' Jesus was born! (MANY LEVELS above BEN's understanding)

BEN STANHOPE is not ready for the wisdom I will bring to the table! SO KEEP attacking people then block them and delete the truth they give Ben, because it makes you look bad! So, like I said, once again Truthiracy chops down another fool who THOUGHT they knew! Ben, I have dealt with many attacks, and schooled them all, I actually had a few really good arguments, which I also won, but your poor excuse of a fight is shameful!! The collage professor and the Elders from the Israelites gave a better battle than you did! At least they never deleted my comments like a little girl! And when I am done with you BEN FAKEhope, your going end up just as the Israelite Elder Musa said in the end, "Truthiracy, I have to say I learned a lot from you!" or you never will, which means you are ILLUMINATI! the REAL FAKE TROLL MAGICIAN!


  1. you're a delusional moron

  2. Agreed. This guy is an idiot.

  3. ^Two^TROLLS= Truth Refuting On Line Lost Souls. .