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Monday, February 28, 2011

Truthiracy Love vs Evliness in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

I am a Professor of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (Gracie Barra) for over 16 years now. I joined because when my real father left when I was three, I got teased as a child and i hated Bully's so much! So when I saw Royce Gracie the little guy beat down these HUGE men and not even hurt them, I said to myself, this is the martial art I need to learn. I was living in Hawaii at the time, so Relson Gracie was there and so began my training with the Gracie family in 1994. So to make a long story short, how do you THINK I beat and TAP OUT 300 pound BIG MEAN men? Because i am meaner or stronger? NO, because I possess the wisdom to use their strength against themselves, and the important part is, that I beat them every time, year after year, never losing once and WHY? Because I had the wisdom of the techniques, so I do not have to hurt my opponent, which is compassion. I could hurt them badly every time, yet I use and give what they give off, I only use just enough to win, and I NEVER hurt THEM! If they got me down in a bad position, they would wrench and twist and pull me apart if they could, because they are in a rage of ANGer like a BULL. While I am the protector of the sheep, and I can FIGHT and WIN that BIG DUMB EVIL BULL because I possess the power and wisdom of LOVE! Evilness is weakness! I am very honored that the REAL GOD of humans has so called 'blessed' me with the gifts I have or why my name is Christ Lord lol Aloha Professor Christoher C. Lord


  1. Awesome by the way I voted.

  2. Just began reading your blog - some kool stuff in there! Also came across your Beyonce 7-11 video Kali when I was doing some research on her.
    Especially about the bull (the animal). I play Sims 3 a lot and my very fave Sim is.. Amy Bull! I call myself a 'Christian', but what I actually believe would be considered 'heresy' by mainstream Christians. And of course, 'fundamentalists' would most likely burn me at the stake. Call it a sacrifice of sorts for MY beliefs, I guess, LOL.
    Anyways, keep up with the postings! Love this blog.

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