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Monday, February 28, 2011

EL Truthiracy for Ben Stanhope

Ben, honestly your grasp of reality is more than deficient or inadequate, your understanding makes you look like a feeble emaciated cow! It's amazing you fail to see that Jacob or Jack, is the Black Jack of EL, like the Jacob story and the desert jackals aka 'Canis.' Why do you think Jacob had two wives and 12 tribes? Because EL had two wives and ruler of the 12 houses of the zodiac and of course EL is related to the desert! AND YES, this is WHY the letter "L" is our 12th letter. It is like the "A" or alef, just like the "L" or lamed, both come from the OX or the BULL! Adam also had two wives, Lilith & Eve. First of all, EL, Eli, or ll is the Canaanite Phoenician God specifically. You say that EL is a semitic word and this is true, however it is a semitic word that comes specifically from Canaan Phoenicia. A Semite, or one who comes from or is related to Shem or Sēm which covers a broader spectrum of Semite cultures such as the Akkadians (Babylonians), Canaanites (Phoenicians), Hebrews (Israelites), Arabs etc.. So, EL is specifically a Phoenician Canaanite God of the most high! Shem or Sēm is the genealogy of the seminal fluid or the semen, the seed, thus Hebrews are descended from their forefather Shem. We are talking about the Bible that was written from the city of Byblos which is FROM Canaan Phoenicia! Were was Jacob buried? Canaan. What does Israel mean? Jacob. “Assemble and listen, sons of Jacob (12 Tribes or the Children of Israel); listen to your father (god) Israel". Who did the israelites worship? The Golden Calf (Bull). You said "The use of the word elohim in Hebrew is not an indication that the name Israel has anything to do with Ugaritic." and "Your mention of the Phoenician makes absolutely no sense." Ben this is absolutely wrong! EL (Elohim, Elyon) of the Bible, and EL from the Ugaritic is the father of all man kind. So, Jacob is Israel and israel is god father of all. EL ruled the sun and the moon, the two pillars, EL & Asherah (Fire Women), aka Jacob & Sarah. Sarah was the daughter of Asher (son of Jacob) as in the Ashur Bull. Saturn's son was Zeus the BULL. EL was the BULL GOD and then the Israelites have the story called the Bible or the two bulls. In the Tanakh, remember that ANKH is the CROSS section of the thoracic vertebra of a BULL, thus we have a symbol (BULL). The Ankh is sacred to Isis, thus the symbol of Venus or the goddess Asherah (SHE RAH). Torah is the fire torch of the BULL Taurus like 'Toro!' and red. The sacred 'Djed' is the sacrum of a BULL's spine! So, the BULL GOD EL ruled the 'sun and the moon', thus we have Israel or Isis (moon) Ra (sun) and EL (Saturn). The Mediterranean Levant stretches north to south from the Taurus (BULL) Mountains to the Sinai (MOON Mountain) desert! The Bull & the Moon or the Minotaur. This is why the Washington Monument is the Obelisk (Baal), the penis pole of the BULL! This is why it is called the MON (moon) MIN (Egyptian fertility moon god). This is why we have an Illuminati, the enlighten ones, or the 'EL MIN.' Thus the Hebrews say they are monotheistic (moon), and they are the ELite, the Monarchy (moon), and they worship YAHweh (Egyptian word for moon is also YAH). So our first day of the week is Moon's Day or Monday. When do all the Hebrews worship their god YAHweh? On Moon dates 100%. Who was Yahweh's Consort? Asherah! When does the DAY begin for Hebrews? At SUNSET when the MOON COMES OUT! And the FIRST DAY of the Hebrew week is Saturn's Day (Saturday), so the FIRST DAYS are either Saturday or Monday, the Moon & Saturn again, EL YAH! The Hebrew live their lives by the Calendar, which is both a Solar (sun) and Lunar (moon) calendar of one solar year and 12/13 Lunar phases, thus our word Month (moon). A calendar is a record of TIME, and the father god of TIME is Cronus, the founder and creator of the city of the Twin BULLS, Byblos, the Grand Father of Time, Saturn EL (Cronus). Yes, Time Flies, and if you drink the RED BULL or the Twin Bulls or the Twin Pillars Red Bull will give you wings so you can fly! Notice the two bulls and the sun in the center or the MID EL! What is the SYMBULL of the illuminati? The Symbol of AIR, and the symbol of 'air' are the 'wings.' The 'air' symbol is the 'truncated pyramid,' like the letter 'A'. Notice that the capstone is 'aloft' in the AIR like the Hebrew Yod or Yoda! lol Notice that Saturn EL is always shown with the WINGS of the AIR, just as the ANG of EL (angel) has. Note that EL was also known as the BULL God Enlil, the GOD of the AIR! Thus we have the Monolith, the BLACK STONE that fell from heaven to earth and brought man kind enlightenment. Thus we have the Black fallen stone of the Kabba, I could go on all day and night, all week, all month and yes, i could go on and on all YEAR, but I better stop now! lol So, this is REAL TRUTH, NOT fake RA EL LIES, NO BULLSHIT! Are you A BULL to CAP A BULL? Or should I say, are you capable of standing under my wisdom so that you my understand it? lol Truthiracy


  1. Help me Chris,

    Satan spread the lie we camed from monkeys.

    In Genesis God created man in his image.
    So that means God has a penis since were in his image. Or it was referring to the 5 sense.
    God is a spirit.
    You say if he is called he that means he have a pen (pin, pole) penis to use it on a goddess.

    So God never had a son but send his goddess in a women formed but it was written he send his only begotten Son.

    So God Goddess picked 12 females disciples and she walked on water and taught the Disciples.

    So that means the woman is the head of the man.
    Not man ahead of the woman so the woman have to run us males.

    So whats the goddess real name and what book or original source exist proving her existence.

    So that means

    In revelations.
    There will be no need of the sun in which the Son will be the light. (Referring to Heaven)

    Now it gets really confusing.

    So heaven does not exist and hell does not exist.
    So why does people die and why good and evil exist?

    What do we go by or to know any righteousness to go by besides the Bible which I know has errors in it in which it needs to be rightly divided with the Spirit.

    So who ever live by the commandments, waiting to marriage to have sex, not stealing and etc.
    Doing all of this after repenting from their sins to accept The Messiah in their life they are wrong.

    Chris help me understand, cause stand is to stand in position.
    I'm sitting under you're wisdom while you read my comments as I express my thoughts.
    I'll wait while I stand in position.

    I want to meet you one day.
    So we can see each other in person get to know each other.
    Having fun picking each other brains, as in challenging each other.

  2. Saturn El is Satan.
    Lucifer re bel-baal=pagan, satanic+led (So we got the word rebelled caused ) -Satan led the way of sin by being the first to rebel.
    In which we get rebellEd. ed=past tense.
    In which this happened in the past.
    I'm geting there Truthiracy.

    I hope you don't say this "good try very very good".


    Okay let me get back curious.
    Also Saturn got it's name from a roman god.

    Greek mythology has so many gods in it's history.
    To say all of them are false gods that there's nothing getting promoted about them that teaches righteous living.

    With there mthy teaches us how what got it's or his or her name.
    The history of gods and goddesses and etc.

    Greek mythology is true in which all them gods are false.
    It's only one true one.

    Chris in my own you're the in the history of Youtube at what you do.
    You are appreciated.

  3. my own opinion you're the best in the history of YouTube at what you do.
    You are appreciated.

    (That is what I meant to put).

  4. WOW, it;s like listening to a child wanting to argue over Santa Claus, where do I begin? lol

  5. Satan led the way of sin by being the first to rebel. OMG!!!!

    Satan (night) SIN (moon) RE-BAAL (rebel) SUN -SUN

    RE= SUN


  6. yip only thing evil is man self !!! ooohh but he must have a scape-goat ..... because it isn't him that is evil ...... it is the D-EVIL yip and so the devil is created by man to be the scape-goat (take note scape-goat is also fake) satan gets to blame for all mans' evil deeds

    thanx chris excellent lay-out and stunning teaching of phoenicia here

  7. there was a St. Nicholas, who gave gifts to different towns, and this is who "Santa Claus" was originally based on, before all of the fairy tales and myths ensued

  8. i.e the myths and fairy tales of a anthropomorphized "Santa Claus" "Satan Claws" date back to a St. Nicholas leaving gifts or coins to different people at different towns