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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Truth Behind The Name "California" the Golden State

WHAT is the CAPITAL OF CALIFORNIA? It's "Sacramento" (which means the "sacrifice"). WHAT is California known for? It's "GOLD" You see, California means "The sacrifice of the Golden Calf of Fornication". The "calf is a baby (newborn) "bull" which is the "bull God EL" of the Israelites of the Bible, the "Bi" (2) Of "Bel" which is God's (EL) son, "BEL". EL is the fertility harvest god SATURN. Saturn (EL) was the god of the "Golden Era". They made sacrifices to EL (see Bible) The Obelisk (BEL) is in the east, known as the Washington Monument, on the 39º. It is the fertility symbol of EL, which is why it is shaped like the BULL (EL) penis. Washington (EAST) is the sacred place of God's rising (RA EYES) sun (son). The washing is the baptism. Follow the 39º and it takes you into the state of Indiana. Which is the crossroads of the Moon Goddess Diana (Indiana = into Diana). Then we go along the 39º into Colorado (Red Ceremony). Then we end in the "west", as far as we can go before we go to the underworld, like God's SUN. So at the end of the path (set), we have the sacrifice of the golden calf of fornication. That's why Aaron used the golden "rings" from the Israelites, because EL is the "Lord of the Golden Ring", SATURN, god of the Zodiac. That's why the letter "L" is 12, the 12th month, the 12 zodiac houses. 12 = "DECEMBER", the month and the sign of the Capricorn, the golden corn of EL. That's why we celebrate "Saturnalia" which we call Christmas., the rebirth of God's SUN (13). RE (RA) is the sun god of Egypt, like re-born, re-do, re-make etc,. The RE-LEGION (religion), the followers of the sun god. The Apotheosis of America, not a conspiracy, but a "TRUTHIRACY".
Professor Christopher Lord