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Monday, June 28, 2010

2012 Apocalypse Rapture Truth

There is no doomsday, there will be no Apocalypse and there won't be a Rapture at all. The etymology of these very words hide and reveal the very essence of the true meanings. Allow me to explain; Apocalypse just means the "Apollo Eclipse" or the "sun eclipse". RA or RE is the Egyptian Sun God, and an "aperture" is a hole through which light travels. The Bible is the story about Jesus, the SUN (son) of God, and that's why you go to Church on his day, Sun's Day (Sunday). RApture or Apocalypse JUST MEANS the SUN, from the story of God's SUN. In ancient times, The ELITES used these dates to scare the sheeple. This is all part of controlling people, thats it! Jesus the SUN will die every year, Jesus (SUN) will REturn, God's SUN will RA EYES (rise) again and be REborn. The Legions Of The Sun God RE, as in Light Ray (RA), REligions. the Bible is the story of god's sun (13) as it travels through the 12 houses of the zodiac. Wheel (EL), Circle (EL) the SUN DIE EL (Sundial). The OBELisk is the fertility penis of the Sun God "RE" (RA), and that's why the word BEL is in the word OBELisk. The washington Monument stands 6,660 inches tall, FACT!

Bel = Jesus = Sun = Sunday = 7
EL = God = Elohim = YHWH = Saturn = Saturday = 6

EL = Star of David = divide = sexagram = 6 = sex (3 positive 3 negative) = Middle (EL) = 7 = spark
Saturn = 6th planet

Bel = Jesus = 13 = Sun
EL = God = 12 = Saturn

There is no global warming, what was once a desert, will be an ocean one day over time,. The earth moves on plates, so climate will always change. AL GORE in his own words said they will use chaos theory to gain control of the laws (his book). The end of an age, not the end of the world. It will be the Age of Aquarius, thats all. When Jesus (13) was gone, and his (12) disciples ask god who will we follow now, and GOD said, follow the man that carries the pitcher of water, follow him into the house which he dwelleth (Aquarius). 2012 has to do with 100 years of owning our money. They sunk the Titanic in 2012, then started the Federal Reserve in 1913. So December 25, 2012 is the EVE of the new year of 2013, the 13, the REbirth, not the END!

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